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  1. Hello gents, finally i have a researched OGPW 1st class. And it looks interesting, but the citation is unfortunately handwritten and i have a hard time to gather any info at all from it. Interestingly this research came with three award cards. One for this OGPW 1st class:
  2. Gerd Becker

    North Korean Awards

    Another collecting line of mine are other Communist Orders and i started, more per accident with North Korean Awards. This one is the Order of the 20th anniversary of the DPRK( Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea)
  3. I will post here the cyrillic alphabet for future translations. Maybe its helpful. Cyrillic = Roman A a (ah) = A a Б б (beh) = B b В в (vey) = V v Г г (gey) = G g Д д (dey) = D d E e (yey) = E e Ё (yo) = ё Ж ж (zheh) = Zh З з (zeh) = Z z И и (ee) = I i Й й (ee kratkoye) = (short) I К к (kah) = K k Л л (el) = L l M м (em) = M m H н (en) = N n O о (aw) = O o П п (pey) = P p P р(ehr) = R r C с (ess) = S s T т(tey) = T t У у (oo) = U u Ф ф (ef) = F f X х (khah) = Kh Ц ц (tseh) = Ts Ч ч (cheh) = Ch Ш ш (shah) = Sh Щ щ (shchah) = Shch Ъ ъ (tvyawrdy znak) = ? Ы ы (yerih) = Y ь Ь (miakhky znak) = ? Э э (eh) = Eh Ю ю (yoo) = iu Я я (yah) = ia Here are a few links with the cyrillic alphabet, also in handwritten form: http://www.colby.edu/library/collections/t...p/Cyrillic.html http://www.friends-partners.org/oldfriends...n-alphabet.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyrillic_alphabet http://www.geocities.com/Colosseum/Track/7635/alphabet.html http://www.alphadictionary.com/rusgrammar/alphabet.html
  4. Gerd Becker


    Hello everyone, i have a few pairs of shoulderboards, which i got with some Medals, i bought and i wonder, if there´s anything interesting, which are worth selling. Some of these seem to be the older WW2 type. thanks Gerd
  5. Hi there, i have this DLV membership badge and i wonder if its a real one or a copy. The quality in hand is amazing. Three piece construction with hard enamel on the red areas and the swastika. Purely from the quality its fine, i think, i just have never seen one on a stickpin or in multiple piece construction. Thanks, Gerd
  6. Hello there, i have a very small collection of albanian orders and medals and i wonder, what else is out there. I don´t see them very often on the market, so they either pretty scarce or the have no market at all. I have no idea, what it is. However, here is, what i have: Medal "Remembrance 1942-43" made by IKOM Zagreb an Order of Labor 3rd class it has a simple pinback supension on the reverse Medal for Bravery Obverse Medal for Bravery reverse Medal for the Liberation of the Country obverse(comes with a yellow ribbon) Medal for the Liberation of the Country reverse is plain Lets see, what you have... all the best, Gerd
  7. Hi everyone, i got my first soviet group yesterday and its much too nice not to share it with you. I will post the group and Rick will add some personal data. Thanks very much to Rick for his effort to translate the research for me. Comrade Aleksandr Andreevich Gavrilenko was Ukrainian and served in several Rifle units. But let Rick tell the Rest. Here is his Order book with entries for two Military Merit Medals, a Red Star and a Red Banner.
  8. Hi there, this is my only Medal for Labor, but it has an interesting feature. The text on the obverse is "mirrored" partly on the revese. Did this happen often with this medals? all the best, Gerd
  9. Its incredible hard to say atm, as the prices are seriously going down lately, so i´d say anything between 1200 and 1800 Dollar is possible, i guess. It also depends on the condition and the possible enamel damage. Others may be able to give you a more precise evaluation.
  10. Gerd Becker

    My new TWM

    I agree with Demir, the pin seems to be replaced. I focused so much on catch, hinge and obverse detail, that i didn´t even notice the pin. Weitze has one atm with original pin, if you didn´t see that already. best, Gerd
  11. That´s the super super super rare Kleinod to the Grandcross. I swear! Nice pic
  12. Gerd Becker

    My new TWM

    Lovely piece, Christophe. Nothing wrong with it imo.
  13. Very nice! That´s the first certificate, i have seen to this medal.
  14. Very nice! I wasn´t aware, those docs include a description of the feat, thats fantastic. Great set, Chris.
  15. Nice little group, Paul. The name looks foreign to me?
  16. Yes, i haven´t seen many of these green ones either. Btw, the name is Anatoly Alekseyevich Nikishkov, Auke was so nice to translate it for me, when i had it. Not sure, if i told you.
  17. I really like this medal. The quality is awesome for such a common medal.
  18. Gerd Becker

    Belgium - Royal Order of the Lion

    What a gorgeous award
  19. I allways liked the simplicity of the Hessen-Darmstadt Medals, especially this particular one.
  20. The Breaststar is the one to the first class, btw, Second Model with the big crown (1867-1918) What does the ring look like on the Bavarian Miliary Merit Order? If its a round ring, its probably a 4th class with swords.
  21. I agree with you, ccj. I guess, most people are around on facebook nowadays, as there is a lot of participation. I personally am not a friend of FB, but it seems, its the place to go now for these things...
  22. Hi there, i got a few single campaign medals, which i would like you to take a look at. In Hand they look okay, but some of the fakes are pretty good nowadays, so i´d rather have someone else take a look too. Any red flags? Thanks in advance Berlin-Medal Prague Medal Stalingrad-Medal Caucasus-Medal Polar Medal:
  23. Hi Chris,

    could you send me your shipping adress again please? I couldn´t find it in my archives.

    have a nice weekend


  24. I have no idea, if its real, but it looks pretty convincing to my eyes. 190.000 US$, Seller states, it was bought from the family. If its real, it probably is not even a bad deal.