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  1. I will have to dig it out and post some pics of the ww1 docs as never really looked into that part of his group but sturmtrupp was mentioned if I recall in his ww1 wehrpass then after that I have a doc that states he was in freikorp then joined police then Gestapo rgds Dave
  2. Hi Chris it was a promotion from police to Gestapo , I have the guys full grouping from ww1 right upto his arrest by British forces , there's two heydrich signatures also Bruno strechenbach and wilhelmshaven Gestapo chief muller rgds Dave
  3. Hi , this is my first post on this forum and hopefully it has a good outcome :-) I have this badge on its way to me but my knowledge on these is very little so any help on its authenticity is greatly appreciated rgds Dave
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