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  1. In Guernsey - during November 1917 A complete bugle platoon of 16 Boy Buglers were recruited and enlisted into the 2nd (Home) Battalion, Royal Guernsey Light Infantry, during November 1917, they were enlisted under “Special Conditions” That is to say for home service and not service at the Front. They were recruited as per army regulation between the ages of 14 – 18 years of age. The file can be found on our website on the link at the bottom right. http://www.greatwarci.net/army/guernsey/rgli/pdf/boy-buglers-2rgli.pdf http://www.greatwarci.net/army/guernsey/rgli/index.htm Does anybody have the specific Army regulation for this Special Enlistment for boys 14 - 18 years of age to be boy buglers. Mark. boy-buglers-2rgli.pdf
  2. 89167 Gunner Bert Strapini was in 3 Coy, 1st Contingent of the 9th Div. Ammo Coy when he left Guernsey, on his recovery presumably after being wounded 21st June 1916? he was sent to D/175 Brigade. The Guernsey Weekly Press will have grainy photos of the men in the Contingent at the Priaulx Library, Candie Gardens Guernsey. From our website:- http://www.greatwarci.net/honour/guernsey/database/strappini-b-bonjean.htm If you have any details or photos you wish to add to our website please let me know. Mark 1RGLI