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    Belgian Congo up to 1960, anything related to the city of Antwerp and militaria in general from ancient times to 1945.

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  1. Very nice and informative.
  2. Hello, I can live with the damage! Lesson learned.... I am a restorer by profession and hardly(in fact never) touch the militaria I collect. But let me warn you about the polystyrene heads, like the one you are showing your helmet on. They decompose by time and can leave your liner with serious damage. That doesn't happen over night, however. It takes time, but never the less better safe then sorry .
  3. so glad I could lay hands on one! It was high on my list, of the "items I would very much like to have, but it will probably never happen!".
  4. Stuka f

    Ships , anyone?

    The Mercator finally home. (the port of attach for that ship is in fact Antwerp, but it can be seen and visited in Ostend, for many years, and a (heavy)discussion between the two towns started since...) This one is 75 by 120 cm.
  5. Stuka f

    marking on French belt plate...

    It could be indeed! Didn't even think of it! Guy, would be the right man to ask.
  6. Ok, thanks for your input! And what is it made for? Letter clip...?
  7. Stuka f

    marking on French belt plate...

    Don't know what the "3" and the "A" could stand for, but as it is a "genie" buckle, the "G" seems logical...
  8. looks like pewter but weights like bronze, no marking. It is 22.5 by 11 cm and weights nearly 1 kg!
  9. Stuka f

    French WW1 Pilot Badge for review

    First answers are positive. It is a nice WWI pilot brevet, but dating it is quiet difficult; it could be post war, up to 1920.
  10. Stuka f

    French WW1 Pilot Badge for review

    I could ask on a French forum if you want!?
  11. l am quiet confident in it being genuine. It reveals a dove tail construction, like one would expect on originals. Also have a few of them to compare it to.
  12. Thank you! I did try to google it, but it didn't give anything over here... I did manage to find the regiment with google.