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  1. Jim, the second ribbon is the Brunswick Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2nd class with the "Bew?hrungsabzeichen" (some kind of frontspange, if i remember correctly. Hope, someone will correct me, if i am wrong) ? think, it has good chances to be a good one. Can you show us the reverse? best, Gerd
  2. Gerd Becker

    Red Army Veterans

    Thanks for the links, Ed. Very interesting. Did anyone notice Comrade Leonid Grabanick?s OGPW 1st class Type 1 on his breast? Could be for Stalingrad, if he was there and he obviously was, as he wears the Stalingrad-Medal too. Again, many thanks, Ed
  3. Hi Andreas, if you are nice to me, you can maybe get one or even two The two first classes are placeholder for the 2nd classes, i was to lazy to remove them from the groups, they belong to. best, Gerd
  4. Come on, guys, there must be more out there. Be careful, when you stick them together in a box, they breed
  5. Gerd Becker

    Sailor grouping

    It impossible to say, if this is a group without research. Research for unubered MMM?s is possible, but if he indeed was naval, its questionable, that you get a result. Gerd
  6. Great catch, Ed. I really like the Bravery Medal, i??ll check again later, when i have more time...
  7. Gerd Becker

    Children and the war

    Some great and thought provoking pictures, Bryan. Thanks for posting these here.
  8. Another great group, Ed. Thanks for sharing Fingers crossed, that the research turnes up for this group. Gerd
  9. Fantastic group, Ed. Can?t wait to see the complete research Here is, what i have for the 183rd Rifle Division:
  10. Gerd Becker

    Awards of the Indian "Princes"

  11. Hi bifter, Alex is correct, you need more posts to become a full member and to be able to view the fakes-section. As an alternative you can buy a suscription and get full acess (plus more upload-space, etc...) immediately. Welcome to the forum regards, Gerd
  12. Fantastic finds, Charles
  13. Absolutely!!! Very nice pair, Mike.
  14. Just to save "SPM" some time, here is part two: 7 = Preussen, Eisernes Kreuz 1. Klasse 8 = Schaumburg-Lippe, Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse 9 = Braunschweig, Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2. Klasse 10 = Bayern, Milit?r-Verdienst-Kreuz 3. Klasse mit Schwertern 11 = Oldenburg, Friedrich August-Kreuz 2. Klasse best, Gerd
  15. Gerd Becker


    Indeed! Interesting thing is, that its one of the very last awarded HSU?s and the number is just 17 numbers under the highest known number.
  16. Excellent! Thank you very much
  17. Hello Gentlemen, can anyone help me with this name and unit on this warsaw document? Thanks in advance regards, Gerd
  18. Here is a Berlin document, i got in yesterday together with a beautiful mint medal. Can someone help with the correct name and maybe also the unit of this gentlemen? Thanks in advance regards, Gerd
  19. Hi David, i?m at the wrong computer currently and don?t have my email-adresses handy. If noone has answered until later, when i am back at home, i?ll send you a pm with the contact. I hope, you let us know the outcome, when your orders are researched... all the best, Gerd
  20. Gerd Becker

    Order of the Red Star

    Beautiful piece, Andreas. Do you have seen anything here today, you would trade for it?
  21. Great Research, Bill, as usual. Are there any more Regiments/Armies/Fronts mentioned somewhere? Maybe i can solve the riddle about the 223/233 typo. But i need more info, as both were in the 3rd Ukrainian Front in 1944. Thanks for posting another very nice example
  22. Exactly my thoughts, Christian. Gerd
  23. I think, its not impossible, that he indeed got two 1985 OGPW?s, either accidently or maybe they over saw something, when they awarded him the 2nd class and corrected it later by giving him a 1st class. I guess, the 1985 issue OGPW?s were not seen as important enough to demand the 2nd class back. I remember, i have seen groups with two 1985er OGPW?s including their documents once or twice, so i guess, its possible, that he was awarded both classes.
  24. Gerd Becker

    This is real?

    Hi Jens, i think, its a good one. Like Christian said, this is the latest variation made after the war. all the best, Gerd