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  1. Hi.I ask for help in determining the medal.Where can I read about this medal?Many thanks.Alexander.
  2. I have it, but there is not written about black ribbon.
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Good afternoon. Question on the ribbon of the cross II Army. In my collection there is a cross on a ribbon, usual for all sources by the awards of Italy.Recently acquired another cross(Fassino) and received a message from the seller that this cross was originally worn on a black ribbon in memory of soldiers, Who died in the Battle of Caporreto. II army was defeated by the Austrians, but made it possible to withdraw 1st and 3rd armies. Neither did I find this confirmation, maybe someone has information on this fact. Thank you in advance. Alexander.
  5. Many thanks.Alexander.
  6. Hi.I ask for help in determining the medal. I think it is dedicated to Gorizia. Was the ribbon of this medal? Is it related to the cross of Gorizia? The obverse of the medal and the medallion of the cross are very similar. Many thanks. Alexander.p.s.Sorry, photo later.
  7. Hallo.Your opinion please about this cross. If possible, its approximate price.Many thanks.Alexander.
  8. Hallo.I ask for opinions on the originality of this badge.(Pin and hook after repair).Thanks.Alexander.
  9. Heĺlo. Maybe someone has a photo of the mini cross of second army?(croce seconda armata) .Thanks.Alexander.
  10. I like this one.Very similar to mine, but in the Saxon style.
  11. Thank you Andreas, this is the site I wanted to find.