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  1. In WW1 Schörner was a war hero. In WW2 he mutated to a war criminal. After the war he was arrested many years.
  2. Thanks a lot. I will try to make a better detail pic. I think it is a Regimentsmedaille, too. But i have never seen that piece hanging on a bar.
  3. Hi again! I got this pic showing 2 bavarian frontfighters. The guy on the right Unteroffzier seems to be from a FLAK bataillon, because he´s wearing a Regimentsmedaille after his MVK3X (seem he got it as a EM) I`ve never seem this Regimentsmedaille. It shows some soldiers with a cannon attacking a airplane. Does anybody know more about that medal? Thanks. The pic (card) is ungelaufen. It was taken in Weissenburg (Franken) zähringer.tif
  4. Dohmen sounds like Rhineland - Düsseldorf could be possible
  5. I agree. Of course it could be the a MVO - but i cannot see the typical 2 little holes for the device. Reactivated ---> his later service in WW2 Reichswehr = 100.000 Mann Truppe most of the Berufssoldaten/Offiziere wurden entlassen und später um 1936 bei Wiedereinführung der Wehrpflicht wieder reaktiviert.
  6. -reactivated veteran. -Württemberger -No Auflage on the ribbon on the württemberg MMM - so it should be the silver grade. -seems like an NCO who was promoted to Lt./1st Lt in the meantime of war. - in this rank he earned the Friedrich order knight2 X may be the bavarian MVO4X/ austrian MMC with war decoration. later he was reactivated - i think he finished war as a captain or major in the etappe (because of the war merit cross 2nd class X and clasp to the IC2) In my opinion no real chance to ID that guy. May be he served at the italian front (Alpenkorps).
  7. I was not 100 % sure about the combination, so i did not place a bid - and i do not like Sedlatzek pieces so much. The FAM is i.m.o. a piece on a peacetime ribbon. Ask the user hündchen. He knows a lot of about saxon decorations.
  8. imo not sure to id - but a good Vorschlag. imo the bar was made in the late 1930s.
  9. I need bigger pics of the the medal bar and of the TWM.
  10. Any chance to id. the marker of the clasp? Stefan, are your here? Now i got a book about him. He crashed two times (1917/18) with his airplane and was 30 % war disabled. (i think he got the WB black for it) He finished WW2 as a Major and was never a member of the NSDAP. He also got the war aid cross 1st class 1943 and i think for his service at the FLAK (Hamburg was bombed several times) the clasp to the IC 2nd class. He wrote that he had a bottle of whiskey with Udet - and so they became a good friendmanship till Udet died in the 1940s. In March 1918 he was promoted to commander of Jasta 37