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    Would like to sell this nice and rare single parade mounted medalbar with an IC 2nd class on non-combatant ribbon. The bar & cross have a good condition - see pics. I cannot ID the marker of the cross - but i think it is a war piece and it has a nice patina on it. The ribbon has a darker white and a dark back wool under the ribbon the bar has the typical white wadding. I`ve made the pic in the evening. I have 3 of those non combatant single mounted bars - so that´s the reason, why i offer one of it. Shipping as reg. letter / little package: 6,00 EUR I would prefer paying with bank transfer if you are a E.U. citizen (with currency EURO)


  2. An Oldenburg collecter said to me, that the non magnetic pieces were made pre war 1920/30... The bar is imo a good original piece.
  3. Another pic (press photo) i got (i do collect pics with IC on it) British war fighters in Berlin are saluting the fallen heros of WW1. Could it be, that the shown guys were members of the B.U.F. ??? I did not know, that british war fighters moved to Berlin in the 1930s. zähringer6.tif
  4. A few years ago i got a large photo konvolut of a IR 124 (Wuertt.) war fighter and Sarge. Today i tried to organize some pics of the konvolut. Only one of the cards / photos was written - i think it was a scottish soldier and in 1914 to his relatives. (see pic) Now my question: Is it possible to ID the captured troops? (Regiment) I think they were captured in 1917 at Riencourt (France). In this time my Sarge was decorated with his golden bravery medal. Thank you for your help. zähringer 7.tif zähringer 8.tif zähringer 9.tif zähringer10.tif zähringer11.tif zähringer14.tif zähringer 13.tif zähringer12.tif zähringer16.tif
  5. I like the bar. Some kind of unusual combination - made in the 1930/40. May be a Blockwart in the NSDAP or another party member. The Vor dem Feinde clasp magnetic or not? The Oldenburger (= northern Germany) often shows -imo- a Navy or Luftwaffe guy.
  6. ... sorry....... my brain... i`ve seen this 1914 bar a long time ago by you. ☹️
  7. Yes - yesterday, i drove around in the corners of the net and found it. I m going to get crazy. I`ve never seen a RAO3 with crown and Schleife
  8. 😀 In my opinion the ultimative best imperial non combatant flag ship of 2018 with 13 decorations: https://www.zeige.com/auktionskatalog/Ordensspangen-und-Nachlaesse-Konvolute--4100.html I`d like to have the cash for buying it... 😥
  9. Nice pics - are there some good books about uniforms and insignia out there ?
  10. Unfortunately i cannot help you with his name. But i think this foto seems like a veteran`s meeting. # 2 has a really gigantic medal bar!
  11. THANK YOU. Damn - now i have to begin again... but i always learn more and more.. - there are some more IR120 recipients of the GMVM. I am very happy, that the most of the Stuttgart Archive military material survived the last war. Imo. he only could served in the IR120 or UR20 because in his Nachlass there were some shoulder boards of it. (all a Leutnant`s rank) For the UR20 i only had two plausible recipients: von Raßler and Klee Gobert. - Klee Gobert`s bar stays in my collection. He did not get the FOIIX I found some more informations about Schultz in the WAF : http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/forums/showthread.php?t=869362
  12. unbelieveable. Thanks again. On the painted pic it seems that he´s wearing the ribbons to the IC2nd class and the wuertt. golden bravery medal - on the right you can see the EK1. So i think he`s no recipient for my bar. In most times Subalternoffiziere got the FOIIX bevor/with the golden bravery medal. So it seems, that my guy was an 120er. Are there any informations about Schultz, Bazing and Planck if they got the FOIIX ? Thats the bar i would like to ID. - The wearer must have been a Subalternoffizier. I know that, UR 20 and IR 120 both fought at Ypern. Especially i like the Yperncross with that combat clasp on it. Only ~ 1600 Subalternoffiziere were awarded with the golden medal. Imo. the FOIIX is an early piece which was made in 1914 - latest till the mid of 1916. The bar is a typical version of the 1920s (version of the IC and because of Yperncross/Kyffhäuser) The position of the golden bravery medal is correct - it had an higher rank as the FOIIX. You should move to Germany and serve as an Archivrat (Beamter im höheren Archivdienst) 👍
  13. Hi the most rolls are online. I checked them. Was a lot of work. But i cannot find Raßler in the UR 20 - i only found him in the 1914 RL. but without a decoration. I need to know if he got the Friedrich II with X
  14. Top ! Thank you. Yes, the eagle is missing. i did not notice that.
  15. Hi I got some new photos and that´s one of them. What´s the rank of that guy? Fähnrich (Offiziersanwärter)? Why does he have 3 stripes ? I can read a number 5 or a S - is it his regiment? Thanks. zähringer5.tif