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  1. Douglas 5

    Autentic iron cross?

    Makers of some of these post war fakes go to a lot of effort to 'age' their product ! Quality is still far off . In case of Juncker - they used many different cores and most likely for that reason they did not - pre-file - the frames .... not knowing what core would go in .... some fit nicely - some fit barely and some fit badly ! Douglas
  2. Douglas 5

    Autentic iron cross?

    Put together with pieces that are not war time known components . Still bad . A corner riding up/sitting on the swastika can be found on war time made crosses . Douglas
  3. Douglas 5

    Autentic iron cross?

    Not a Spanish made EK2 . The frame seam is split in a few places . Douglas
  4. Douglas 5

    Autentic iron cross?

    Don't give it much chance of it being original . Douglas
  5. Kasle reminded me of another I have . Less common being a ' Damenschleife ' . -should count as a single mount . Douglas
  6. The only single I have . Douglas
  7. Douglas 5

    Gablonze made Iron Crosses

    Since the original post I was wondering if any more Gablonz identifying features have come to light in the mean time / Douglas
  8. Some times one gets lucky and finds a marked one . I have a one marked F&B . Cheers, Douglas
  9. Nice pick up Tom . Is the ribbon eagle marked by any chance ? Douglas
  10. Douglas 5

    EK2 maker marked 100

    Nice W&L cross . Douglas
  11. Douglas 5

    1939 - EK2(Juncker)...

    Excellant.... thank very much . Yours shows nicely the 2nd method applicator applied frosting and the fine bonepartical laced paint . The core on yours dryed in the facing up postion . I would think the first stage of streamlining and speeding up the finishing process do to increased demand . The one I have is still done the slow way .... hand brush applied frosting and the core turn upside down to dry . With help of gravity this creates a nice 'domed' Swastika as the paint dries . Nicely to see on the paint chip ! At the same time this exsposes the bone particles left behind in the arm cutouts . Amazing how much pictures can tell and show us !! Regards Douglas
  12. Douglas 5

    1939 - EK2(Juncker)...

    Morning Barzda : Nice artistic pictures that show the frosting method nicely , but unfornatly the one corner beading I am interested in is obscured by glare and the low angle . Just used the first example I came across - to show what I am looking for . A high pixel resolution is best . This example a bit blurry do to the magnification . Regards, Douglas
  13. Douglas 5

    1939 - EK2(Juncker)...

    And as far as the ribbon goes is fine .... this happens do to exsposure to sun light . Looks like an original- possible dull orange ribbon -fading to this brown , which is the leftover other pigmentation in the color . Douglas
  14. Douglas 5

    1939 - EK2(Juncker)...

    Hi Barzda : Real nice hand-frosted (2nd type) early harder to find first production coin-silver frame Juncker ....with the first core used - which is a W&L core and coresponds to the 7 on the working chart . I would be interested in a closeup picture of the top right - inside corner . Regards, Douglas
  15. Douglas 5

    EK2 1939 "Übergrosse "

    Nice UB variant : one without the split bead it seams and Ni-aloy frame . Sizes do vary a bit ..... myself still looking for a full size UB , happen to stumble onto a reduzed size first . Douglas