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  1. His full service records are available online on Findmypast.com at this link if you can gain access: Findmypast Service Record for 1775 James McCue 2nd Scottish Rifles Upon his discharge in 1889 his role was as his Company's Pioneer, the South Africa Medal, bar 1879 was his only medal earned, he had plenty of the usual ailments over his career, during his service in Calcutta around 1880 he received an accidental slight wound on duty from a local.
  2. That is the distinctive entitlement of a Fusilier from "Barton's Fusilier Brigade" they are the only people (apart from a few outliers) who got Relief of Mafeking & Ladysmith, its a small unit comprised of 27 men from the 2nd Royal Fusiliers, 20 men from 2nd Royal Irish Fusiliers, One Officer & 25 Men from 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers and One Officer & 25 men from 2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers. You can check which Fusiliers from those units received the DCM and cross check the Q.S.A. rolls, there will only be very few to earn those bars.
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    Waterloo Medal

    Hi reyes! Just found this post do you dtill have the medal and is it for sale? Please let me know Also can supply a steel clip and ring as it should have originally Best regards les R