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  1. If he is wearing the Bavarian observers badge, then he should appear in the book 'Abzeichen und Ehrenpreise der Fliegertruppe 1913 - 1920' by Carsten Baldes. Unfortunately I do not own a copy of the book, but the answer might be in there....
  2. Hi all, Does anyone know which regiment this man was from? I am hoping that the collar of his uniform might hold the clue... He might be a Saxon, but I can't say for sure. Thanks and regards, Matt.
  3. Here is one from FA 4 in 1918. Can anybody read the signature? Thanks
  4. I can't wait, and my scan won't be any better than the image from ebay. So here it is:- Not sure who either of them are - any ideas?
  5. Hi Stogieman, Agreed - I have an interest in WW1 aviation and I really like this medal as well. So to see a pilot and/or observer with this award is an added bonus. I recently purchased a pic from ebay of a Luftwaffe officer wearing the medal, which I hope to post soon. Thanks to everyone who posted their photos
  6. And here is another one that is online - Jakob Ressler:
  7. Hi, Here is another photo which is online. Let's see if I can post it from my office pc:
  8. Let's try attaching an image that I have already posted on here elsewhere...
  9. Very nice photo, and one of the ones that I was trying to post
  10. Hi guys, I'm hoping that this Luftwaffe Oberst will be identifiable via his medal bar. Can anyone confirm what medals he is wearing? There is a reasonable chance that he became a General.... Thanks, Matt.
  11. Hi, These have all been on ebay recently. Thought I'd share before they disappear into the ether...
  12. Hi Paul, Thanks for trying. I have meanwhile found another pic of this man, but unfortunately it is probably too far away to be of use.
  13. Hi Vince, Thanks a lot. Hi Paul, I've tried a couple of close-ups. Hope it helps.
  14. Hi Andreas, Some great photos. I hope you don't mind my hijacking your thread, but I'd be grateful to know when Richard Frhr. v. Süßkind-Schwendi was promoted to General. Thanks, Matt.
  15. Hi all, This was on ebay recently. Does anyone know who it is? Thanks, Matt.
  16. He shoots, he scores! Nice one Glenn Thanks a lot
  17. Hi all, Has anyone ever considered if it would be practical and worthwhile to start a photo database of German Generals, in the same way that we have the signature database? The reason I ask is that a picture of an obscure General might appear on ebay etc, only to be lost in cyberspace once it has been purchased. I must admit that my interest is only cursory but I wonder what others think about it? Best regards, Matt.
  18. Hi, This has always been the source of great irritation for me - trying to identify uniform ranks and patches which I can never find online. Can anyone tell me what this guy's rank and unit is? Any idea of the medals displayed on his ribbon bar will be an added bonus The man's name is Hermann Walter. Thanks a lot, Matt.