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    Belgian Congo up to 1960, anything related to the city of Antwerp and militaria in general from ancient times to 1945.

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  1. hello, to me from the pictures you posted I would say, fake. The finishing is quiet rude, compared to original pieces I know. More pictures might help.
  2. Love them too.Just got mine in.
  3. Hello, welcome. But first of all you are in the wrong section, if it was French. And what made you think it is French...
  4. Can't exactly say what they are, I don't have them in my button collection...If open for trade, please let me know.
  5. Any chance to get a closer pic of the medal bar?
  6. scrimshaw

    Hey Ian, thanks for the reply. I was indeed.
  7. scrimshaw

    It will be on the to night show, onthe antiques road show BBC 1.
  8. My latest Belgian addition

    Asap! I made pictures of all sides, but reworking them ruined them...
  9. My latest Belgian addition

    Thanks Guy! Second regiment.
  10. Here is my Belgian cuirassier helmet second model.A helmet I always liked, had several over all the years, but missing one in the actual collection.cheersKris
  11. This kind of emblems used to sit on stoves! In the late 60 ties . Honestly. I will try to find some pictures, but it might take a while....
  12. Peter Suciu, is the man to ask. But show him your pictures up right, please! ;-) http://www.militarysunhelmets.com/author/peter
  13. Very nice! No uniforms, only hats over here. I'll post some asap.