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  1. Da hawwa ma drei badische schoof und des annere sin bad`sche hängekadoffl.
  2. 2 new photos i got. 1.) written in winter 1917/18 in Mitau, he signed with Julius. I think on the front it is hin unreadable name. He wears the IC 1st class and the Lippe-Detmold Kriegsehrenkreuz für heldenmütige Tat (ca. 740 awards) 2.) A nice new non combatant grandpa. Written on 30.12.1925 - on the back "Albin Zimmermann Oberleutnant d. Landwehr.... (?) Landsturm infanterieersatzbtl. Saargemünd XXI./6. Magdeburg (seems that he was born 31.10.1857) One more for my 1914 non combatant pic collection
  3. https://www.google.de/search?q=frackspange+friedrichsorden&client=firefox-b-ab&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjfyLzY5dnUAhUDvRoKHf3yBOcQ_AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=604#imgrc=7J06v7zlOJRTUM: What about that guy. (Claudio) Seems that we have him.... IN the end of 1915 he was Leutnant or Oberleutnant, because of that type of FOIIX The Albrecht I is unusual for that bar. I think in the end of war he was captain or major (RAO4) or marine guy./official
  4. Not a Zähringer Löwe, on the last position imo a order of the osmanie, i think 3rd or 4th class
  5. i got the possible name of the Wuerttemberg Hauptmann - Thanks Any ideas about the other 2 persons. May be the name of the RIR 219 Major could be Falke??
  6. I got a few new pics/Postcards - here are three of them: Does somebody know their names or which decorations they got? -Württemberg Hauptmann i think RIR 120 (Schulterklappen) with IC2, WMMO, bav. MMO 4 with X -Major Vatke (Ratke, Datke?) RIR 219 II. Bat. (datet 1916, Russia) -unknown Major i think IR 202 (Schulterklappen) with IC, on the back "our Major". I think he was a veteran of 1870. What is his name? Did he get more decorations?
  7. This is a standard combination and not to identify.
  8. Thanks Paul for watching. Yes a nice piece. I haven `t had a piece with an austrian RKM on it
  9. One year ago - some other things came in and a few went out. This is the last one i got. I like the bar especially the austrian one on it. Unfortunately no name. May be some kind of medic or higher official.
  10. Piobtl 13 Württemberg Ulm Ganz klar. I think its a silvered bravery medal.
  11. ixhs

    imperial lot


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    For Sale - good price: good condition and original 4 x button hole ribbons -IC / Hindy -IC/Hindy -IC/Hindy/LSC -IC/Hindy/LSC/bulgarian and austrian war memorial medal - 1 x pin IC/Hindy/wound badge black - 1 x pin only wound badge black or gold? Price: 40,99 EUR Shipping as registered letter worldwide included PP add 4 %


  12. ixhs

    Uncommon EKI.

    Des Schdurgardr Deng daugt nex. Good piece made in Benztown.

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    A big photo (A5 size) of an kuk official (Militärbeamter) with the austrian golden merit cross with crown bavarian mmc. 2nd class with X and crown on rare military officials ribbon ribbon to the prussian ic. datet 1916 on the back price: 26,00 EUR shipping standard letter incl.



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    Selling this 1st day letter stamped on 1st June of 1941. The letter was sent to Wilhelm Harun El Rashid Bey - Hintersatz (in WW1 ottoman Colonel - Kaiserlich osmanischer Oberst a.D.) Berlin-Lankwitz 1944 reactived and Kdr. of the Osttürkischen Waffenverband of the Waffen SS as a SS-Standartenführer He was a personal friend of the Großmufti of Ierusalem. Shipping worldwide with standard letter



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    Nice and original book of Hanns von Zobeltitz. A book with many photographs and information about the Eiserne Kreuz 1870 and 1914 (written in German) Good pics about they made the IC in Gleiwitz, pics of recipients and.... Good condition. The book belonged to a Stabsarzt who got the IC in January 1915 (Widmung) on the 1st side of the book Price: 23,00 EUR shipping with normal Großbrief international worldwide Paypal add 3 %



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    2 original and good conditioned SMMM of Wuerttemberg + ribbon bow with hook (taken from a damaged medal bar) + original ribbon for the MMO. Price: 46,00 EUR shipping as registered letter included Paypal: add 3%


  17. ixhs

    Turkish Liyakat medal

    Interesting. How was his name? I seems that the medal was made of unedles Metall because it has the * mark.
  18. Got this nice photo - i bought it because of the 1870s veteran - he wears the cross with 25 oaks on it. I like reactivated veterans. unfortunately you cannot see the rest of his decorations. They have red cross armbands with a eagle stamp (stempel) on it. Is that the Vaterländerischer Hilfsdienst? The photo was shot in Berlin (R Sennecke Internationaler Illustrations- Verlag) The medic on the left wears a 2 place medal bar with clasp on it. But which decoration could it be? Sorry i couldn`t scan it better. ....
  19. Thanks Jim, and thank you for your help. The GMMM is a 333 marked one. The silesian eagle is the official version made of blackened iron. One of the hooks of the WH Spange is missing; the rest is OK