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  1. Guys, What is the medal bar pair please? They look like they are silver? I like the Deschler Artillery pin to the 62nd. Sorry about the sideways pics but I can't seem to sort it, maybe because its my phone?
  2. Guys, As stated above, nothing fancy though!
  3. Always up for a trade if we can find common ground. It is difficult though!
  4. Looks like you had some quality time Kev!
  5. Thanks for the detail Hucks,his tally does state shiffstamm. No WP so that is where it ends.
  6. I probably sound ungrateful but it is not really my bag, the imperial stuff was in with the rest of the TR that posted.
  7. Still in the process of moving house and business, the only clew is the FP Nr of 02225.
  8. Guys, Mystery item, my €1 punt for today. Small linen bag but it has the look and the smell of the period.
  9. Hucks, Would be nice if his plane turned up one day. You never know as they still search in Russia.
  10. I know the feeling, this was all her idea, now we have got to make it work!
  11. Guys, This is the most expensive group I have ever bought. It come with a free house and business premisses.
  12. Guys, From the weekend at Hamburg, went for my boys stag do and came back with this.
  13. Guys, Not military but with President Hindenburgs autograph, printed or original, not sure but for €5 the whole thing with frame I don't care one way or the other. You can see where I wiped away the layers of grime around the seal and autograph. My pictures are not the best but I love these pressed seals which you can not see here too clearly through the glass unfortunately.
  14. If he did exist is it possible to find out what awards he was entitled to?
  15. Glad you like it Bernhard, I will clean it up and take a better picture when we get some sun again. If one has made through 50 years of marrage I think a bravery award would be in order!
  16. I don't understand why people damage these books without doing their home work? What is the biggest problem with these awards, is it the Tank badge thing? I imagine it would be pretty easy for you WW1 chaps to find this bloke if he existed?
  17. Be nice to see the rest of this soldbuch? I tend not to get hung up on dates when it is a general round up, date of qualification versus badge institution particularly when it is on catch up? I guess the question is, is the unit entering the service record viable and if so why IE what else is in the book?
  18. Not my bag Kris but cheap enough!
  19. The cross is on the side of vehicles too now and then. Tell the dead guys families that Germany is not at war, just saying is all! PS I am on Diamonds side I, I am not sure who he quoted? For the lads and lasses at the front it certainly will feel like a war.
  20. Quoting your quote Germany is at war as they have soldiers stationed in Afghan and in mortal peril. They have just extended that mission and only last week suffered fatalities from a suicide bomber? Not to metion the fact that their leader has invited thousands of enemy fighters to Germany as refugees? Pretty sure soon all of EU will be reeling when these folk coordinate their efforts, not just this 'loan wolf' rubbish we are currently expeiriencing. Interesting times we are living in.
  21. Guys, Thought this monthly periodical was interesting in that the mundane stuff continued but emblazoned with the casualties from that area that were within the teaching trade. The LSSAH entry caught my eye!