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  1. My good friend and fellow collector (of US groups; he's the fellow I got my "unattributed" HLP MOH from) Elliot Goldman came by this week and brought his book of presidential signatures. As far as I know it is the most complete book of its kind in existence. Signed by 15 presidents and 8 first ladies (beginning with Chester Arthur), it also has signatures of such notables as General Pershing, Clara Barton, George Gatling, Susan B Anthony and others. It sure was fun looking through it! Here is a link to the book: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYTfTtwkuY8
  2. If you don't necessarily want "original" try ebay user medalermania. I didn't see yours in his listings, but he may have it in stock.
  3. I can't find it anywhere! I must have sold it... I was silver anyway.
  4. yeah... They would tell us it was a "tornado drill." A siren would go off, then we were marched into the hallways and made to kneel against the walls while holding books over our heads. Someone offer me $25 for this. I'm tired of looking at it.
  5. Two gold "Imperial Military Reservist Association Special Member" badges. One bronze star and one silver. They would make nice pasties.... $40.
  6. I think I have enough Japanese stuff to reform the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere. If someone wants it all, see all three of my threads and make a reasonable offer. Everyone needs one of these: $25
  7. Excellent Public Health Award... I think. $25 only, since I don't really know. I've seen others... mostly cheap, plastic and with safety pin backs. This one is metal, with a screw back.
  8. 1945-95 - 50 Years Victory Patriotic War Medal. Also its award document. Every Andrei, Vlad and Sergei must have gotten one of these... super-common.Tell you what I'm gonna do... I'll throw in a Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier commemorative to sweeten the deal.Know how to sink a Soviet carrier? Put it in water! $25.
  9. Victory Over Germany Medal. They won? When did THAT happen? $35
  10. All prices include domestic first class shipping.Defense Of Moscow w/ Ribbon. Early Type. $40
  11. Sorry, my Russki pals. That's what they told us you were in grade school in the 60's, while showing us how to dive under our desks and "duck-and-cover" when the missiles finally started flying. You get: #1 40th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. #2 Jubilee Medal 60 Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR. #3 20th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. #4 Sixty Years of the Armed Forces of the USSR. #5 Medal for Veteran of Labor. All for a liter bottle of vodka, a jar of pickled onions, a windshield wiper for a 1958 Izhmash... or $50. US only, no rubles please.