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  1. Thanks, Paul! Arcane subject matter, for sure!
  2. thanks! Has any attempt ever been made to catalog the various thread sizes encountered?
  3. Hi All, As regards screw posts on Imperial regimental/school badges, is there a standard thread size generally used?
  4. Thanks! It's nice to find a piece from a veteran of the Napoleonic campaigns!
  5. Gentlemen, Can anyone shed some light on the significance of the numbers 18 13 / 63 presented on this pipe?
  6. Thanks!
  7. update: the medal shows evidence of being cast, not struck. Is that also a characteristic of known fakes?
  8. thanks, guys. It looks old, but that's not too hard to accomplish these days...
  9. Hello all, just acquired this. Appears to be silver plate over dark bronze. Is this legit?
  10. imperial russia

    Thanks, Egorka! Fascinating pieces of information! Thanks Paul! Awesome news!
  11. imperial russia

    Hi Paul, Thanks! The left character could be a K... or it could be an M. Maddening. The right hand character is really tough to figure. There's a large double headed eagle marked under the enamel on the upper arm of the cross...
  12. imperial russia

    still catching reflections off the right due to lighting, but not bad for holding the iPad up to one of the microscope lenses...
  13. imperial russia

    Hi Paul, it's very clearly a 3. I have it under the microscopes here at work and there's no question about it. maybe you can make this hallmark out? I'll try to get a picture of the date mark, but I'm nearing the limits of my photographic capabilities!