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  1. A very good page. I like it and it helped me a few times to ID some kind of uniforms and other things.ūüĎć If you want, you can add the pic of my shown Freikorps guy to your page. In this time it has been in my collection. I sold it later, because i am not a Freikorps collector`s guy.
  2. http://antique-photos.com/en/awardsdatabase/weimarawards.html
  3. Could it be an early Reichswehr uniform? He definitely wears the IC & Anhalt Friedrichskreuz for combatants. The two stripes = Infanterie Lehrregiment (?) Freiwillige, are you the guy of that cool photo hp. with all those uniform pics?
  4. Yes, it seems so! Thanks for your help, Uwe
  5. Wooow. Thats cool. Seems that we have him. He¬īs also on Wikipedia.ūüĎć
  6. Bars with Sicherheitsdienstauszeichung are definitely rare. I am still looking for one with IC non combatant. Nice pic - i like those nurse pics. They are definitely not so easy to find. A little mystery: Who am I ? Which ribbon do I wear? I know decorations (turkish war medal... ) which does have those Kleeblatt mark with J H W in it.
  7. Hi to all! Here we have a pic of a 1914/18 veteran. He wears a NS-badge with swastika to his non combatant bar. Does anybody know which kind of badge it is? THANKS. zähringer 30.tif
  8. Hi to all photo freaks: Here i show you one of my photos. It was taken in Belgium in 1915. The guys had a group breakfirst (so i can read it on the backside) - the guy in the middle is a Geheimrat with a IC non combatant in his buttonhole. (1915 is really early for that ribbon!) I cannot read his name. who can help? Thanks. zähringer 37.tif
  9. I am not the biggest fan of ribbon bars - but ccj you have definitely some very nice ones in your collection. Can i have a good pic of the w√ľrttemberg ones?
  10. Hi again, Here i have a new pic for my collection. The photo was taken in Dresden /Saxony in 1921. The guy wears a ribbon bar with -i mean- Friedrich August medal saxony, prussian IC, and saxon general honour badge. Also the IC 1st class. Is it a Reichswehr guy or a early saxon policeofficer? Thanks for help. zähringer 20.tif
  11. There arealso a lot of HOH X freak pics in the Landesarchiv Stuttgart "M 707 or M 708" Mostly reactivated veterans of WW1
  12. Yes, the Bathildis medal is really not often seen on medal bars. Sometimes you can find NC bars with Oldenburg FAK on combatant ribbon (means mixed bars) - or on non-combatant ribbon. I have both of them.
  13. Here i have another card. It was taken in Sausheim /Elsaß (Alsace; today France) in 1917. I think the guys are musicians. But why the do not wear those Schwalbennester? The guy in the middle wears a very large medal bar. Is it possible to ID him / the unit? Under his medal bar he is wearing the IC. I think pos. 1 is a bavarian MMC without X. The 2nd guy on the left seems to be a bavarian official. He wears the ribbon to the MMC for war merit ("Beamtenband") Thanks for watching. zähringer 21.tif