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  1. Always up for a trade if we can find common ground. It is difficult though!
  2. Looks like you had some quality time Kev!
  3. Thanks for the detail Hucks,his tally does state shiffstamm. No WP so that is where it ends.
  4. I probably sound ungrateful but it is not really my bag, the imperial stuff was in with the rest of the TR that posted.
  5. Still in the process of moving house and business, the only clew is the FP Nr of 02225.
  6. Guys, Mystery item, my €1 punt for today. Small linen bag but it has the look and the smell of the period.
  7. Guys, As stated above, nothing fancy though!
  8. Guys, What is the medal bar pair please? They look like they are silver? I like the Deschler Artillery pin to the 62nd. Sorry about the sideways pics but I can't seem to sort it, maybe because its my phone?
  9. Hucks, Would be nice if his plane turned up one day. You never know as they still search in Russia.
  10. I know the feeling, this was all her idea, now we have got to make it work!
  11. Guys, This is the most expensive group I have ever bought. It come with a free house and business premisses.