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  1. Hi Tom, No bets, I'll show this badge on the next show. And you'll make youself sure. regards CHE
  2. Hi Guys, Sorry for the silence, I was on the Military Show in Kassel. Here some other badges where Meybauer DOES NOT use a round catchplate. Thank you. regards CHE
  3. Hi Tom, It is characterised for the later production of the Meybauer's badges. We know the Meybauer's badges without maker mark and without a round catchplate on this catch. regards CHE
  4. Dear Gentlemans, We have all the evidence given. We have lots of different badges (and images) from different makers and we are able to compare them. So, who's the maker of this badge? Best regards, CHE
  5. Pay attention on the hook. It has been soldered without a base, which is characterised for the later production of this maker. regards CHE
  6. Pay attention on the flattens of the needle - it's characterised for this maker, too. And the base of the catch, which has different-sized sides. regards CHE
  7. Pay attention on the clips. On the wreath we can find a special depressions for them. The clips and depressions are characterised for this maker. regards CHE
  8. Hi Gentlemans, So, what do we have. There's an items reverse. An item hasn't been worn at all. regards CHE
  9. Hi John, Oh, if my English was as good as your Russian! Yes, you are absolutely right. This wreath was made by Paul Meybauer. The wreath hasn't been worn at all, the same is for eagle. Traditionally on the zink wreath and on the zink eagle the surfacing hasn't been saved. An eagle and a wreath have slightly different types of colours, because the surfacing was different, of course. regards CHE
  10. No, I have a generous russian soul! And I'm showing a wreath now, one day before the official publication. Any more opinions now, sir Tom? regards CHE
  11. No, it's not Zinc Deumer. regards CHE
  12. No, it's not B&N L... Please wait, I'm going to kill several collectors for one shot! Any more opinions? regards CHE P.S. I'll reveal the reverse and wreath of this badge on Sunday.
  13. Hi Tom, Thank you for your oppinion, but Deschler have never made the LW badges(known until today). Such eagle's talons is very characteristic for one of the standart LW-makers. Any more oppinions? regards CHE