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  1. I know why. Try to find the treasure... It`s one of the medals...
  2. - The IC seems to be a 30 years non magnetic one. - The MVK is a private purchased one.
  3. I think you won`t find him. We know the bar a long time.... Some of my friends tried it a few years ago.
  4. I could trade this nice one with a collector`s friend. There are not many non comb. bars of an reactivated 1866 veteran with RAO4 "50" and EK2 out there.
  5. Hi ! I am creating a homepage about the iron cross on non combatant ribbon. (www.non-combatants.com) I have many nice bars in the "Galerie" (means gallery) section. Some are of my own collection, the other ones are from friends collections. Are there some to ID ? It would be great to know some more about the recipients. 2 are ID`d : One is from Oberwachtmeister Franz Efferz, Hannover (the one with the Kreuz des Allgemeines Ehrenzeichens, the other one is from an un-named Oberintendanturrat who lived in Berlin - it´s the one with the 2 long service medals WH. The 1st shown one is from Unterzahlmeister Hein. (with china medal) Thanks a lot ! Joe.
  6. http://woeschler-orden.de/bayern-landwirtschaftliche-jubil-umsmedaille-bronze-1910-1er-ordensschnalle --> The declaration about the recipients of the medal. (Hessenthal / Schreiber)
  7. Here are the last 2 in which i think they are possibly identificable. The frackspange is a veterans piece. He served in 1870 as a non combatant at home and got later the iron cross/wilhelmscross without X when he was reactivated I think the crownorder 4th class or the friedrichsorder knights cross 2nd class is missing (it had to return to the GOK) The bavarian Kreuz für freiwillige Krankenpflege 1870/71 does have the typical enamel hits at the medaillon ring. Its a piece made by EQ (Eduard Quellhorst) The other big one is a typical bavarian styled one. it was sold a couple of years ago with some medals. later the medals were sold separately and i replaced them as i got the bar. if he had the bronce landwirtschaftsmedaille of bavaria (1175 awards) or the rarer silver one (~ 200 awards) - i don`t know. there are rolls in munich with the recipients, but i do not have them. he definitely did not get the golden one (only highest officials) i think it was an official. it´s also shown the ribbon bar of Bolle with the ottoman iron halfmoon (this one was made by godet, berlin) thanks for help!
  8. Daniel you`re great. Thanks a lot for your help again. best joe hope the stick is arriving soon
  9. Here some bars - Are they identificable? The large one with the danish dannebrog order knights cross came with a ribbon bar. it has also the ribbon for the ottoman iron halfmoon on non combatant ribbon (!) white with 2 red stripes. The centenial medal is a rarer reduction of it. I think the one with the FA-Cross belonged to a mariner. The Frackspange with the rare Friedrich-Franz cross at the last position is label markered " C.G. Ulrich Nachfolger". I like it very much. Thanks for help. Joe. / "Schulz Hauptwachtmeister 0815"
  10. All of the pieces from 1914-18 were marked with Schwenzer. there are private purchases pieces after 1918 without marking. Württemberg did not use kriegsmetall (ansonit) for producing them. they reduced the silver contenct.
  11. Hi again! I am working on a list with recipients of the i.c. on non combatant ribbon. I studied many resources in the last 2 years and now i have ~ 750 names. i want to get 250 more - my finish is 1000 names if you have resources with recipients it would be very nice to PM them me or write it in this post. it would be superb if anyone has the siekmann`s taschenkalender for beamte (officials) or names of the staatshandbuch für den preussischen hof 1918. the most persons i found got the cross in 1917 and later (esp. after nov. 9 1918) thanks joe
  12. Preuss MWBl./Staatsanzeiger did i check, Intendanturbeamtenliste 1929 too. i checked also universities files, files of wikipedia, archive files, Zentralblätter and much more. I don`t have the books you wrote. Der Weg ist das Ziel! PM me Daniel thanks. Joe
  13. Hi friends everywhere! As some of you know, i am interested in collecting non combatant bars and other nice WW 1 stuff. ...This one was sold at our ebay (germany) a few years ago. If anybody knows in which collection this bar is, please PM me. I have the recipient and he has to do with my hometown. Thanks a lot for your help.
  14. Here another two with rare official`s ribbon. Especially the MVO is very rare with it. The bar belonged to a padre (priest). (they say less than ~ 600 times awarded) best Schulz Hptwachtmstr.
  15. Of course Hans Söllner is great, too. Watch his song about the Alfa Spider and the songs about Mr. Schönhuber... if you understand his dialect
  16. Here´s a nice one of my collection: Rare non combatant bar - 1864 medal for non combatants is missing. It`s a piece of the Wollenberg family. It has a carton on the backside and hung into a picture for many years. They took it with other things as they leaved Germany in the 1930s. Now it is back to the county it belongs... Schulz HptWachtm.
  17. Here`s one of mines. MM with label Godet, Berlin. Best regards Hauptwachtmeister Schulz