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  1. manufacturing variation?
  2. wow! That's excellent!
  3. Thanks, Jim! The nuance and variety of the CdG sure contributes to it's appeal!!
  4. just acquired, a *very* dark bronze example. It's quite aesthetically pleasing, imho.
  5. Thanks Chris! Any idea what the ribbon looks like?
  6. the fob chain was added by the seller. I'm sure it was a ribboned medal at one time.
  7. Gentlemen Have so far been unsuccessful in finding this particular variation. On the pommel end, there is what appears to be a tool-access hole. This hole is not threaded and is considerably smaller than the diameter of the false end-cap or the spanner slot end-cap. All other features on the bayonet are early features. Is this an in-between variation?
  8. Thanks, Paul! Arcane subject matter, for sure!
  9. thanks! Has any attempt ever been made to catalog the various thread sizes encountered?
  10. Hi All, As regards screw posts on Imperial regimental/school badges, is there a standard thread size generally used?
  11. Thanks! It's nice to find a piece from a veteran of the Napoleonic campaigns!
  12. Gentlemen, Can anyone shed some light on the significance of the numbers 18 13 / 63 presented on this pipe?