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  1. Hallo.Your opinion please about this cross. If possible, its approximate price.Many thanks.Alexander.
  2. Hallo.I ask for opinions on the originality of this badge.(Pin and hook after repair).Thanks.Alexander.
  3. Heĺlo. Maybe someone has a photo of the mini cross of second army?(croce seconda armata) .Thanks.Alexander.
  4. I like this one.Very similar to mine, but in the Saxon style.
  5. Thank you Andreas, this is the site I wanted to find.
  6. Just compare.(Note the reverse).This cross 100% original. In the evening, after work, I look for a link to a great site on the cross.Regards.Alexander.
  7. Hello Dean. I do not like this cross.Alexander.
  8. Hello dear Rob. Thank you for the detailed response. According to the seller, there is a marks on the edge. Change the ribbon is not a problem.Best regards.Alexander.
  9. Hi.Your opinions please about these two medals and their ribbons.Many thanks.Alexander.
  10. Hello Rob.Many thanks.Alex.
  11. Good evening.Your opinion on the originality of the cross.Thanks.Alexander.