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  1. I`ve had some space in my house, so i decided to buy some bigger portrait pics of imperial guys.

    Here we have Mr. Leutnant - seems that he was a Waldeck cititzen. The photo was taken in Bad Wildungen.

    No name... damn. He wears both IC, the Waldeck Ehrenkreuz 4 Klasse and the silvered merit medal with X ????

    I know, that only a few hundred of the Ehrenkreuz 4. Kl. were awarded. I think bevor he promoted to Lt. he must have been a NCO

    Can we ID him ?




  2. What do we have here? A guy from the schönen Badner`land. A civil pic with a large Ordensspange.

    I got the pic from the famous Lachmund collection.

    He wears the IC, Baden SVM, Baden LDAII, Baltenkreuz, Baden LSC15y or Prussian 25y, and

    2 Freikorps medals and the IC 1st class, Baltenkreuz 1st class, WB and cross of the Freikorps Awaloff.

    Look at his cold eyes. I would bet, that he later went to the NSDAP.




  3. Thanks for watching.

    A few years ago, i got this nice parade mounted Frackbar but ... no name :(

    What do we know?

    The earliest time the bar was made is late 1916 (here i would bet 1917) because of the war aid cross.

    He also got the Oldenburg houseorder 2nd class with crown, the Oldenburg FA-cross for

    non combatants and the bavarian Ludwigscross - here we have the magnetic iron version.

    If i am right the blackened iron pieces were early ones, so he got it may be in 1916 or 17

    Seems that he got the non combatanat  IC after 1918 - it`s a single mounted one ("pentagonales Band")

    They were awarded till the earlies 1920s.

    What about the HO?

    Was the 2nd class with crown founded in 1905?

    I think my piece was made by Knauer Oldenburg.

    Are there rolls out there?

    ImO the owner of that bar must have been a civil guy may be a Fabrikant, priest, medic or a higher official`s rank.

    He was a prussian.

    Thanks for reply.








  4. Got some new pics. Here we have a colonial pic.

    On the back "Behrens"

    I have some marine lists and for example i found an Garnisonverwaltungsinsp. Behrens at Tsingtau Verwaltung with the ChD.

    I think he wears the

    -MEZ2, DA15 or 25, i can also see the Chinadenkmünze, the Kolonialdenkmünze the Centenial and i think some kind of foreign medal.



  5. 2 new photos i got.

    1.) written in winter 1917/18 in Mitau, he signed with Julius. I think on the front it is hin unreadable name.

    He wears the IC 1st class and the Lippe-Detmold Kriegsehrenkreuz für heldenmütige Tat (ca. 740 awards)

    2.) A nice new non combatant grandpa. Written on 30.12.1925 - on the back "Albin Zimmermann Oberleutnant d. Landwehr.... (?) Landsturm

    infanterieersatzbtl. Saargemünd XXI./6. Magdeburg (seems that he was born 31.10.1857)

    One more for my 1914 non combatant pic collection :D



  6. https://www.google.de/search?q=frackspange+friedrichsorden&client=firefox-b-ab&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjfyLzY5dnUAhUDvRoKHf3yBOcQ_AUICygC&biw=1366&bih=604#imgrc=7J06v7zlOJRTUM:


    What about that guy. (Claudio) Seems that we have him....

    IN the end of 1915 he was Leutnant or Oberleutnant, because of that type of FOIIX

    The Albrecht I is unusual for that bar.

    I think in the end of war he was captain or major (RAO4) or marine guy./official