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  1. There is no chance to ID that guy without a name. The 1st red cross medal is wrong. You need to chance it in a 2nd class (with red enamel) The König Ludwig cross was a mass decoration. What we know is, that this decorated person was a prussian - may be a medic. The bar was made in the mid 1930s.
  2. I don`t collect SE`s but nice pics out there.
  3. Bayern: You have a big knowledge about the German Army. Did you study German history ? I have a pic with a marine guy from Siam. It was a prince who was sent to Germany for military education.
  4. Ich drück Dir die Daumen. I found my great grandfather last year - 103 years after the war began. I have searched over 1 year to find him. I ony knew, that he was a medic and later he served as an Chauffeur for a Feldpfarrer on the western front. Late in the night, i found his data. Ich fror und freute mich zugleich. Danach dachte ich: Urgroßvater ich habe Dich gefunden. In the late 1930s he died in cause of Malaria.
  5. Hi thanks. He is a german officer in türkischen Diensten. Dort erhielt er i.d.R. eine Rang höher. Also z.B. preussischer Major = osmanischer Oberstleutnant. The photo studio is PHoto Baum Dresden He did not write his name.- the card was written to a Hauptmann a.D. Baum in Chemnitz in 1923
  6. Very nice bars out there. Unfortunately i do not have a real saxon medal bar.
  7. i don`t think, that the No. 18 is a Japanese one.
  8. Who is it? In my opinion a saxon Major or Lt. Col. - the photo was taken in Dresden. He wears the -Militär St. Heinrich Ritter (Mil. St. Henry knight) -Verdienstorden (merit order) -Albrecht Ritter 1 mit X (Albrecht 1 with X) - IC 2nd class - MVO 4 (X) mit Krone (bav. MMO 4 (X) with Crown) -Braunschweig Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse am Kämpferband (Brunswick war merit cross 2nd class for comb.) - IC 1st class an wound badge silver grade Thanks for helping again. (the pic is from my collection)
  9. ixhs

    Turkish Nurse Safiye Hüseyin Elbi with TWM

    The 1st shown pic - is it from a book - or is it a period postcard of her?
  10. Ragg, Hermann (later Werkmeister) geb. 9.1.1896 wohnhaft: Tuttlingen, Liptingerstr. 94 GMVM als Uffz. R.I.R. 120 12.1.1917 Trumpp and Jakob: No members of the OGM.