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  1. OK this topic is already 2 years old but i have some first/second hand information. Fact: At the end of the seventies i was a Kempo (martial arts) student at the Kempo club Djenghis Khan in Oosterbeek, Netherlands. My teachers the brothers Rob and Ton Logher were students of Sifu Meijers as we called him. Gerard Karel Meijers is his official name and sifu means teacher. Next to the title of sifu or master he has many other titles like Prince or professor which i cannot prove. I met him examining martial arts students at the Kempo club in Oosterbeek in the Netherlands. Fact: Gerard Karel Meijers is really a Korea veteran. I served in the Dutch Army as a regular. From 1984 until 1990 i served on 'Legerplaats Harskamp' which is an army camp with many shooting ranges. GK Meijers served here as well as a corporal many years before me. I know this first hand from Sergeant Major Eddy Falck who served together with him in Korea and on the 'Legerplaats Harskamp'. GK Meijers is entitled to wear the CIB like other Dutch Korea Veterans as well as the Dutch and UN Korea medals. I served also in the 48th battalion with the tradition of the Dutch Indies and Korea and i met other men who knew him from Korea. Fact: Sifu Meijers trained GSG9 'Grens Schutz Gruppe 9' in martial arts. GSG9 is the anti terror brigade of the German Police founded in the seventies as an answer to the RAF 'Rote Armee Fraktion'. I have seen 8mm amateur movies from sparring fights between students (my later teachers) of GK Meijers and the GSG9 German Police. On one of the movies can be seen that Rob Logher breaks the hand of a German Police officer. GK Meijers alias Dschjero Khan is an impressive man to meet but i think during the years his thoughts took him to imaginary places. He founded the WMAA 'the World Martial Arts Association' in the 70ties but the 10th dan in Kempo is a self proclaimed degree i believe. I think he never served in Vietnam and is not entitled to wear several wings, silver star, bronze star etc. Between the ribbons i recognize one DSB Deutsche Sport Bund ribbon for some military sports. Next to that he is a member or invited by many 'cold war' associations who have lots of fantasy medals and stars. Resume. Gerard Karel Meijers is indeed a Korea Veteran, trainer of the GSG9 German Police and he played a significant role in the martial arts in the Netherlands. The one thing i would like to know is if he's really an ancestor of Djenghis Khan. This can only be proven by DNA and as far as i know there's nothing left from Djenghis Khan himself. He is officially received by the Mongolian government but i think he will take his secret to his grave.