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  1. bmsm, Your welcome. Glad that I could help. Regards, Gordon
  2. Tobias, Great photos! I see that you have both types of belt. Something that has eluded me for years! Regards, Gordon
  3. I would say this cap badge would have belonged to the father. This type of cap badge would be found worn by unteroffizier/fahnrich and also on the woman's cap. Regards, Gordon
  4. Kallarati Heroik Thanks very much for posting these pictures of Albanian cases. A great addition to Eric's book. Perhaps it should be pinned too? Regards, Gordon
  5. Gentlemen, A response to this picture from a friend. "On the link below you will find this device described as a police receiver rdiotelephonic calls sent by a police station. According to the web site this picture was published in 1924 in a magazine called Das neue Universum. https://www.klaus-paffenholz.de/bos-funk/index.html?https://www.klaus-paffenholz.de/bos-funk/bos-funk.html Click on BOS-FUNK at the left of the page and scroll down. You will find a front and back view of this device. Regards, Gordon l the best,Keeshttps://www.klaus-paffenholz.de/bos-.../bos-funk.html
  6. GM1, Very interesting post. I am always looking for medal groups like those you have posted the documents for. Especially for the Korean War. Thanks very much for posting these documents. Regards, Gordon
  7. FRITZEL, It certainly looks like a radio antenna to me. I think this photo dates post WWI and these men appear to be members of a police organization from the stars on their headgear. If you could read what it says on the antenna perhaps you would have the info that you need to tell you what is going on in the picture. If it is ok with you I would like to post this on a police forum and see if the device can be iidentified. Regards, Gordon
  8. Glenn, Thanks very much. This is a ig help. I can get most of it. Some of the short forms will take some work. I don't see any listing for the bars he would be wearing on his 1870/71 medal. Any idea where I could find this info? Perhaps from the history of Infantry Regiment 68? Regards, Gordon
  9. Gentlemen, I am searching for information to add to what I already have on the subject officer. I know he enlisted in the Prussian army in 1860 and served until 1890. He fought in the Austro-Prussian war (1866/67) and in the Franco-Prussian war (1870/71). He was part of the military mission, as the Infantry, specialist, sent to the Ottoman Empire in 1882 and subsequently transferred to the Ottoman service. He was given the rank of Mushir in the Ottoman service in 1895 with the title of Pasha. He fought against the Greeks in the short war of 1897. Perhaps someone can locate in in one of the rank lists. Regards, Gordon
  10. Tobias, Thanks for your response and the additional pictures. I have numerous uniforms for the Kampfgruppe and I must try and find time to add some of my uniforms to your excellent thread. Regards, Gordon
  11. Bob, I recently found this very scholarly write up on the medal your post refers to. The author has gone to the source and seems to have resolved your question in his article. http://home.earthlink.net/~kwsm/ Regards, Gordon
  12. Tobias, Welcome to the forum. A great thread and nice to have a period photo to compare your uniform to. Are there any markings on the leather equipment? If so, would you post pictures of them please. I am assuming the canvas type mag pouch is Soviet issue? The chap in the one piece coverall is probably a member of the armoured car crew? Lots of interesting things to note in this period photo. Regards, Gordon
  13. Belgoman, Very interesting and helpful post. It leaves me with some questions though. Was there a regulation publish by Belgium making the MED COMMEMORATIVE DES OPERATIONS EXTERIEURES the official UN Korean medal for Belgium? If so, what was the date of this regulation? The reason I ask is that since there were three separate rotations of Belgian troops sent to Korea would all of them have received the UN official French version or would some of the soldiers only receive the MED COMMEMORATIVE DES OPERATIONS EXTERIEURES? I found this ribbon bar, attributed to Raphael Dael, with both medals mounted together. Lawrence H. Borts, in his book "United Nations Medals and Missions, says that the United Nations Korean Service Medal (Standard French Version) was awarded to "Belgium,Canada (French-Speaking) France and Luxembourg with the COREE bar and that 16,900 were awarded. That, considering what has been said on this thread, makes me curious as to how many of these medals would have been awarded to Belgian servicemen. Also, would please tell us something about the "Belgian United Nations Command For Korea Medal" worn on the bar pictured. Regards, Gordon
  14. A. Gustaf, Very nice display. Congratulations on saving that interesting uniform. Regards, Gordon
  15. To all, I spoke to a chap who works in the Canadian military's section on conferring awards etc. His explanation of why Canadians could not wear this medal is that it was not created by the governments of the tree countries but by the heads of their three military organizations. So in Canada it is not viewed as an official medal instituted by a country. Regards, Gordon