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  1. Hello all, I saw this photo and wondered if anyone had more information on this man? He may have been a reservist, and appears to have died during WW1 or shortly thereafter. Thanks a lot, Matt.
  2. Some good answers so far. I think that anything under, say 1,000 recipients would qualify as a rare award.
  3. Hi Chip, Thanks for your input. The name of the guy on the right is Lange, and he was in Flieger-Abt 27 in 1918. That's all I know about him so far, but your information might help me to find out a bit more...
  4. Bombengeschwader 1, just after the end of the war - can anyone identify the signature?
  5. Hello all, I saw this photo online and wondered if anyone can discern which regiments the three guys in the foreground are from? Thanks & best regards, Matt.
  6. Hi Andy, Thanks a lot! A post-war pic then - very interesting. No suprise then that I hadn't seen these collar designations before on any WW1 uniforms...
  7. Hi all, Here is a better image of the person in question. Ccj was correct about the pilot badge. And here is another photo of (I think) a member from the same regiment, who was also in the Fliegertruppe. Thanks agin. Matt.
  8. Hello, Can anybody identify the medals that are depicted on these two ribbon bars? I am hoping that the second photo might be a unique combo and therefore identifiable... Thank you, Matt.
  9. Hello all, Thanks to everybody for your replies, it gives me a chance to find his name one day.
  10. Hello, I am looking for more information on a Hauptmann Schefold who was serving in Fliegerabteilung (A) 233 in 1918. Is he the Hans Schefold from FAR 49? I am grateful for any information Thanks & regards, Matt.
  11. Hi Glenn, Excellent, exactly the kind of information I was after. Thanks a lot. Best regards, Matt.
  12. Let's see if this image is any better...
  13. Hi Daniel, I recently saw this example of an armband in wear circa. 1914-15. The photo forns part of an album from a member Feld-Flieger-Abteilung 7. Best regards, Matt.
  14. Hi, I am now fairly certain that the signature in post #23 is Hptm Pohle.
  15. Last one for now - Flieger Ersatz Abteilung 5. If anyone knows, or would like to guess at any of these names then please do so. Thanks a lot, Matt.
  16. Hi, Ok, I am going to post some more documents that are unidentified (at least to me). Firstly, Fliegerabteilung A 215.
  17. Hi Alex, Thanks for the nice pic - this photo was also on the website, but I didn't get to save it in time. But I can now! Not sure if they were related, but there is also an Erwin Holtzmann (b. 07/12/1887) in the Fliegertruppe. A few photo's etc. of Erwin are available for viewing at https://www2.landesarchiv-bw.de/ofs21/olf/struktur.php?bestand=6597&baumSuche=Ho&standort=H%C3%B6l Regards, Matt.
  18. Hello everyone, Tried posting this on The Aerodrome, but have had no luck so far... Can anyone make out the signature of this Hauptmann and CO of Riesenflugzeug-Ersatz-Abteilung Köln in 1918? Thanks a lot, Matt.
  19. Hi, There were a few photos of FFA 16 available to view online unil recently - unfortunately the webpage isn't working at the moment. I hope that the owner of the site will not mind my sharing them here....
  20. Hi Bernhard, You're right, it could indeed be a reservist or re-called officer. I have never been could at reading Sütterlin, or signatures in general...
  21. Hi Bernhard, The below website gives the first name of von Dittmar who died on 15.7.1918 as Hans. http://www.denkmalprojekt.org/dkm_deutschland/fuerstenwalde_spree_brb.htm So unfortunately this is not our guy.
  22. Hi Bernhard, Thanks for your reply. It looks a possibly. My man was a pilot, and is shown wearing a cavalry uniform....