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  1. The other thing you can try is an adjustable hat stretcher that you can find on ebay. I use them to keep my hats in shape after getting wet so you could just put it in & it shoud bring the helmet back to it's original shape without having to adjust it for size. Just a thought !!! Jason
  2. Rod, FANTASTIC collection Mate, Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. Keep it coming !!!!!!!
  3. FANTASTIC history & collection Mervyn !!!!! Thanks for taking the time to share it with us. All the best. JD
  4. Hi Guys, As the title says I'm just trying to find out if Australians wore RAF uniforms during WW2 ??? I've just been given a set of cloth AUSTRALIA shoulder titles that are in the RAF colours & was told that they were worn by Australians serving with the RAF during the war but have been unable to find any information & all my books show our Guys in their dark blue RAAF uniforms ??? Any help would be greatly appreciated. All the best. J.D