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    Belgian Congo up to 1960, anything related to the city of Antwerp and militaria in general from ancient times to 1945.

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  1. Part one of what was retained during the session at the Senate house for the Antique Road show, was broadcast last sunday evening. I was on for a fraction of a second, at the begining. Don't know, if they will show it in part 2, or part 3 (if there is one(lol!)).
  2. Ok, thank you. But that one is long gone.
  3. Thank you Adler, for helping me out. It is no fun to tell some one that what he proudly shows, in fact is ....rubish. Like I said before, impossible to be specific on this "item" because everything is wrong. When somebody shows a apple and says it is a do you tell him he is wrong.....
  4. Very well done! I like it very much, problem is I don't have that much wall's...or should I say; "space " left on my wall's....
  5. Hello, yes it is sold. But I got a other one (for sale !). A police officer on canvas (not framed!). And a far better quality then the doc.
  6. It must be quiet hard to read, but it is what it is. And being more specific won't help much.... The form is wrong, the laquer, the finish, the plate,the split pen's...
  7. Found a other one today, in black cloth.
  8. Hello, sorry to say, but nothing good to thise helmet.
  9. Hey Guy, any chance to get a closer view...
  10. My latest find, all belonging to Frank Swaelen;
  11. Thanks a lot!
  12. I was hoping to get more information about this medal, hope (well, actualy, I am sure )you can help me.
  13. You can see it on the link I gave.