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  1. The last picture that was posted had a soldier with a cap on. In the front od the cap between the "circlets' was a pin of Red deer stag horns. I have never seen that before. What is it? Is the guy a hunter/Jaeger?
  2. I thought I'd reply in english since you are from CT. I am in PA and speak and read German. Very nice job on your video. I would gladly help you with your voice over if i could. I do speak with a Hessian dialect normally. Heheheheh, I can however suppress it somewhat if i try. German marines were all know as Marine Infantrie.
  3. Thank you so much Gentlemen. Your replies are very helpful . Now I know the designation and can further look into the larger formations this "Truppenteil" was assigned to. I also know that 6th Panzer Division was destroyed on the Russian front earlier than my search.
  4. I have researched and found where my Mom's 1st husband is buried by going through the red cross etc. I'd like to find out more about his death. He is buried in Waldrach, Germany near Trier. He died on March 15th 1945 and was with " 6.Pz.Gr.Btl.382." I cannot find any reference to this unit. Is it 6th panzer-grenadier battalion of the 382nd reg. ???? or 382nd battalion of 6th Pz-Gr ???? I know he was stationed in Giessen Germany where they met. Story told by relatives is that he was wounded in France and was returning to Germany on an Ambulance train. It was strafed and he was killed. All my relatives are gone now so I cannot find out more. If anyone would know what unit he was with and were they fought, it would be helpful. Thanks folks! paul
  5. Anyone wearing a real Edelweiss???? They might be stuck in a front pocket or in the hat band.
  6. From the writing, the picture is of the Crown Prince Wilhelm! So I would imagine this is a ceremonial uniform with a lot of items that normal Hussar Dress uniforms wouldn't display.
  7. Any information out there are WWII Kriegsmarine Flieger units???? They did fly Seaplanes off of Capital ships . But did they have land bases recon units and bombers (Condors) ?
  8. Opa was a Feldwebel. 2 decorations I know of were his Chechislovakia medal (as part of the troops that marched in) and his Bronze iron Cross 1914-1918 which was given to all who served in WWI. Unit documentation and Soldbuch I do not have . A lot was destroyed in Bombing raids. I have a picture of him in front of a house in France 1940, and a few others in Germany with dates. After WWI he joined the Red Cross and was active there. Maybe because of training in the medical areas made him a critical MOS (Military occupation specialty). What is WASt ????
  9. My grandfather (Opa) was a WWI vet who was wounded. He was brought into the Luftwaffe as medic. He was part of the Anschluss of Checkislovakia, invasion /occupation of France, in the Crimea and apparently also flew wounded out of Stalingrad before it fell. My questions: 1. Were Luftwaffe medical troops attached to Wehrmacht units? 2. What units flew wounded out of Stalingrad ? 3. Would a 40 year old man be activated into active duty before the war or would he have volunteered? 4. How can I find out about Opa's service (WWI and WWII). I do not have his Soldbuch. 5. Are there any data bases to find him listed? Thanks paul