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  1. For all who are not members of the WAF. Got this nice bar. As i got it , it had a very bad condition, the IC was damaged and full of rust - the same like the long service clasp, the AEZ was missing. The medals were hanging on the wrong ribbons. I replaced a good IC Godet one with nice patina, the AEZ and a new well conditioned LS-Clasp. Unfortunately some ribbons are not in the best condition, but i like the bar and it`s 80 years old... It`s not easy to find those bars with 3 foreign medals ("Achsenmächte") on it. I also added one of my turkish war medals (BBco) It was preserved with Zapponlack (was used in earlier times for coins, medals and other things... ) Thanks for watching. Joe
  2. What do we have here.. Some kind of selfmade non combatant medal bar. The lipper cross and the IC were missing, so i replaced them, not in the best condition but living history. I always like the Wuerttemberg Charlotte cross very much!
  3. I think it is a good piece. Seems that the IC hook broke. Sometimes you can find that on these versions of bars.
  4. may be yes! The bar is a rarer one, but not x-tremely rare. Show me the backside.
  5. Got this very nice group: -4 place medal bar with 2 hanseatics "Frackspange" -ribbon bar -buttonhole - case All made by Ulrich Nachfolger Hamburg, one of my favorite jeweller. The price was very good so i could not say no. 2 or 3 hanseatics on a bar are not easy to find!
  6. The SMMM was awarded ~ 201.000 times. It is the equivalent to the prussian EK2. It was awarded to EM and NCO. The GMMM was awarded to EM, NCO and -sometimes- to officers, later the most of them got the MMO. If they got the GMMM they returned the SMMM (not every times), if they got the MMO the returned the GMMM. The shown medal looks like a lat(er) Zweitstück.
  7. Does someone have a name`s list of the Schaumburg-Lippe cross "Für treue Dienste" on non-combatant ribbon. (281 awards) May be Dave D.? What did happen with all the Data of Rick Lundström? Does one of you have it now?
  8. Got it yesterday. One of Ricks pieces, it has a good condition. Not easy to find those non combatant ones with red cross decorations of the 30s/40s years. Now i have three of them. ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >
  9. thanks for your comments. Yes it`s the set from Rick. I have a lot of non combatant bars, so i think he will be happy about it and smile down from his cloud Some more of his bars are now in different german collections. (Daubenkropf and others)
  10. Add a RAO4 and the bar is complete. Seems, that he got the most of his medals for civil merit. The Centenarmedal is a gilded private purchased & reduced piece. I think the bar wasn`t made by Godet. It looks like a JHW piece.
  11. Seems that i got my piece. It`s a bar of the Lundström collection. I missed another.
  12. Some nice Non combatant pieces. I could need some more haha...
  13. I think we need better pics of the medals and ribbons. I would like to have a look under the back wool. How much is the bar?