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  1. Guys, Just found a few bits and bobs in the attic of our new house. This is now my favourite helmet picture. I will post some more when I have resolved my scanner issue.
  2. Just found a box of photos and there are a couple of nice ones, I will post them up after night shift.
  3. Guys, Just clearing the attic of the new house and it would appear I now have an instant collection of WHW and a bit of tin. more more more last
  4. Fritzel, Just a bit of fun. I spent most of my life working with military radios and looking at the picture there are some interesting points. Directly behind his head is some sort of horn affair, is that to receive sound or transmit? The pack in front of him looks to have valves on it but back then you would need a pretty substansial battery to power any such device. The 'antenna' array remands me of a directional/narrow field FM thing we had called the 'clothes line' in English, UK this is used to dry your washing on. It was called the GMM ground mounted Monopole. There is obviously more of the device behind his back that we can't see. Always love a mystery! Good luck Rich
  5. Perhaps the first speed detector! Very popular here in Germany!
  6. Nothing on reverse of one and only this on the other.
  7. I got it wrong, I need glasses it is by SMF.
  8. Time Left: 18 days and 14 hours


    For trade or sale. It is listed as exchange but still requires a price? For sale €200? Is that fair ? I see copies go for 150$.


  9. Guys, Could this be French? It has a funny eagle on it and I remember somewhere that the French had an eagle emblem as well? Thanks
  10. Fakes look convincing or they would not work! Edit what I mean is that they are getting better all the time and some of the older ones are showing signs of natural age and patina too so it is getting harder all the time to tell them apart.
  11. Sorry no idea but good luck with your search. You could perhaps try some of the more main stream fora such as Wehrmacht awards forum. Have an ask on there you never know, just be aware it can get a bit bolchey on there so if anyone is rude just ignore them. I am sure given your enquiry a lot of people will be bending over backwards to get their hands on any surviving paperwork so you should be well received. Good luck again! Best Regards Rich