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  1. Hihi... good that you cannot see my handwriting - i am not a doc and it`s definitely not better (says my wife also) He wears the IC, the prussian Kriegerverdienstmedaille and the 6th class of the MVO. I think he was a NCO
  2. Thanks. His name was Josef (Joseph)... unfortunately no Nachname of the official. Here`s another: Backside: Hofrat Dr. Hohe, Major Dillingen 26.3.1915 Is he a doc? Are there more infos?
  3. Looking good. But be careful - in Germany you can find a lot of modern made ones!
  4. Thanks for your help Glenn. It`s time that you`ll get your German passport
  5. My first TWM

    Looks good. It is a private purchased piece.
  6. In US the weather is too hot - real german heros like it some kind of cooler - so they said: return me please to middle europe
  7. Ottoman War Medal

    So if you like it - buy it .
  8. Ottoman War Medal

    You can find them at german Ebay - these pieces are imo fakes. Look at the needle system and the Thugra/numbers.
  9. Ottoman War Medal

    In my o. a bad fake
  10. As Mr.T said - it`s definitely not a bar of an medic. May be a higher marine rank. I know were it came from. If there would hang an IC non combatant i had bought it. The version of the black wool looks like that the bar was made by Küst or Wilm. It was made in 1917 or later.
  11. In Prussia there were no trifolds in the period of 1914. They had them earlier (~1870-1900) like Wuerttemberg, Austria ... It only can be a saxon one. But you can also buy modern trifolds. Nice EK2w - i also have 2 of them
  12. The problem on a bar with hooks is, that there could be hung an earlier version (bronce) of the SM medal/cross. ON the pic you cannot see, if it is the zinc version or not.
  13. Yes i would believe it, too Andreas, but were are the holes? Can we have a pic of the upper side of the turkish ribbon?
  14. Tach Andreas! Are you sure that the bar is the same as on your pic? On it the Red cross medal ist mit einem dunklen Faden oben am Rand angenäht? An der Schnalle kannst Du keine Löcher vom Faden oben erkennen.? Komisch? Greetz Joe
  15. Godet twins. One with early shield on it The other one - Frackspange with no label on it. The 3rd one is on with Sedlatzek label on it - i sold it a few years ago in the WAF.
  16. It`s a version with hooks, may be there was a SM medal for non combatants on it. The Version with crown was awarded ~ 600 times. Its a late war version (or after 1918) made of Zinc I don`t think, that the bar could be IDd. The bavarian one(s) were awarded a few thousand times. And if i am right, there are no german rolls for the Hilal-i-Ahmer medal. A very nice bar - i am collecting turkish medals & bars. If you would like to sell that piece in future please let me know. May be we could trade with other imperial things, if you like. I am paying good prices for bringing some nice pieces back home to Germany.
  17. I understand - but i hope, that the piece is still hiding somewhere in Germany. That piece belongs to the history of my country!
  18. If he had only standard decorations, there could be also some officer bars out there. If you are looking for groups, a good place is Ebay.de or some collectors forums in germany. Some of the members there also send items to oversea. Best
  19. 119 "O" rules One of my favourite regiment as Württemberger. The Kernerstaße is still existing. A nice street with old houses.
  20. Hi i think the piece is good. The LDA2 was also awarded to higher ranks.
  21. The regulations said: -schwarz - black -mattweiß - white -gelb - yellow not silver or gold