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  1. I agree with Demir, the pin seems to be replaced. I focused so much on catch, hinge and obverse detail, that i didn´t even notice the pin.

    Weitze has one atm with original pin, if you didn´t see that already.




  2. I´d say, display your favourite stuff nicely and keep something in the closet, if necessary. 

    Its tough, if you are a document collector and want to display your stuff. You run out of space very quickly.

    Do you remember these selling stands for posters? Where they were framed individually and you could flip through them like a book? Maybe you can build something like that for your docs, shouldn´t be too complicated?

  3. I agree, it seems to be "unverdrossen".

    Also, first line, isn´t there a "er" behind"Regiment", which would make it plural "der Regimenter"? Otherwise "des Regiments" is the gramatically correct singular in this context. 

    Lastly, "...mehrfach den Maschinengewehr kaltblütig und entschlossen standhielt..." doesn´t make sense. But you are probably right, as i only see a "den" or "dem" in front of "Maschinengewehr" and no "mit". It may be a forgotten word by the author or a misconstucted sentence, but in my opinion he meant "...mehrfach mit dem Maschinengewehr kaltblütig..."

    all the best,