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  1. Gordon Craig

    Identification needed please

    Lawrence, It is the last badge on this page I have copied below. The page is from Dia Nippon Military Antiques in Japan. Regards, Gordon Various Badges pg 4 徽章・記念章 Civil Air Defense badge with an excellent design. Inscribed 'Showa 9 [1934] July, Kinki Air Defense Maneuvers, [??] Defense Unit.' Excellent badge with a soldier standing atop a dragon, the latter probably a symbol of China. Various figures in the distance. The buildings to the north appear to be Russian. Perhaps the soldier is looking eagerly at Japan's new target. (Thanks to my friend in Russia who pointed that out to me.) Enamel Manchukuo and Japanese flags. Inscribed 'Commemorative, Showa 6/7 [1931/1932], Imperial Military Reservists Association [Yamata Village?] Branch, Shanghai & Manchuria Incidents.' The obverse has an Army star and a Manchuria Railroad Defense emblem. Inscribed 'Manchuria Independent Defense Unit Commemorative.' Ishikawa Prefecture Conquer Russia Welcoming Soldier's Association member badge pin. The paper insert tells how to wear the badge. It should be worn in the chest area by both men and women and should be worn at all official association functions. Aichi Prefecture Protect the Nation Association member badge pin. Paper sleeve with the badge design at the top Inscribed 'Imperial Year 2598 [1938], National Foundation Festival, Participation Badge.' A small badge commemorating Crown Prince Hirohito's trip to Europe in 1921. OBVERSE 'Imperial Crown Prince.' REVERSE: 'Imperial Trip to Europe Commemorative, 1921.' Samurai helmet shaped badge. A dragon is on top of the helmet, which is interesting. Inscribed 'Navy Large Maneuvers Participation Commemorative, Showa 12 [1937], National Crisis Japan.' Post-war pure silver badge. 'Kumamoto City Meritorious Person, Commendation Badge.'
  2. scottplen, I would suggest a lighter colour for the back ground. The medals seem to "fade" into the black and using a lighter colour would help to high light this nice bar. Regards, Gordon
  3. Gordon Craig


    dj-joe, Thanks for your comments. Regards, Gordon
  4. Gordon Craig


    Gentlemen, Time to add more tunics from my collection. This one is very different from my other shooting club tunics. If from the Kyffhauser veterans organization which in post war time devoted a lot of its time to shooting. Now for the last tunic in my collection.
  5. 922F, Yes I do. It was Lot 631 sold on 5 December, 2018. It is an unattributed medal bar. I was able to obtain a list of all of the staff at the German Embassy in London at the time of the coronation but no one on the list seemed to fit this bar. In an article in the OMSA Journal Vol. 34 March 1983 page 12 it says the following "In May 1937 Admiral Raeder appointed Admiral Schultze the Navy's special Representative to the coronation of King George VI of England". Admiral Schultze probably had a staff with him as well but I have not been able to find out who was on his staff for the coronation. The German Foreign office directed me to a series of books that might list who attended George the VIth coronation as part of the German contingent but I do not have any means of accessing those books at this time. I didn't bid on this bar because I had never come across a foreign bar with a British coronation medal on it before. Your thread is of real interest to me as you have this great list of foreign medals bars that include British coronation medals. I can not post a picture of this bar to this thread as DNW doesn't let me download pictures to my PC. Regards, Gordon
  6. There was a German medal bar with a Coronation medal to George the VIth sold on DNW a few months ago. I did some research on George the VIth medals to foreigners and could not find any on the roles of Coronation medals awarded. As the Naval Attache in London at this time he could have attended the Coronation and been awarded this medal. If he was awarded this medal, it should be in his records in Germany. Good luck in your search. Regards, Gordon
  7. Laurentius, The answer to your question about the China-denkmunze is yes if the medal on the bow is steel. Please see below. Regards, Gordon The China Medal is a on May 10, 1901 by Emperor Wilhelm II donated honor symbol on the occasion of the armed conflicts in East Asia between 1900 and 1901 with the participation of the German armed forces. China Medal Backside of China Memorial coin The commemorative coin is made of steel or bronze and shows on the front an eagle holding a dragon in its claws, on the reverse the imperial initial, above it the imperial crown and at the commemorative bronze the inscription The victorious combatants 1900 China 1901 ; at the steel made merit to the expedition to China . It is worn on the left chest on an orange, black-white-red-ribbed band. The China Medal in bronze was awarded to those involved in the armed conflict members of the German army and navy, to all persons not of Chinese nationality who at this time of the embassy in Beijing or at the consulate in Tien-tsin have listened and have been present as well as the nursing staff working in the hospitals and hospital ships. The China Commemorative Medal in Steel was awarded to all persons who were exceptionally active in the interests of the troops sent to East Asiaand to the crews of German ships chartered to transport troops to East Asia. It could also be awarded to members of allied troops. China commemorative coins have also been donated in Italy (1901), France (1902), England, the USA, Japan and Russia .
  8. Gordon Craig

    Austrian volunteer corps in Mexico

    Stephna, There is one for sale on emedals. Here is the link. https://www.emedals.com/mexico-ii-empire-a-merit-medal-military-division-stamped-navalon-g-ii-class-c-1865 Here is a link to a site with an explanation of these medals. https://www.royalark.net/Mexico/mexico6.htm Regards, Gordon
  9. GODISHIGH, Nice looking award. According to the luxembourg link below this is the Order of the Oak Crown. Regards, Gordon https://sip.gouvernement.lu/dam-assets/publications/brochure-livre/minist-etat/sip/brochure/Distinctions_honorifique/Distinctions_honorifiques-EN.pdf
  10. Gordon Craig


    I would like to add one more tunic to this thread. This tunic came with yet another type of medal for this type of shooting contest. The are indications on the tunic that there were many more shooting badges on it at one time. Unlike the previous tunic this one comes with a cuffband showing the club that the owner of the jacket belonged shot with. The shoulder boards are removable. Regards, Gordon
  11. Gordon Craig


    BURGERHAUS, Thanks for your comments. I can not answer your questions but perhaps spolei will. In the meantime, here are pictures of some of the different varieties of the pins/medals that can be awarded in this type of competition plus another picture of the bird involved.
  12. Gordon Craig

    Knights cross - original or fake

    I suggest that a lot more pictures would be needed to provide an informed answer to your question. But to start with, the ribbon doesn't look right to me nor does the loop that it is passed through. Regards, Gordon
  13. Gordon Craig

    Ottoman Order of Osmanieh

    GODISHIGH, This could be a reasonable price for this award considering the enamel damage and the replacement ribbon. You will only be able to assess the amount of enamel damage once you have it in hand. From the photos, I see at least the points of three stars on the obverse that have enamel damage and at least one on the reverse with enamel damage. Regards, Gordon
  14. Gordon Craig


    Gentlemen, Several years ago I started conversing with a chap in Europe re these types of badges. He told me that he had access to what he called a "rag mill" where discarded clothing was ground up for recycling purposes. He was able to have the badges removed from the tunics before they were destroyed. I asked him if he could get me some tunics, complete with badges, from the rag mill and he was able to do that. Here is one of the tunics that I now have in my collection.
  15. Gordon Craig

    Polish Montecassino set

    ilclifton, Nice pictures of these things shown together. Thanks for posting them. Regards, Gordon