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  1. Nice bars, but i don`t think that we can ID those guys.
  2. I`ve had some space in my house, so i decided to buy some bigger portrait pics of imperial guys. Here we have Mr. Leutnant - seems that he was a Waldeck cititzen. The photo was taken in Bad Wildungen. No name... damn. He wears both IC, the Waldeck Ehrenkreuz 4 Klasse and the silvered merit medal with X ???? I know, that only a few hundred of the Ehrenkreuz 4. Kl. were awarded. I think bevor he promoted to Lt. he must have been a NCO Can we ID him ? Thanks!!!
  3. "sachsens orden" - google. May be you can find something interesting at Oswalds page.
  4. What do we have here? A guy from the schönen Badner`land. A civil pic with a large Ordensspange. I got the pic from the famous Lachmund collection. He wears the IC, Baden SVM, Baden LDAII, Baltenkreuz, Baden LSC15y or Prussian 25y, and 2 Freikorps medals and the IC 1st class, Baltenkreuz 1st class, WB and cross of the Freikorps Awaloff. Look at his cold eyes. I would bet, that he later went to the NSDAP.
  5. You can find those IC on the bar also in early years of WW1. It is not a rare photo.
  6. Thanks for watching. A few years ago, i got this nice parade mounted Frackbar but ... no name What do we know? The earliest time the bar was made is late 1916 (here i would bet 1917) because of the war aid cross. He also got the Oldenburg houseorder 2nd class with crown, the Oldenburg FA-cross for non combatants and the bavarian Ludwigscross - here we have the magnetic iron version. If i am right the blackened iron pieces were early ones, so he got it may be in 1916 or 17 Seems that he got the non combatanat IC after 1918 - it`s a single mounted one ("pentagonales Band") They were awarded till the earlies 1920s. What about the HO? Was the 2nd class with crown founded in 1905? I think my piece was made by Knauer Oldenburg. Are there rolls out there? ImO the owner of that bar must have been a civil guy may be a Fabrikant, priest, medic or a higher official`s rank. He was a prussian. Thanks for reply.
  7. Thank you very much for the research. Hast was gut bei mir. Regards J
  8. Hello again, What signes the patch he wears on the right side. He wears definitely a XV LSC and not a XXV. So the pic was made in 1913 or later.
  9. Yes maybe in Markus list there are some behrens with the aez but i did not find one with mez t hanks indeed for id theitalian the net shows someboats which helped in 1908
  10. Hi Guys Tanks for helping.on the back the Name behrens is written Italien Sounds good. Mmn kann das nur ein mez2 vorne sein
  11. Here`s another Marine guy. Some kind of strange uniform. A civil sea capitan or deck officer ? On his bar: KO4, ChD, Japan and i think the tunesian Nishan Sheftikar order Some ideas to ID that guy? Where`s Gerdan?