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  1. Here another two with rare official`s ribbon. Especially the MVO is very rare with it. The bar belonged to a padre (priest). (they say less than ~ 600 times awarded) best Schulz Hptwachtmstr.
  2. Of course Hans Söllner is great, too. Watch his song about the Alfa Spider and the songs about Mr. Schönhuber... if you understand his dialect
  3. Here´s a nice one of my collection: Rare non combatant bar - 1864 medal for non combatants is missing. It`s a piece of the Wollenberg family. It has a carton on the backside and hung into a picture for many years. They took it with other things as they leaved Germany in the 1930s. Now it is back to the county it belongs... Schulz HptWachtm.
  4. Here`s one of mines. MM with label Godet, Berlin. Best regards Hauptwachtmeister Schulz