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  1. I want to share a pic, which i got yesterdays for my 1870 Veteran photo book.

    First  - unfortunately an unknown person, b u t

    at Ebay i found him on a pic again with his name and data.

    My pic was taken in Berlin on christmas 1899 and it is nearly 120 years old. 

    It shown Heinrich Carl Scherer and

    his wife. He served as a Feldwebel in IR Nr. 48 and fought

    1864, 1866 and 1870. He was awarded with

    -EK2 1870 (Wagner core)

    -EK1 1870

    -AEZ (general honour medal)

    -KDM 1870 with 7 clasps (Spicheren, Vionville-Mars la tour, Gravelotte St Privat, Metz

    Beaune La Rolande - Orleans and Le Mans

    -1866 Kreuz für Kämpfer

    -1864 KDM für Kämpfer

    Centenialmedal 1897 and "25" oaks (1895)


    In my opinion a true prussian hero of that time, especially of his EK1. It was only ~ 170 times awarded to EM and NCO.




  2. Is it possible to ID the 1st guy?

    He`s a Leutnant. The photo was taken in 1919 in Regensburg (Bavaria)

    He wears the IC, Albrecht knight´s cross 2nd class with X, Mecklenburg MMCr. and

    austrian MMC 3rd class with war decoration. On his neck an (austrian??) Malteser and

    a unknown cross under it. Between the crossarms i can see some lions. (Finnish???)

    The 2nd one was taken in Lörrach (Baden) in 1918. Which uniform does he wear?

    No shoulderboards, no Kragenspiegel, only 3 black stripes on his arm.


    Thanks for help.





  3. Vom Gewerbeumfang gesehen, ist es die alte Bezeichnung einer GmbH & Co KG. (wenn ich unterstelle, das das eine deutsche Fertigungsstätte war) - die Bezeichnung gab es jedoch auch im Ausland.

    BB & Co. is an still unknown official manufacturer of  EH.