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  1. Jules 118, Here is a list of medals listed in the emedals auction in both Hungarian and English. Sorry that I did not have the time sooner to do this for you. I haven't done much work on my Hungarian collection since I moved back to Canada after spending three years in Budapest. Boy how my Hungarian language skills have virtually disappeared! Császár Vilmos - Hungarian medal group to a WWII Hungarian paratrooper. In Hungary his name would be written Vilmos Császár. Last names are always written first, followed by the given name, in the Hungarian language. #1 - Magyar Nagy Ezűst Vitézségi Érem - Large Silver Medal of Courage #2 - A Tűzkereszt koszorúval, kardokkal - Fire Cross with Wreath and Swords #3 - Legénységi Szolgálati Jel III. Osztálya - Oficers Long Service Cross #4 - Felvidéki Emlékérem - Upper Hungary Medal #5 - Erdélyi Emlékérem, - Transylvania Medal #6 - Délvidéki Emlékérem, - Southern Hungary Medal Reference material - KERESZT, ÉREM, CSILLAG - LIST OF AWARDS IN THE HUNGARIAN MUSEUM NAGY MAGYAR KITÜNTESTÉSKÖNYV - LARGE BOOK OF HUNGARIAN AWARDS. Regards, Gordon
  2. Finnishcollector, A most impressive collection. Thanks very much for showing it to us. Regards, Gordon
  3. von thronstahl, In my opinion this is not an authentic badge. The pictures aren't great but the construction and enamel on this badge does not match that found on originals. Here are a couple of links to authentic badges for you to compare the one you posted to. Regards, Gordon http://www.phoenixinvestmentarms.com/AC124PilotBdg.htm https://www.emedals.com/europe/austria-imperial/an-austrian-field-pilot-badge-type-ii-karl-i-1917-fullsize-and-miniature
  4. Guy and VC89, I have visited the site you recommended several times it is very useful. VC89 has answered my question about the date of the institution on the Carte du Feu and the requirements for having it issued which helps a lot. The medallion that I posted pictures of is not mine. It is one that is for sale on ebay.com. I have purchased one but it is in the mail and hasn't arrived at my home yet. VC98s comment about silver ones is also interesting. I have also seen silver ones and it would be interesting to know more about them. Thank you both for your help. Regards, Gordon
  5. Gentlemen, I have some questions about the Carte du Feu. 1-When was the Carte du Feu authorized, by whom, and when was it first issued? 2-Was the medallion issued with the Carte du Feu or was it a private purchase item? 3- There seem to be a number of copied of the Carte du Feu medallion. What is the best way to tell an original from an authentic one? Regards, Gordon
  6. Guy, Spectacular Shapska. Thanks very much for posting pictures of it Regards, Gordon
  7. ray11, Perhaps I should have been clearer. You have not seen an ODM like this before because it is not one. Possible some sort of mommento given out by a civilian organization. Regards, Gordon
  8. 922F, Thanks very much. I have ordered this book. Regards, Gordon
  9. 922F, Thanks for the suggestions. I ordered a copy of The Spirit of the Lion yesterday. I'll look for the other book today. Info on the more common ones was what I was looking for. Regards, Gordon Stuka f, It was Spirit of the Lion. Thanks for the offer but as you see I was able to order a copy from ABEbooks. Regards, Gordon
  10. Gentlemen, I need your help. I am looking for a book on Belgian medals in English. I saw one on line but was unable to buy form the site as I could not contact the site itself. Regards, Gordon
  11. Guy, An amazing General Officer's uniform. Thanks for posting pictures of it. Also, a great thread for me since I have only recently become interested in Belgian ODMs. Regards, Gordon
  12. Thanks for letting me know about the article and the offer to copy and send it to me. I appreciate that very much. I'll PM you with my mailing address. I was aware of the ZASaG but didn't put anything in this thread about it. I'd be very interested in the structure of pastoral care in the BW to day. Regards, Gordon
  13. jules118, I tried following your link but I was unable to open anything from it. Perhaps you are referring to the past sale of these medals on the emedals site? If so, these medals can be found here; https://www.emedals.com/europe/hungary/other/a-superb-ww2-hungarian-master-parachutist-s-grouping-with-awards-id-photos Regards, Gordon
  14. Fredhh123, These are all Communist era awards with the exception of a post Communist era lapel pin. The one with the Hungarian crest with the bent cross on the top. Sorry but I don't have the time to list what each award is but they are all common and inexpensive. For example, the SZTATHOVISTA (the first picture in your list of pictures) is awarded for exceeding the amount of work one was expected to do in a certain period of time. It came with a certificate. Here is a link to Collect Russia that has some Hungarian awards listed. It shows one of the awards you have pictured Excellent Worker (Kivalo Dolgozo) badge, Type 4, with original issue box and miniature badge. Late 1970s - 1980s. https://www.collectrussia.com/showcat.htm?cat=hungary Regards, Gordon
  15. ray11, The CSR indicates this artifact is from the Czech Socialist Republic. Not sure what it is but it is not an award. Certainly not rare. Whatever the seller is asking for it it is probably too much. Czechoslovakia has used this style lion in their awards for many years. Here is a link to Czech Communist era medals on the web. You can see the lion used there numerous times. https://www.google.ca/search?q=Czechoslovakian+communist+era+medals&safe=active&rlz=1C1LDJZ_enCA501CA501&espv=2&biw=1600&bih=901&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwj-_q6G5MbRAhVLwYMKHRt1Bbc4ChD8BQgGKAE The next link will take you to look at some Polish Communist era awards. Note the use of an eagle an an emblem by Poland and the state colours or red and white. https://www.google.ca/search?q=polish+communist+era+medals&safe=active&rlz=1C1LDJZ_enCA501CA501&espv=2&biw=1600&bih=901&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwicyt7v5MbRAhUF7YMKHVGXD0sQsAQIGg Regards, Gordon