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  1. I will see if I can get a copy of his paperwork. If I didn't have the above, and with what I saw from him I would be satisfied that it was legit. Strange things do hopes, mistakes name it. The three ORBs is incredible.
  2. Paul - here is a copy of the catch-up. When one door closes, another one opens. I was fortunate enough to pick-up the interim style CG Com on USMF, but only b/c this deal fell through.
  3. So, the story takes a twist in that I got the record card through Auke and it comes back to a Kyrgyz private. It was a WW2 catch-up award issued in 1957. I showed it to my 'pal' and he produced his own record card with all of his info. He swears his is legit and can't explain it. Mistakes do happen, so if his is legit and there was an error, then I am walking away from a great deal, but my gut says to run away and that is what I did. very disappointed that this didn't work out and appreciate everyone sharing their knwowledge with me!
  4. It is a 3,5xx,xxx Red Star. I took another look at it today, and actually have the full number. He is going to get me a copy of the citation and then I will decide on the deal. Interestingly, went to another friend today and he said that Red Star awards for Afghanistan start at 3,7xx,xxx and end In the 3,8xx,xxx range. He is a well known collector and has a very nice collection. When I asked Oleg about the discrepancy in the number, he said that his was a combat award presented to him in the field, whereas most other awards were made upon return. Anyway, that is. Today's update on the Red Star.
  5. Will post more once the transaction is complete.
  6. Dave - anything scream out about this not being a legit Red Star? I know this might be difficult without the number, but wonder what your thoughts are?
  7. I haven't bought it yet and wanted some opinions since RedMaestro pointed out that there are no known 3,5xx,xxx range Red Stars for Afghanistan. I am 90% certain this is 3,5xx,xxx and not 3,6xx,xxx, but I will be back in Bishkek in a few days and able to verify it then. My friend, Oleg, obscured the number from the order and I scrubbed his name. Thoughts?
  8. Wounded in Jalalabad. Conscripted private.
  9. Paul - don'tt have it yet, heading back CONUS for reserve duty for two weeks and then I will get it!
  10. Ferdinand and Dave - appreciate the responses. Soviet collecting is new to me and fakes abound even in Kyrgyzstan. My acquaintance brought award and his medal book today, but I haven't made the final plunge. I have a few more details and will get more once I seal the deal in a few weeks. Looks like he got his Red Star for wounds received in action in Jalalabad in 1985. It is a 3,5xx,xxx range order with corresponding book. I will post everything, plus the info once it is all in hand.
  11. Dave - thanks for the reply. I watched some of your items sell/not sell on eBay and was surprised by it; I thought about bidding on a few items b/c the price was right. I usually collect based on where I am living and right now it is Kyrgyzstan, and I have ventured off the path of Kyrgyz medals to Soviet ones. The Red Star belongs to an acquaintance who earned it as a private. I haven't seen the citation yet, but I am sure he will tell me the story. He is going to give me the book too. I already have his Kyrgyz medals, earned as a GKNB (their successor to the KGB similar to other former Central Asian SSRs) Colonel Alpha. He is a knowledgable collector in his own right, and I have gotten a few good medals from him. Almost done reading your book - excellent work. Paul
  12. What is a fair price for a Red Star for service in Afghanistan, with the award book? Thanks
  13. Jim and Matthew - I am new to Malta, living in Mosta, and wonder if there are any good flea markets for militaria or a collector's group? Thanks, Paul
  14. Romania

    Kevin - This is as good as it gets... The rear is unmarked. It is roughly the size of a normal US miniature medal.
  15. It is hard to tell, but the long service decoration is for 25 years.