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  1. Hello everyone, Tried posting this on The Aerodrome, but have had no luck so far... Can anyone make out the signature of this Hauptmann and CO of Riesenflugzeug-Ersatz-Abteilung Köln in 1918? Thanks a lot, Matt.
  2. Hi, There were a few photos of FFA 16 available to view online unil recently - unfortunately the webpage isn't working at the moment. I hope that the owner of the site will not mind my sharing them here....
  3. Hi Bernhard, You're right, it could indeed be a reservist or re-called officer. I have never been could at reading Sütterlin, or signatures in general...
  4. Hi Bernhard, The below website gives the first name of von Dittmar who died on 15.7.1918 as Hans. http://www.denkmalprojekt.org/dkm_deutschland/fuerstenwalde_spree_brb.htm So unfortunately this is not our guy.
  5. Hi Bernhard, Thanks for your reply. It looks a possibly. My man was a pilot, and is shown wearing a cavalry uniform....
  6. I hope Chris doesn't mind my hijacking his thread for my own purposes I was wondering if someone can decipher the name on the postcard - Rudi von ? Thanks, Matt.
  7. Hi all, I have stumbled across a photo of Hauptmann d.R. Otto Hafner (b. 18.02.1883). He was in the Fliegertruppe in WW1, but that's almost all that I know about him. Does anyone have any details on his wartime postings / promotion dates? Here is the picture. Thanks and regards, Matt.
  8. Hi Guys, Thanks for the info. So he didn't make Hauptmann d.R. during the war... By the way, I have a bunch of officers that I am searching their Hauptmann promotion date, however they are all either d.R., a.D. or died during the war. So how would I go about finding their Hptm dates - what source is best to locate this data? Thanks for all, Matt.
  9. Hi Gunnar, Try going to http://gw.geneanet.org/pmlhennings?lang=en&m=N&v=behrenz There you will find Louis August Leopold Walter Behrenz (b. 1889). His page gives some details of his WW1 career. Also on this website is August Louis Herbert Behrenz (b. 1888). Regards, Matt.
  10. Hello, I am having difficulty deciphering the awards being shown on my Bavarian rank-list of 1914. On page 11 there are two symbols for the 4th class of the Military Merit Order - but what does the difference between the symbols signify? An example on page 113 is a Hptm Rudolf Erhard, who has been awarded both decorations. I believe the second symbol is the Military Merit Order 4th Class - but what is the first one? Thanks, and please excuse my ignorance. Matt.
  11. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any information on Oblt Barth from FAR 32 (first name, DOB, appointments and such). He was promoted to Oberleutnant on 24.01.1911 and I think he may have been in the Fliegertruppe during WW1. Thanks in advance, Matt.
  12. Hi Andy, That's ok, I appreciate the offer. I might make an enquiry of you occasionally, such as "can you look up when so-and-so was promoted to Hauptmann" etc. But I'll get my hands on a copy sooner or later.
  13. Hello Andy, Stefan and Glenn, Major Rudolf Barth is the wanted man, as the Hptm Barth I was looking for also served in Feldflieger Abteilung 24 in 1915. Andy - sorry, I should have mentioned that I was looking at the Saxon Rangliste of 1914 - he is listed as an Oberleutnant on page 58... Unfortunately I do not have the Saxon Rangliste of 1918, but I would like to get my hands on a copy if I can find one where the price is reasonable. You said that he does not appear in the aviation troops of 1918. May I ask what source you are using, is it the Dienstaltersliste 1919 or some other? I have the Dienstalterslite but sadly it does not provide the promotion dates for Bavarian and Saxon officers. Thanks to everyone for his biography, it has confirms my assumption that he was the right guy! Regards, Matt.
  14. Hi Glenn and Paul, Thanks a lot. I think I'm starting to get my head around it.
  15. I have another question about the Bavarian ranklist: what does the symbol of the key represent? Hoping that someone can unlock the mystery for me...(bad pun intended) Thanks, Matt.
  16. Well done, thanks for posting all of these - it is appreciated.
  17. I guess you wouldn't bother aiming for the heart when it came to most of these guys !
  18. Hi Well if there are, I'd like to know about them! Unfortunately I don't know enough about medals to even begin to identify what he's wearing, but I'm sure that some details of his career are online... Best regards, Matt.
  19. No problem. The full-size images are on https://www2.landesarchiv-bw.de/ofs21/olf/struktur.php?bestand=6597 You can search for Knörzer on the alphabetical listing - they have him with the birthdate of 1819 in error. There are also great photos of other Württemberg military personnel there as well.... Regards, Matt.
  20. Hi, Just re-opening this thread because I have found a few more pics of General von Knoerzer online