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  1. thank you sir for your wekcome
  2. thank you gents very much for your help and hospitality. When I learned this place was for mad dogs and Englishmen, I didn't know what would happen ;-)
  3. The Charge of the Light Brigade by Tennyson. As i'm an American,i'm not privy to the more personal histories of the British army in verse, but I do know this one.All know this one. The Charge of the Light Brigade Half a league,half a league, Half a league onward, All In the Valley of Death Rode the six hundred "Forward the Light Brigade!" "Charge for the guns!" Into the valley of death Rode the six hundred "Forward the Light Brigade!" Was there a man dismay'd? Not tho'the soldier knew Someone had blunder'd: Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why Theirs but to do and die: Into the valley of death Rode the six hundred Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the right of the them Cannon in front of them Volly'd and thunder'd Storm'd at with shot and shell, Boldly they rode an well, Into the jaws of death, Into the mouth of Hell, Rode the six hundred Flash'd all their sabres bare Flash'd as they turned in air, Charging an army,while All the world wonder'd: Plunged in the battery smoke Right thro' the line they broke: Cossack and Russian Reeled from the Sabre stroke Shatter'd and sunder'd Then they rode back,but not Not the six hundred Cannon to the right of them, Cannon to the left of them, Cannon behind them Volley'd and thunder'd Storm'd at with shot and shell While horse and hero fell They that had fought so well Came thro' the jaws of death Back from the mouth of Hell All that was left of them, Left of six hundred When can their glory fade? O the wild charge they made! All the world womdered Honor the charge they made, Honor the Ligh Brigade, Noble six hundred Alfred Lord Tennyson
  4. Thank you for your welcome sir,i am glad to be here.
  5. I Just want to thank you all for responding to my post, its always great to communicate with people from the homeland,and I never miss a chance to do so. For God,for St.George,and for England! Thanks for your responses. As long as there are people alive that remember this stuff here on this forum,there is hope for civilization. I look forward to learning much more.Thank you gentleman.
  6. Was the Earl Roberts that was involved in the Boer War the same Roberts who made the famous forced march to relieve Kandahar? What was the Baron Chelmsfords role in the Boer war?Who did he replace or get replaced by? thank you for looking
  7. During the Great war, I understand that some large bore rifles were taken from the African colonies to be used in the trenches to shoot through German steel. I was wondering if anyone knew what these rifles were? 8 bores? 470 Nitros? Rigbys?