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    Belgian Congo up to 1960, anything related to the city of Antwerp and militaria in general from ancient times to 1945.

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  1. Hey Guy, any chance to get a closer view...
  2. My latest find, all belonging to Frank Swaelen;
  3. Thanks a lot!
  4. I was hoping to get more information about this medal, hope (well, actualy, I am sure )you can help me.
  5. You can see it on the link I gave.
  6. It doesn't say wich medal; by name. Is there any more written on that paper? The guy who recieved the "second class medal", was a driver of the Pirince Eugéne of Sweden. But my guess would be one of the medals you can see under "Règne d’Albert Ier – 1909-1934." at;
  7. Great find. Thanks Guy.
  8. Hey Paul, late...!
  9. A heavy thing!
  10. Marvelous helmet.
  11. There was only one hat for all soldiers...
  12. Thanks guy's! :-) Indeed a rare medal; never saw one so far. Are you retiring soon? Because it seems the Museum is going to close down and the collection will be spread over other existing museum's...
  13. Gosh, had to look very closely for the "black one"! (lol!) And what is the ribbon just above the "black one", please.
  14. Just recieved left overs I baught from a collegue, who stopped collecting. Allways was after a CdG 1939/40, got two now.