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  1. bryansk1959

    Italy 1st army cross(Pozzi)

    no opinions?
  2. Hi. I ask to express your opinion about this cross. Many thanks. Alexander.
  3. Hi.It seems to me that this oder is a modern fantasy.I would like to see photos with an example of wearing this order and some documents.Regards.Alexander.
  4. Hi all.I ask to express your opinion about this award. Is this Zimmerman? Many thanks. Alexander.
  5. I ask to express your opinion about this award. I like it. Many thanks.
  6. bryansk1959

    Légion d'honneur

    Yes, you are right, lilies.
  7. bryansk1959

    Légion d'honneur

    Many thanks.It seems that this type, as you wrote: the crown "1st Empire" 3 type, the center-July Monarchy.
  8. bryansk1959

    Légion d'honneur

    Dave,thank you very much.
  9. bryansk1959

    Légion d'honneur

    Many thanks. I'm sorry, is this normal?Alexander.
  10. bryansk1959

    Légion d'honneur

    Good day. I saw such an order, please tell me if everything is OK with him. Thanks.Alexander.
  11. Thank you very much! I like him same.Best regards.Alexander.
  12. Hi. I ask you to express an opinion on this Tamara order.Many thanks. Alexander.