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  1. i have had contact with him ~ 1 hour ago. He will contact you...........................
  2. His email adress is (in my case) working. I had a few contacts with him.
  3. not always a update to the shown dates - i.m.o. why feel nervous Alan? i had contact to him a few days ago. he is still alive.
  4. Nice bar - i hope you don`t sell it - and i would not post your real name everywhere in the net. Gruß Joe
  5. Nice piece. The frame and the inlet are looking old (or "old styled") - very nice (i don´t like old things hanging in modern frames) What do we know? -WW1: Lt. or Olt. or may be Hauptmann After 1918; Probably a Reichwehr guy. In around 1936: He served as a reactivated veteran in the Luftwaffe. In 1938: March over the border to Sudetenland (occupation tchechoslovakia) In 1939 or later: Not serving on the front, again (i guess) - only home front may be in a staff - no clasp to the IC2 1914, Ostmedaille.... - the KVK2X was also given to persons who served on the homefront (may be he got the swords for merit in cause of a bombing attack or something in that way) The bar was made in this time. i think in this time he served as a Hauptmann or Major or Oberstleutnant. (Stabsoffizier)
  6. The first pic is too bad to say something about the decorations.
  7. I don`t think, that this one is ready to ID. May be a Godet one and of a navy guy.
  8. si vis pacem - para bellum. 😁 Nicest pistol ever.
  9. I would say it is a WS - Wagner & Sohn piece.
  10. It`s not only a good work - it is fantastic. I thank you for the 1000 hours of work with all the data you have. Move on, Dave and never stop .
  11. Sometime you can find the Grubenehrenzeichen on a bar. But i have only seen a few. I don`t collect 3rd R. - but your bar looks very nice and original.
  12. ixhs

    EK2 1914 - maker We?

    Yes, i could be Werner, but this info is not 100 % sure.