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  1. I also like them They’re pretty well done and somehow « stylisés »
  2. Hello Gentlemen, What do you think, fake or not? Thanks for sharing your thoughts ! Best, Vazov
  3. Hello Gentlemen, How about this example from eBay.de? The right sword is on the left one, whether it should be the other way around. Also the handles of the swords are not as they should be... Do you thing it’s a fake? Or just upgraded star without swords? Best regards, Vazov
  4. Hello Gentlemen, I found something you may find curious. I came across this photo of very bad quality in the Polish Wikipedia. As you may see, there is a 3 grade cross, with big Lilly, like the pretended 1st Batenberg examples in V. Denkov’s book. Experienced collectors told me that the photos in this book are not reliable and such crosses are not proved to exist. Which is even more curious is the breast star, quite like 1st class one but without the ring with diamond like metallic balls. What do you think of those examples. Are they real, or maybe photoshoped ? Have anyone seen other photos of something like them? Many thanks and best regards, Vazov
  5. Hello Gentlemen, The 7 dots are there, the years also, but the order is Godet 1941. Best, Vazov
  6. Hello Gentlemen, Dear Graf, I didn’t ment to offend anyone but simply to protect our fellow collectors who consult our forum. Also, many thanks to you and 922F for the information. I think it’s obvious that we all are very lucky to be able to rely on both your experience and broad view ! Dear Ilief, I have no words to describe my astonishment in front of the beauty of this piece ! Magnificent ! Do you have more info about when and on which occasion it was supposed to be given to the King? I also notice that the order incrusted on it is rather 3/1 1941 model only with the 1915-1917 years instead (like the personal bravery order of the King). I only wonder if there are the 7 dots, on the ring of the central medallion, can’t really see from the pic but the lion is definitely 1941 model one. Best, Vazov
  7. Personally I would also never buy such thing. Unfortunately, I think that such a lot can always be sold, respectively bought as a speculative asset. The sole fact that all of us, and we have quite some knowledge and experience all together, are not claiming it directly as a fake, but have some doubts, proves it. Often the intelligent men do that mistake by assuming that there’s always other possibility, that we always can eventually be wrong. Besides some part of us want it to be real. If it were real, it’d be so rare, so beautiful. Well it’s not. In this case I strongly believe we’re not wrong and it’s some kind of assembled fake. Someone have simply butchered a magnificent and rare 3/1 star from 1915. The fact that the fake is old doesn’t change anything, the fraud is not a phenomenon from the last 50 years or so
  8. Hello Gentlemen, Happy New Year ! I saw online a very, very bizarre and unusual piece, that I’d like to here your opinion on. It’s a 1 class set of 1915 bravery order, but the star simply does not exist according to the general view. In my humble opinion it’s a « fantasy » piece and someone have incrusted a 3/1 order on a Schwerdtner made base from other star. Graf, perhaps with your broader view on the orders, you will be able to determine which type of order is the base of the star from? Any thoughts? Best, Vazov
  9. Dear Gentlemen, As I continue relentlessly my research and speculations on the "9 dots" sub-emission or whatever it is, please find attached a photo of a 2 class badge. Now we're missing, I believe, only a first class star example and we'll have the entire 9 dots series. As you can see, the 9 dots are here, as well as the radial, sun-like red enamel in the center medallion. The green enamel is darker. However the lion is not like the small lion in the other 9 dots examples we have, but he's neither like in the classic 7 dots. I'd say something in between. The crown is a typical 7 dots one. Perhaps we're speaking of the same manufacturer and here we have a piece he made for the "mainstream" emission wether the other examples were privately made pieces. Any thoughts? Best, Vazov
  10. Hi Gentlemen, Thanks to both of you for the extensive survey. In my modest opinion, the main common details here are three: - the big Lilly; - the particular lion; - the particular and very well finished monogram of Prince Alexander I; I know that you don't share my view that here we have a completely separate emission, but the multiple variations (sign of different manufacturers) speaks exactly of this. Furthermore, I managed to find a photo of another piece of this emission, a First Class breast star (I was sure it exists): This means that we already have found photos of the following: - 4 grade 2 class; - a star 4 grade 1 class like without years on it, just 7 dots; - 3 grade 2 class; - 1 grade badge + star; Or is it just variations of late Battenberg/ early Ferdinand emission? What do you think? Regarding the supposed 1915 emission of a 4 grade 2 class with big Lilly, here's a photo from Denkov's book. Perhaps it was ordered to the same manufacturer that made the 7 dots pieces. I personally never saw such a piece or a photo of it outside the books, have anyone did? Best regards, Vazov
  11. Hi Ilieff, Thanks for the clarification about the 2 grade. Didn't know that. As much as I'd love it to be the first highest grade Battenberg box that we see, I think it's more of an optical illusion. When I look at it it seems to me that the high grade badge above will not fit in, weather the 3 grade on the left will fit and there'll be some free space on the sides, as it is with the normal cases. But it's simply my opinion, you're the expert in the area. For the Lilly badges, I've spotted as well this difference and cannot find explaination. The swords are also different. As well the enamel of the order on the emedals' site is bizarre. I've discussed that point with Graf and personally I have doubts that this is a restauration.... Best, Vazov
  12. Hello, Thanks for the information! With the Ilieff's eye for the graphical details and new world's experience, I believe the matter is quite resolved. I personally have doubts as well for the regency emission of the order. Due to the historical context, I'm not sure that during those turbulent times a doctors sub category was ordered. Perhaps we can have more certainty about the complete emissions of all grades of the order, i.e. 7 dots and 1915. Graf, what do you think? However, do you think that such a conversion can be so masterfully made that no trace of cutting the swords remains? Best, Vazov
  13. Hi Graf, Thanks for the clarifications! I'd like to take the opportunity to restate a question of yours that interests me as well. Have anyone seen a "doctors" cross from the 1941 emission? Personally I've seen it only in the books. If someone have other photos, from a museum, auction and so on, please post them. Many thanks, Vazov
  14. Hi Ilieff, Indeed a very interesting matter. In my modest opinion this is simply the emission previous to the standard 7 dots one. The small number may be easily explicable with the smaller number of persons to reword before the Balkan wars (the serbo-Bulgarian war was a very short one and there was only a handfull of officers in the young Bulgarian army). As well we often forgot the fact that the farest we go back in time, the highest the number of pieces that are lost or destroyed. The difference between these "big lilly" crosses and the later classic 7 dots emission is a considerable one. As is the resemblance between the classic 7 dots orders of 4 and 3 grade that obviously come from the same emission. The fact that some of the orders have their edges notched and some have free standing swords is not that significant detail I think. We know that the same thing exists with the swords in the 1915 and 1941 emission, for example there are pieces of the 1915 3 grade 2 class with "fat crown" with or without free standing swords. As to the 1915 big lilly 4 grade order, I admit that I've never seen one besides in the books and it is hard to explain its presence in the 1915 emissions. Does anyone have a photo not extracted from a book? It'd be very interesting to see one. Best Vazov
  15. Hi Graf, The collection exposed in Sweden is truly magnificent and very beautifully exposed! Do you have any more detailed photos? What I find especially curious is the box and the 2nd grade badge near the king Boris photo. I assume it's a "three dots" one. I spotted two things: 1. I believed that there are only 4 grade 2 class and 1 grade orders from this emission. One could say that the 1 grade badge without the star becomes a 2 grade, which leads me to, 2. The case: it is a 2 grade case I think, which unconditionally means that this "three dots" emission also have a 2 grade! Also, the case itself is more like Ferdinand then Boris one. It will be very unfortunate if we cannot find more photos.... Best, Vazov
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