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  1. Hi all. I would like to put some photos on here. Anyone like to tell me how it is done please? Dan
  2. Hi Mervyn I think Rod takes the cake with his collection. Was Rod in charge of the Metal Crushing Machine for destruction of returned badges? I have a few treasures- in particular a Commonwealth Police Lapel Badge. I am very interested in the Australian Commonwealth Territories - in particular ACT, Norfolk, NT, CI, also Military Police badges. Tasmania is also an area of interested. Can someone please advise how to upload a picture? I have some badges I would like some input on please. Can you upload a pic directly from your PC? regards Dan
  3. Thanks for posting the Australia Post badge. It is a beauty. Daniel.
  4. Hi Rod this is Daniel in Western Australia.... interested in the unusual and old. Australia Post badge. Are those your Naval / Raaf badges? .
  5. any change you can post a picture of the "Australia Post" badge you have?