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  1. Order of the Red Banner

    Nice one, Darrel. Its a Type 3 Variation 2, if you don?t already know that. Thanks for posting. Gerd
  2. PO in miniature

    VERY nice I have never seen one for a chain, its just fantastic. Gerd
  3. Labor Awards of the USSR

    The next Soviet Labor award, i want to show, is the Order of Labor Glory, which was institutet in January 1974 and was given in three classes. The shown example is a third class (second version). On earlier Examples the Hammer and Sickel were attached with two rivets. Later versions were made in one piece. The obvious difference between the classes is, that the 2nd class has a blue enameled center and the 1st class a red enameled center. Someone, who got all three classes of this order was called a "Cavalier of the Order of Labor Glory" and had the same privileges like a Hero of the Soviet Union.
  4. Labor Awards of the USSR

    entries for awarded order, serial number and several other data.
  5. Labor Awards of the USSR

    Photo and Name Pages. Issued to a woman with the name Polina Konstantinovna Migal.
  6. Labor Awards of the USSR

    This is an award book, which came with a late Type 6 ORBL. Unfortuately the most of the later books came without a photo of the recipient.
  7. Order of the Red Banner

    Here you can see the serial number, which is scratched in the lower end of the order. There are numerous styles of engraving, and later engraving were made with a rotating tool.
  8. Order of the Red Banner

    The scooped revers of the Order. The suspension is made of brass, later suspensions were made from steel and aluminium. Also stamped on the back is a "maker mark", which says Monetny Dvor, which literally translates with "mint".
  9. Orders Books: Editions & Series

    And the И edition (issued in 1978)
  10. Orders Books: Editions & Series

    The Ж edition (this one is issued in 1971)
  11. Orders Books: Editions & Series

    Here are the two known 1967 editions of Order Books. Both have hard covers and the only apparant difference to the earlier edition is the missing stamp on the photo page. I guess, that the number of photos in these later editions is even smaller than in the editions of the 50s. The photo and personal data page:
  12. Orders Books: Editions & Series

    Hi Rick, Glad to see your excellent thread here again. I will add scans of my order books, when you are finished with the 50ies editions. all the best, Gerd