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  1. I regard it as genuine. There are several items of the same type in the collections of the military museum in the Mongolian Ministry of Defense. It is provided for replacement at the time of loss at the latter half of what is called type 2.
  2. mizukiya72

    NEW North Korean Awards

    Question was resolved. It's “Democratic People's Republic of Korea Socialist Patript Prize” Silver Medal.
  3. mizukiya72

    NEW North Korean Awards

    Dear Friends Can you help me with identification for the attached medal? Thank you in advance for your help. regards
  4. Hi Friends, I do not understand this order. I feel like Germany or so. Please let me know!
  5. mizukiya72

    Yunnan-Burma Boundary Dispute Commemorative Medallion

  6. mizukiya72

    Double Dragon 2nd type, 3rd class, 1st grade at YJ

    I think it is bad. Repaired. But almost good.