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  1. Dom, Royal Marine groups usually command a higher price than Navy groups. I would say 250 pounds would be an average price depending upon condition.
  2. Where is Chris?  Did that Boer Turd Leave:

  3. Gentlemen, Here are the pictures from the zipfile. Paul, I don't see the shadow you are referring to. Perhaps you could tell me which of the photos have the shadow you are referring to. Regards, Gordon
  4. Schwerpunkt, Ludwig Baer mentions TENO helmets in the English, single volume of his three volume helmet series in German. On pages 330 and 331 he talks a bout ""a special protective helmet made of improved steel (Edelstahl)), which was also known by the name of "Thale Steel" (Thalestahl) after the city of manufacture". There are no TENO decals on any of the helmets pictures on these pages. He also mentions that these special helmets were worn by other organizations "rural police, field police, SS/SD, TENO, Army, Luftschutz". On page 332 Baer shows a picture of a light weight helmet with TENO decals. I had a quick look through Baer's three volume German helmet books and couldn't find anything on TENO helmets but perhaps I missed. I am leaving shortly for a flight to Florida so I didn'r have time to go through Baer's books with a fine toothed comb. Regards, Gordon
  5. Interesting badges. New to me but very interesting. Thanks for posting these images. Regards, Gordon
  6. Gordon Craig

    Order of the Black Star of Benin

    Richard S. You may have already seen these articles but here is what I have found on the internet. A very nice award by the way. Please post a picture of the reverse of the award. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Order_of_the_Black_Star http://www.liverpoolmedals.com/Order-of-the-Black-Star-of-Benin-Grand-Cross-neck-badge-and....html https://www.emedals.com/europe/france/french-colonial/order-of-the-black-star http://www.emering.com/medals/french/benin.html Reards, Gordon
  7. UNR1917 Thanks very much for the information on this badge. So being warded on these different dates would indicate they were awarded to commemorate the passing of time? Regards, Gordon
  8. UNR1917, Would you tell us something about this badge please. Regards, Gordon
  9. Gordon Craig

    Socialist Yugoslavia Documented Groups

    Daffy Duck, Nice set of awards. The ID tag says that he was a prisoner of war in Oflag XIII B. Here is a wiki link to some info on the camp. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oflag_XIII-B Regards, Gordon
  10. 300te, It is very possible that you have seen this info before but I will post it anyway. Regards, Gordon https://uboat.net/allies/merchants/ship/2485.html and a thread from the GMIC that includes information on one of the crew men of U508 when she was sunk. info on U508 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_submarine_U-508 AND ON TYPE IX boats. https://uboat.net/types/ixc.htm Regards, Gordon
  11. Gentlemen, If you wish to review the GMIC rules regarding the posting of text or pictures in relation to copyright please refer to Guidelines, section 2.4. While 2.4 does not implicitly rule out the use of copyright material it does provide "guidelines" for doing so. Regards, Gordon
  12. Gentlemen, These two artifacts came to me together but that doesn't mean belong this way. I'd like your comments on authenticity. The IWM site has identified the badge as being worn by the Polish First Grenadier Division in the Polish Army in France. What confuses me is that the badge was made by Kirwood and Son in Ediburgh. The second artifact is marked to Oflag.XVII.A and numbered 16078. I'd like to know if there is any way of matching the number to the name of the holder of this dog tag. Regards, Gordon
  13. Gordon Craig

    Where are all the Indian medal dealers on Ebay?

    Duncan, I bought a lot of 25 medals from India earlier this year through ebay.com but I have not seen this dealer advertise since. Perhaps if you ask your question on SAGONGS you might bet a better answer. Regards, Gordon
  14. Gentlemen, Thanks for these additional suggestions. I have had a friend check the medal roles for the George VI Commemoration and there were no awards to foreigners listed. This answers my question and the original reason for posting the request. As usual,I learned a lot from my research. My thanks again to all who participated in this thread. Regards, Gordon
  15. Deelibob, Thanks for this interesting thread. Too bad that you were not able to add the GSM to the sports medal. Regards, Gordon