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  1. Gentlemen, These two artifacts came to me together but that doesn't mean belong this way. I'd like your comments on authenticity. The IWM site has identified the badge as being worn by the Polish First Grenadier Division in the Polish Army in France. What confuses me is that the badge was made by Kirwood and Son in Ediburgh. The second artifact is marked to Oflag.XVII.A and numbered 16078. I'd like to know if there is any way of matching the number to the name of the holder of this dog tag. Regards, Gordon
  2. Gordon Craig

    Where are all the Indian medal dealers on Ebay?

    Duncan, I bought a lot of 25 medals from India earlier this year through ebay.com but I have not seen this dealer advertise since. Perhaps if you ask your question on SAGONGS you might bet a better answer. Regards, Gordon
  3. Gentlemen, Thanks for these additional suggestions. I have had a friend check the medal roles for the George VI Commemoration and there were no awards to foreigners listed. This answers my question and the original reason for posting the request. As usual,I learned a lot from my research. My thanks again to all who participated in this thread. Regards, Gordon
  4. Gentlemen, Does any have a list, or know where I can acquire on, of German diplomats assigned to their Embassy in London, England in 1937? Regards, Gordon
  5. Deelibob, Thanks for this interesting thread. Too bad that you were not able to add the GSM to the sports medal. Regards, Gordon
  6. GreyC, Your suggestion has proved to be the answer to my request. I received an email this morning from German Foreign Ministry with the information that I was seeking. Thanks again for your assistance. Regards, Gordon
  7. Gentlemen, From my research there appears to be three different models of this award. One without the crown; one with the crown; and one with swords and the crown. The one with the swords and the crown would indicate the military side of this award. But why have two different civil awards? Who would have been awarded the one without the crown and the one with the crown? Please ignore the ribbons. These are just illustrations from the web to illustrate my point. Regards, Gordon
  8. Gordon Craig

    Romanian Loyal Service Medal

    Carol 1, Thanks again. Any information is useful especially that on Romanian medals. Not a lot of information available on Romanian medals etc. on the net. Regards, Gordon
  9. Gentlemen, Thank you for your suggestions. I will certainly follow up on the leads you have provided. Regards, Gordon
  10. Gordon Craig

    Romanian Loyal Service Medal

    Carol 1, Thanks for your quick response and helping with my confusion. Regards, Gordon
  11. Only a guess on my part but I would say yes. Thanks for posting pictures of the pin and cap badge. I have the cap badge but I haven't seen the small pin before. It's unfortunate that neither one is maker marked. Regards, Gordon
  12. Gordon Craig

    Cased Turkish War Medal sold by EMEDALS

    Gentlemen, Some of you may have seen the auction for this cased TWM on EMEDALS. As much as I would like to have a cased TWM in my collection I just could not bring myself to pay the asking price. It sold for for US$670.00 plus commission and shipping. Regards, Gordon
  13. Gordon Craig

    Cased Turkish War Medal sold by EMEDALS

    avsaribar, Thanks for that info. Very useful knowledge. Now I am really glad that I did not bid on this piece and the box. I already have a Bbco piece and I paid a lot less for it. Thanks again for the heads up on these boxes. Regards, Gordon
  14. Gordon Craig

    Pakistani 8 meadal bar

    Larry, And I hope that you don't mind me calling that. Interesting bar and comments from SA Gongs. The SA Gongs comments are somewhat confusing. They site the absence of the 65 and 71 wars when they are clearly on the bar. The absence of the Republic medal is curious though. As for the absence of the year Long Service, do the regulations call for them both to be worn at the same time? Or is the fact that you have the 20 sufficient and the wearing of the 10 year Long Service is not necessary? I lived in India for two years and the absence of a medal on a medal bar does not really surprise me. If you try to put western thought in India that really won't work. Two entirely different worlds. I'd also like to draw your attention to page 32 of the Medals Catalogue of Pakistan. Specifically the 65 and 71 war medals. Someone has mixed up the pictures of the two medals and if you try to use that as a guide you would be totally confused. Anyway, thanks for your thread. It helped me learn a few things. Regards, Gordon
  15. Gordon Craig

    Help identifying an item please

    Chris, Your welcome. A big part of collecting is sharing knowledge with others. I'm glad that the GMIC community could help. Regards, Gordon
  16. Gordon Craig

    Help identifying an item please

    Christopher550, So you want to do your own comparison? Well here goes. Here is a link to a web site that compares original and fake/repro Third Reich daggers. https://www.realorrepro.com/article/German-Army-Dress-Daggers . As a long time collector of German military artifacts, I have seen countless articles supposedly brought back from the war by returning servicemen, and sometimes by German vets themselves, that are not authentic. I can assure you, as others have in this thread, that the dagger you have posted pictures of was not made during the period of time covered by the Third Reich. In addition, the handle on the original daggers is not likely to have been made of ivory. Regards, Gordon
  17. Gordon Craig

    Help identifying an item please

    Christopher550, I agree with J Temple-West's comment. The dagger in the pictures that you posted does not look authentic to me. Here is a link to Wittman's site, a well known dagger collector, that shows what an authentic WWII Luftwaffe dagger should look like. http://www.wwiidaggers.com/41282.htm Regards, Gordon
  18. Gefreiter, Yes RAD had black backing to their SBs. Regards, Gordon
  19. Gordon Craig

    Bismarckbund - Erinnerungsmedaille

    Gentlemen, Here is a translation of a piece that I found on line. Regards, Gordon Bismarck Memorial Medal. 1 They were awarded medals and certificates. Because they had made the renovation of the Bismarck column on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the city of Bad Berleburg, four members of the Transport and Home Association, the Bismarck Memorial Medal was awarded. In the name of Prince Ferdinand von Bismarck presented the Hessian State Representative The Bismarck Federation, Norbert Becker and Felix Nawrotzki, in a small ceremony, the medal in bronze to the 1st Chairman Heiner Trapp and to the CEO Georg Bald. Honorary Chairman Günther Hirschhäuser and project manager Bernd Brömmeling received the Bismarck Memorial Medal in silver. Norbert Becker from Alsfeld and Felix Nawrotzki from Hatzfeld expressed their sincerest gratitude to the honorees and praised their commitment. Honorary Chairman Hirschhäuser emphasized that the appreciation must also belong to all sponsors , without which the renovation would not have been possible. "I carry the medal for the financiers," he explained. The photo shows the honored ones from the left, Bernd Brömmeling, from the Bismarck Federation Felix Nawrotzki, Heiner Trapp, Norbert Becker from the Bismarck Federation, Georg Bald and Günther Hirschhäuser after the presentation of the certificates and the medal.
  20. Gentlemen, For ease of viewing lets turn the display the correct way up. Regards, Gordon
  21. Ladies and Gentlemen, A question on the Cross of Charity. My reference material says that this award was instituted "on 7 (19) June 1913 and was bestowed upon men and women, Serbian or Foreign, for having alleviated the suffering of the sick and wounded during and after the the conclusion of the First and Second Balkan Wars." It then goes on to illustrate the 1912 and the 1913 dated crosses and to describe the physical differences of the two crosses. It does not mention why there are two different Crosses of Charity. Does anyone know why there were two different Crosses of Charity? Regards, Gordon
  22. Gordon Craig

    French Medal of Honor of Labour

    Gentlemen, Since all of the medals posted are post 1948 I though I would add my silver award to A. CAPART 1911. Regards, Gordon
  23. Gordon Craig

    Serbian Cross of Charity

    Farcas, Thanks for your suggestion but I agree with Drugo. The only difference, as far as I am aware, between the award to men and women is the form of ribbon mounting. The women were usually awarded the medal with a ribbon in a bow shape as pictured below. But not always. Please see the other pictures below. The picture of the nurse awarded the Cross of Charity with the tri-fold ribbon comes from a recent ebay auction. There are far more 1912 dated medals than there are of 1913. Regards, Gordon
  24. Gordon Craig

    Post-1947 Indian Groups

    Deben, First a question. How do you know this group is missing a Sangram medal? If you have some provenance that Sep. Sukhdev Singh was awarded it, I would suggest that you mount the medals that you have and display it with an unnamed Sangram medal. Other wise just mount what you have and display it that way. My two cents worth. Regards, Gordon
  25. WURTTEMBERG. Medal of Recognition of the King Karl Jubilee Foundation, silver, 1st version (WÜRTTEMBERG. Annerkennungs-Medaille der König-Karl-Jubiläums-Stiftung, Silber, 1. Form) 1893-1921 [DE340] Quantity Available: 0 Click to enlarge Circular silver medal with loop for ribbon suspension; the face with the head of King Wilhelm II facing right, circumscribed ‘WILHELM II KOENIG VON WUERTTEMBERG, signed ‘K SCHWENZER’ (for Karl Schwenzer of Stuttgart); the reverse inscribed ‘FÜR LANGJÄHRIGE TREUE DIENST’ (For long and faithful service), circumscribed ‘KOENIG-KARL-JUBILAEUMS-STIFTUNG’ (King Karl’s Jubilee Foundation) above a wreath of oak; on original ribbon mounted for wear, with bronze rectangular buckle, an oval escutcheon centrally with the crowned cipher of King Wilhelm II. The Jubilee Foundation was created in 1891 on the occasion of the silver jubilee of King Karl with an endowment of 528,000 marks under the management of the Interior Ministry to improve the welfare of the rural needy and to support new small businesses and home industries. Two years later, in 1893, the medal was instituted to recognise long and faithful service in such enterprises. It is quite rare. A very good example. Gentlemen, What can you tell me about this award? The text and pictures above, of the first type medal, is from a web site selling this particular medal. I am dealing with another chap for the second issue of this medal that is different in numerous aspects. Different suspension, reverse etc. The second issue was apparently awarded from 1922 until 1934? Before I complete the deal for the cased second issue I'd like to gather some more accurate information on this award. Thanks in advance for your participation. Regards, Gordon