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  1. French WW1 Pilot Badge for review

    It's a good one! Dating is difficult because archives were destroyed in ww2, but as Stuka f said most prabable from 1914-1920 Best regards Joseph
  2. 2 variants of the medal

    Hello Nick There were many producers of this medal, mostly from Wien. It is believed that about 200 000 pieces were made, and none of them bears any hallmark... Some believe that the loop version is older than the other one. There is a ball suspension version as well. Best regards Joseph

    Hello KimKan I believe that those letters are "R.A." not "G.A.". Anyway on the initial photo the maker is most probably "G.D.", but never mind since you don't have that order any more. Chinese order of double dragon is known to be made by Russian jewelers! Best regards Joseph
  4. Franz Joseph Order Grand Cross ?

    Enzo, I need to visit Firenze with my father too But I doubt I'll be that lucky!! Best regards Joseph
  5. Franz Joseph Order Grand Cross ?

    Beautiful chain Enzo Serbia, Japan, Russia, all civil, this must belong to Austrian Ambassador! Trooper D, The "plain chain" is in the back of the uniform or suit so it doesn't need to be fancy.:) Best regards Joseph
  6. Franz Joseph Order Grand Cross ?

    Hello Gents Here is another, I believe better photo of the mark, it is definitely a 3 Chamois without a letter A. Does it mean it is most probably Gebrueder Resch 1867-1872 Order like Thomas said? Elmar, thank you for clearing out the Roman numeros on the lid, I have suspected this is the case, but it is better to wait for confirmation. And, why make a mini collars when there ate normal minis of this order? Were there any other collar minis of other Austrian orders like Iron Crown or Leopold? Of course the Golden Fleece had collar minis.... Best regards Joseph
  7. Franz Joseph Order Grand Cross ?

    Hello Tifes Thank you for the elaborate answer. I'm sorry about the photos of the mark, they are faint, I'll try to take a new photo at different angle. I taught there were more producers of FJO than just two. Do you know anything of that Roman numeros on the lid, I know that doesn't have any significance for this order, just to resolve my curiosity Tifes, were there ever the collar of FJO? Maybe for Franz Joseph himself? Best regards Joseph
  8. Hello Gents I have one nice FJO badge and I need your help about few things. I believe it is Grand Cross badge, but I need your confirmation. It measures 6,8 X 3,7 cm, weight 24 g. Gold acid tested not only 18k, but up to 22k gold, stamp not fully readable but I believe to be a Chamois mark with number 3, but it could be something else with number 2 when I turn the photo upside down... I've seen no letters on the mark.. Now, is it possible to find a maker and a year, establish the class( I don't think it is commander or Grand commander class because second loop is small, not long ) and one more curiosity? I had several FJO-s with "secret locker", but none of those had Roman numeros engraved on the "lid". What does these numeros mean? Probably the number of product, or something like that? Please Gents, check your beauties at home and see if they had numeros as well.... Best regards Joseph A.D.
  9. Black St Stanislas

    Hello Eurorders Are you sure thay this is black enamels on your st Stas? It looks like dark red enamels on the last set of photos? I believe that on black enamels you can't see the "ribs" under the enamels no matter the angle of the light... I had a few and never saw the gold under the enamels. I have one miniature with datk red, looks like black, but it's not. Best regards Joseph
  10. Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross badge?

    Hello Graf Thank you for your post. I got this order in a lot 3 years, or so, ago and I never knew it's real value, but didn't care because I kept it regardles I'm not a Bulgaria decorations collector, I admired its craftmanship and age. But now the time has come to part with it and I couldn't find anywhere what class this is so I don't lie to potential buyer. And you are right, the market will tell its real value. Ilieff That's nice example of crown variations, and no wonder that lots of us are confused with so many different models, but after all, the diversity of them makes collecting even more interesting! Best regards Joseph
  11. Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross badge?

    Hello Gents Since no one has an opinion on today market value of this order I decided to make an auction on ebay and find out a real value. Gents, you have helped me a lot to determine the class of this badge, so the next happy owner knows what he/she has bought. With respect Joseph
  12. Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross badge?

    Thanks Ilieff, this one doesn't have any trace of gold, so I assumed that it was originally just silver... Now Gents, I would like to sell this badge, but I don't know the price of this order, I got it in a big trade several years ago, so I never knew it's real price. What would be aprox. current price for this order? Any info is welcome! Regards Alpha
  13. Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross badge?

    Hello Ilieff Thank you for extra effort, you have shown some nice photos. So, in general, we can conclude that this is 90% Grand Cross and 10% chance to be 1st class Order. Is there a record of how many of Grand Crossrs were bestowed? One more question for you Gents: does it matter in any way that some of these orders were gilted and some were not in the same period? For example Serbian st Sava order and White eagle order differ from class 4 to class 5 by the gilt. Best regards Alpha
  14. Bulgarian St Alexander Grand Cross badge?

    Hello Gents Thank you for your contribution on this topic, it is very interesting indeed. Graf, your question is in place, but I gave a good dimension, 5,4cm wide, and 6cm diagonally, so it makes it bigger version. Ilieff, you have a keen eye for details, only when you pointed out that the center medallion is reversed, I have gently corrected the problem Btw. I forgot to congratulate you on a great site regarding Bulgarian orders! It's great!! Now for the conclusion, what the New World is asking is question what I started this thread in the first place. Is there an option that majority of those orders are post 1908, thus Grand Cross? I understand what Illieff had said that it is all the same whether the order is Grand Cross post 1908 or 1st class Cross pre 1908 it was the highest st. Alex, except of course Collar decoration!!! About the Collar badge size I don't know the right dimension, just assumed I have heard it somewhere. Ilieff, dig up this info and update your site regarding Collar decoration info. Best regards to all of you! Alpha