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  1. This is a great reference guide and well done!
  2. Memory is intact Gary. That was a great bar. I’ll post more from the past this week.
  3. That cute little bugger beansprouted into a very tall , strange sense of humor, hard to describe individual LOL. He is residing in Germany at the moment but spends summers with me. thank you for remembering and asking! I am very proud of him. He is almost up to my chin at 9. We might have a future NBA player. So many familiar names on this forum . Iam glad to be here!
  4. Was a typo from over a decade ago lol. I see yours is marked Carl Poellath. even the 25s are a tough find. Robert? If I remember correctly?
  5. Unfortunately not cased, long time no see Don. It’s münster from WAF.
  6. That bar looks familiar Gary. Not persay a bar.Parade mounts without pins from same recipient.
  7. Monster

    Juncker DKiG opinions

    Hi All Thankyou for the time and interest. Cheers Dion
  8. Monster

    Juncker DKiG opinions

    Best I can do at the moment No scale at the moment either.Feels a tad bit heavier then a light weight zimmerman,,a smidgeon.