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  1. Hi again ! For my photo collection i was looking for a guy with a finnish award. (no so easy to find) After a longer look-around i had the luck to find the following guy: On his bar: -EK2, Hamburger Hanseatenkreuz, Bremer Hanseatenkreuz, KuK MVK3 with war decoration and on the last pos. a finnish cross of liberty (???). Now my questions: Which grade do we have here? Is it possible, to ID that guy (Hauptmann - captain) - on the back we have a date and his signature. ("Gutes tuen das ist mein Wille" - sounds like Johanniter) Is he also a Johanniter knight? Thanks. zähringer2.tif zähringer3.tif
  2. ixhs

    Turkish Pilots Badge variations

    A saxon Heinrich guy. Unfortunately i have no pics with a ottoman flight badge, but these 2 guys with -i believe- ottoman uniform: - Genmaj. Artur Bopp (wuertt.) pic was taken 1911 at the Euphrat region - in this time he was LtCol. - Genmaj. Georg Bock von Wülfingen (saxon). pic was taken after 1918.
  3. https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hohenlohe-Zentralarchiv_Neuenstein may be they could help you. Ex flammis orior.
  4. Show me a better pic of the Auflagen (devices), please. If they are OK - definitely a high ranking guy.
  5. Thank you very much, again. Yes, a kind of strange guys. I think the pic would be taken in 1919/20 in the upper silesian region and in a hospital. The armshield with the cross seems to be "Grenzschutz Ost".
  6. Hi again. I would have a question to the shown pic. As you know, i do not understand much about uniforms and Uniformteile. Some of that wounded guys are wearing armshields - i can see a black cross on white ground (guy in the last line) The guy in the middle of the front line wears a silvered WB and a ribbon bar to the IC. He also wears an armshield and on his right arm a silvered stripe. What does the stripe mean? Some of the guys are wearing dead heads on their caps. They are looking like the SS ones. Are they from the Eiserne Division? One guy is wearing a MG sharpshooter´s badge. What means the sign ^ (open triangle) on a uniform? Is it a rank? Thanks for help. zähringer 1.tif
  7. In WW1 Schörner was a war hero. In WW2 he mutated to a war criminal. After the war he was arrested many years.
  8. Thanks a lot. I will try to make a better detail pic. I think it is a Regimentsmedaille, too. But i have never seen that piece hanging on a bar.
  9. Hi again! I got this pic showing 2 bavarian frontfighters. The guy on the right Unteroffzier seems to be from a FLAK bataillon, because he´s wearing a Regimentsmedaille after his MVK3X (seem he got it as a EM) I`ve never seem this Regimentsmedaille. It shows some soldiers with a cannon attacking a airplane. Does anybody know more about that medal? Thanks. The pic (card) is ungelaufen. It was taken in Weissenburg (Franken) zähringer.tif
  10. Dohmen sounds like Rhineland - Düsseldorf could be possible
  11. I agree. Of course it could be the a MVO - but i cannot see the typical 2 little holes for the device. Reactivated ---> his later service in WW2 Reichswehr = 100.000 Mann Truppe most of the Berufssoldaten/Offiziere wurden entlassen und später um 1936 bei Wiedereinführung der Wehrpflicht wieder reaktiviert.
  12. -reactivated veteran. -Württemberger -No Auflage on the ribbon on the württemberg MMM - so it should be the silver grade. -seems like an NCO who was promoted to Lt./1st Lt in the meantime of war. - in this rank he earned the Friedrich order knight2 X may be the bavarian MVO4X/ austrian MMC with war decoration. later he was reactivated - i think he finished war as a captain or major in the etappe (because of the war merit cross 2nd class X and clasp to the IC2) In my opinion no real chance to ID that guy. May be he served at the italian front (Alpenkorps).