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  1. Mark McM

    Greek War Cross

    Thanks guys! Interesting that this medal was the basis for the Sacred Squadron badge!
  2. Mark McM

    Italian/French medal?

    yes, interesting stuff. Very enigmatic, but a beautiful medal!
  3. Anyone familiar with this joint Italian/French medal?
  4. Just found this nice silver example.
  5. Gentlemen, Can anyone shed light on the nature of this inscription? It appears to be between military medical staff. This particular degen bears a gorgeous Wurttemburg hilt. Any feedback would be appreciated, particularly if some detail regarding the named officers was known!
  6. Mark McM

    Marking on buckle?

    Interesting... thanks! Time period?
  7. Anybody recognize this marking?
  8. Mark McM

    French badge ID?

    thanks Peter! Good point... though it seems kind of robustly constructed for a sweetheart or patriotic piece. Still, it’s quite a nice badge!
  9. Mark McM

    Polish Legion Badge

    sure... here’s a c/u of the hallmark. (it’s difficult to see in the photo, but there is a small “W” to the right of the maiden’s head)
  10. Mark McM

    French badge ID?

    any guesses?
  11. Mark McM

    Polish Legion Badge

    Thanks! Here is a close-up of the obverse, off the cockade...
  12. just acquired this interesting hallmarked sterling Polish Legion badge on an original veteran’s cockade. Quite a nice piece!
  13. Mark McM

    French badge ID?

    Gentlemen, Any positive ID on this badge? Quite high quality, hallmarked under the rooster....
  14. Mark McM

    marking on French belt plate...

    thanks guys! The French unit marked their equipment in this manner?