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  1. Hi Jock, thanks for the reply. You are correct as to my having my money in my pocket. I have done quite a bit of research on this item and the deeper I go the more confusion I seem to find. You hit the nail on the head about the pin. That is the first item I put in my negative column. The 800 silver is another negative as the reproductions seem to have the same number font in the same location. Is it a war time replacement? I don't know. Passing up on a item such as this is always tough but better safe than sorry. Best regards, Chuck.
  2. Good morning, I'm new to the forum and posted this entry in the wrong location. Sorry about that. I am in the process of possible buying a Heer para badge. There was a very good posting on this subject but would like additional "eyes on" and thoughts as to the authenticity of this badge. Thanks in advance. Chuck
  3. Thank you John. Unfortunately there is no return policy with this piece. The seller is asking a buyer's price which makes it intriguing. I appreciate your response. The more I "sleep" on this deal the less I am inclined to purchase the badge. Chuck.