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  1. BalkanCollector Very interesting historical document and medal. Thanks very much for posting this info. Regards, Gordon
  2. sftrooper86, I agree with Hunyadi but I would like to see a picture of the back of the medals so that we can have a look at what kind of device the medals were mounted on. Regards, Gordon
  3. Gordon Craig

    Help Finding Medals

    ssmcanada, Most medals issued by India were named to the recipient so it would be difficult to replace the missing ones. You could search for unnamed ones and have them named to your great grandfather. The most likely place to find replacement Indian medals is on ebay.com. Here s a link that you may find useful. https://www.ebay.com/bhp/india-medal As for the medals issued by Great Britain, you could apply to have them reissued but I can not direct you to the correct place to do that. Good luck in your hunt for these medals. Regards, Gordon
  4. Gordon Craig

    2 Orders of Hungarian Freedom

    nickstrenk, The first one pictures, silver with a straight ribbon. Translation from Hungarian; VIII. The Hungarian Order of Freedom was founded by law. This award was donated to 1953 and re-donated between November 1957 and April 1958. The early type of silver and bronze honors already implies the future dominant symbol, the five-star star. 3978 donations were made. There were those who received both the silver and bronze grades.
  5. Gordon Craig

    Hungarian Awards-period Horty

    nickstrenk, I have owned one of these for several years and i have not been able to identify it. I hope someone on the forum cam. Regards, Gordon
  6. Gordon Craig

    Opinion on "One Piece" Spain Cross w/o Swords

    Scott, This is a link to a thread on the WAF where a one piece silver cross is pictured. Regards, Gordon http://wehrmacht-awards.com/forums//showthread.php?t=211641
  7. Gordon Craig

    Small collection of Leopold

    djn, Interesting photo. What year was the book on the statutes of the Leopold Orden published in? Regards, Gordon
  8. Gordon Craig

    Polish Militari Virtuti

    Alex, Great story and pictures. Good luck in your search for the Majors picture. We should all be lucky enough to hold an important medal like this in trust for future generations. Regards, Gordon
  9. Igor,

    Re your OUTLET thread.  What are you looking for in trade for the items you post on your thread.  The stars are of particular interest to me.  Hungarian, St. Sava etc.  If we can not reach a trade deal would be willing to sell?



    1. Igor Ostapenko

      Igor Ostapenko

      Hi Gordon , 

      I need bulgarian awards from 1880-1886 yy period 

      Do you have some for exchenge ? 




    2. Gordon Craig

      Gordon Craig


      Sorry I do not collect Bulgarian awards so I do not have anything to trade in this area.




  10. hoopa, The answer to your question; no documents are given for campaign medals long service etc. Docs are only given for bravery awards. Regards, Gordon
  11. hoopa, This url will take you to the Canadian Forces site that describes the Canadian awards you are interested in. It does not mention any documents being presented with the medal. I know the designer of the medal and I'll ask him this coming week if he knows if there were any docs presented. http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/honours-history-medals-chart/medal-gcs-swa.page Regards, Gordon
  12. Gordon Craig

    Turkish Nurse Safiye Hüseyin Elbi with TWM

    demir, A great thread on an important person. I read it with increasing interest and have passed it on to a collegue who collects awards to nurses. Regards, Gordon
  13. Gordon Craig

    Purple Heart

    David, I am not aware of any regulation that would allow the award of the American Purple Heart to a member of an allied military service. For provenance of the award of the Purple Heart to your relative you would need the award certificate as proof. Or as has been said above, contact one of the many American societies online that keep records of Purple Heart awards. As for researching British Medals I suggest that you contact The British Medals Forum at http://www.britishmedalforum.com/ and ask for their assistance. Regards, Gordon
  14. Gordon Craig

    Austrian uniforms

    I concur with Trooper D and would be willing to contribute as well. Regards, Gordon
  15. Gordon Craig

    Searching for tank metal figurines

    Andre, What scale are you looking for? What country? What model of tank? Regards, Gordon