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  1. josemann57

    Please Help To identify Medal

    This medal is some sort of restrike or special occasion item? (or could be a design for the forthcoming medal!!). I have not seen it before. This one is how it looks and comes in silver (officers) and bronze (lower ranks). The year does not match when it was instituted! LEBANON MILITARY VALOR MEDAL, instituted in 1971 1st Class. Breast Badge, 55x36 mm, silvered Metal, original suspension Possibly, what it is missing is the laurel on the helmet.
  2. josemann57

    M?daille de la Valeur Militaire

    The Medal for Military Appreciation - as translated. There are 2 classes silver & bronze.
  3. Let me add a more comprehensive translation to the first: (1) The wings with President Hafez Al Assad: General Counselor of the Socialist Arab Baath Party. (2) As mentioned by Dave. (3) Celebrating the fourth commemoration of the Sportsmen festival It gives pleasure to the Executive Committee of the General Federation of Sports of the city of Aleppo to present this commemorative plaque as recognition and commendation to the appreciated services 1975. The second is a pin for the sports competition of the Iraqi Army.
  4. josemann57

    Unknown Arabic Document (Iraqi leaflet?)

    This document is from 1991 (top left). It is exhibit/G/no. 16 A Serial No. 86540 & 86542 (2 of them). It reads: A document to descend after duty. Followed by: Rank Name Unit for the first 3 months namely, Jan, Feb, March Left bottom corner: Signature of the Unit's Officer Regards
  5. josemann57

    Iraq Medal Set-Please Help ID

    Hi The first medal from the left is the October 1973 commemorative Arab-Israeli war (wrong ribbon) The second from the left is the general service medal (wrong ribbon) The third from the left is the "Mother of all Battles" medal as stated above right ribbon The fourth and least is the "Wound" medal for wounds in battler also wrong ribbon.
  6. Hi. The middle reading is City of Damascus. "Madinat Dimashq". So, it is not Aleppo. Regards
  7. josemann57

    new Syrian medal

    The second one is indeed a remake composed from the first one by removing the central Syrian army symbol, and replacing it with the badge on the top is from Lebanon's police force used in the sixties and seventies.
  8. josemann57

    Interesting Arab-Israeli War Item

    Hi, these were also used in Lebanon during the 1975-1990 war. I have a similar one. It was used by Palestinian factions who some were supplied by Yugoslavia at that time. Moreover, Syrian forces also had it. Regards
  9. The word "Sour" for the the Lebanese arm band means the city of Tyr in the south. This arm band has been worn by southern fighters from the district or city of Tyr. Regards
  10. josemann57

    Help to identify a nice star

    Hi, I have the two types but modified center pieces to hold Saddam's portrait. Maybe a zealous who loved him. I got these from a dealer who travels around many years back.
  11. I can only tell you what is written in arabic: what it means ;Salvation in the Truth" or "Najat fi al-Sidq". Style is ottoman but modified however more recent.
  12. This is really comprehensive in comparison to what I have seen. Thank you
  13. josemann57

    ARAB MEDALS -- Lebanon

    Hi The medal posted by Gro is a restrike with wrong ribbon. (Medal of competence)
  14. josemann57

    2 More FAKE Medjidie Breast Stars ...

    Sorry Demir The second question was directed to Linas a contributor to this forum. Hoped he was reading along. My respect.
  15. josemann57


    Syrian Medal commemorating the 1948 war in Palestine.
  16. josemann57

    Unknown Lebanese ? Medal

    Hi It reads the Supreme Council on top of the double headed eagle. Chapter 33 medals come from Egypt as I have observed in comparison to the Lebanese or Syrian Masonic medals.
  17. Hi One more detail. It commemorates the "Day of the Arab Bread Loaf" = "Yawm Al-Rageef Al-Arabi". Looks Iraqi. On the top of the order, there is Coranic verse.
  18. josemann57

    ARAB MEDALS -- Lebanon

    Hi I would like to add here that today there are many restrikes of the Lebanese medals characterized of being of less quality and lower contrast of the original details. You may observe the last medal shown by Kev (Merit Medal 4th grade) and comapre it with the 2nd grade shown by Dave. Completely different hat wear (observe well) and loosing the signature by G. Qorum. Unfortunately, there are many grades of quality to the restrikes especially the latest for the Air Force and the Navy medals. One should be careful about the prices when buying. Regards
  19. Hi Guys This could be the "Military Golden Unit" patch. A specialized Iraqi special forces unit against terrorism.
  20. Hi Information is accurate. The second patch is paper engulfed in plastic, the third is metallic engulfed in plastic. The only cloth patch I have seen is the "Assad Battalions" that were led by the late president's borther Rifaat Al-Assad. Usually, the syrian army does not have the nice patches we see every where. However, they do produce good quantities of paratrooper wing badges with either the late president Hafez al Assad head (rare to find these days), then Bassel AlAssad head (really very rare to find) and lateset with Bashar Al Assad head. These were made for all special forces battalions. Regards
  21. josemann57

    2 More FAKE Medjidie Breast Stars ...

    Hi Linas I think I bought french badges from you? Please respond if this is you. Regards
  22. josemann57

    2 More FAKE Medjidie Breast Stars ...

    Thank you I still have another question. Are there restrikes of the orders? If yes, extending to what periods of time?
  23. josemann57

    Unknown, WWII, Arabic sleeve badge. ?

    Hi It is Libian. Reading Police of Fezzan. However, the Libian crescent and star are reversed, that is the typical is the crescent on the left and star on the right. Could be amateur locally made insignia and added to the uniform. Regards
  24. josemann57

    Help to identify

    Hi This Badge is for the Baath party, I have not seen myself, but on the obverse it reads "Al-Majd Lilubnan = Glory to Lebanon". May be it belongs to somebody (Syrian or Iraqi) who has been in Lebanon and had good time to add such a slogan on the back. Interesting item.
  25. Hi The first two are syrian for sure. The third one was used by the Lebanese Forces during the civil war, however more recent (late 80s-till 90). Lebanese forces as military faction is illegal so it turned to be a political party now-a-day. The Lebanese forces created many Patches and Badges mixing French paratrooper, English SAS, Italian Floglore special forces, and German Nazi. These are found occasionally on eBay sold from Spain, France, Belgium, and occassionally from the USA. I am a collector of these insignia and researching them.