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  1. Eyelet stamps instead of ring

    There are some We pieces which are also stamped with a sign which looks like a "Eichel".
  2. Not everyone had a wound badge. The bloody Ludwig was also given to people who did not have the WB. There were also some Württemberger with it.
  3. organized? - Yes, our Gründlichkeit ist unübertroffen all over the world
  4. Eyelet stamps instead of ring

    The unknown marker we stamped also the eyelet
  5. I got it from his relatives. They live in the Westphalen region. I got it over a auction house in 2014. He was born in Northern Württemberg. Yes all of his awards were listed in his Wehrpass He got the medal on 21.12.1917 for Tapferkeit vor dem Feinde. (9./122) And here we have another württemberg superman - medic sarge Johann Jakob Bantel I got this litte group from a collector`s friend in Baden. He got his golden MMM in 1916 as he rescued 4 wounded soldiers in heavy british fire on the western front. Unfortunately his awards were gone in all over that years. So i added a new bar with his awards on it. The golden MMM is a private purchased version made of gilded bronce. They were made in the Weimar era (Zweitstück). This bar has the rare golden oakleafes on it.
  6. One of my favourites: Vizefeldwebel Johann Georg Gerlinger, RIR 122 Heilbronn Highest württemberg bravery award for EM and NCO - the golden MMM. He got it on the western front. I have also his Feldspange and his Wehrpass. The MMM is stamped 333. His brother also got the golden MMM.
  7. Helmut Schmidt

    RIP Hauptmann Schmidt. Hope, over there, there are also some of you favourite Reyno menthol cigaretts. Richard von Weizäcker had also some WW2 awards.
  8. Es flammis clarior / orior! One of the nicest orders i know but very expensive. http://www.landesarchiv-bw.de/web/47260 or ask him: https://www.google.de/search?q=schloss+langenburg&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr&ei=7tk8VoXsKcPCPM7OmvAF
  9. The 2nd class is a piece which was made after 1918 (till 1920) or a 57 S & L piece or a modern fake
  10. Basst scho` Andreas! Nice bar Here an non combatant´s one with bayern connection. One more, i got.
  11. and remove the hindy cross for buying a new one. Looks like a Forstoberinspektor.
  12. ...Got some nice stuff. This one arrived today. I bought it on a Auction. My second one with Braunschweig addition. The Henry Lion II. looks good. Between 1912- 1918 only a few hundred were awarded. I think he got it in this era.
  13. Thanks for your help. But i still think, we can`t ID him.
  14. Here we have it. The Wilhelmskreuz is the version with "Für Kriegsverdienst". So i think not a civilian. It also could be a higher rank, because all the medals are given "ohne Rücksicht auf Rang und Stellung". What do we know about him? No centenar 1897 no LSM/LSC so a younger guy., seems that he was prussian or bavarian (pos. 3 bavarian medal) He was not a member of the War department, because the WK is a version without swords. I think he was still alive in 1935.
  15. Does anyone of you have the rolls of the Friedrich Franz Kreuz of Mecklenburg? I have another bar to ID
  16. I have the Brunswick Staatshandbuch of 1915 There are different regulations between non combatant and combatant awards. So for example the most of the officials in the war departments got the IC on combatant ribbon or other awards with X but they were never on the frontline. He could be an official or a civilian
  17. Correct. I checked many lists - there are too many persons with the Henry II.
  18. A few years ago i got a medal bar with: IC on non combatant ribbon, prussian war aid cross, Baden war merit cross, AEZ silver grade and Centenarmedal. It came with an old envelope with the name "Orden Opa Schwarz" (medals grandpa Schwarz) I saw a few bars with the combination of IC non combatant - war aid cross - LSC - AEZ silver grade and Centenarmedal and the persons who earned them were all Zahlmeister (paymaster) So i looked into the Siekmann 1917 and found only one Schwarz who served as an Oberzahlmeister He is on page 283 his unit was Staff / Fieldartilleryregiment 66 (It was stationed at Lahr / Baden), He was born 1860 and his Rangdienstalter was in 1901. He had the AEZ. No more is listed. So if he was born in 1860 he definitely got the Centenarmedal The war aid cross / IC / Baden war merit cross was also awarded after 1917 (- 1924) Does anyone have more information about him ? Thank you very much!
  19. I checked the Siekmann.. damn there are only recipients with BrH Ritter 2.Kl. and combinations of RAO, KO or AEZ medals.... So i have to check the Brunswick book and the Staatshandbuch of 1918... Or is he a civilian?....
  20. Yes of course http://www.zeige.com/index2.html (--> "Braunschweig")