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  1. Peter, most of the WWI examples I have seen have a white plastic looking buttons, this is the only one I have seen with the metal buttons and also it came out of a skip with other later Victorian/Edwardian items which perhaps makes it a bit earlier than the others I have seen.
  2. Time Left: 1 day and 4 hours

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    WWII German Luftwaffe tropical sun helmet made by Clemens Wagner, nicely marked thought the makers name is tucked behind the sweatband. Undated but it is from 1941-43. All original parts though I replaced the eagle with an original I owned, otherwise untouched. Sadly many of these lost their badges but I had one to put on it as they can be hard to find and expensive if you don't have one. £300.00 + P&P, which depends on what you want and where you live, I put £30 in the box because it was required. I prefer Paypal I will cover the fees. I am open to sensible offers. Feel free to ask any questions or for other photo's of anything you want to see. Obviously condition is as in the photo's, I have tried to show everything wrong with it. The crown of the dome is slightly crushed as can be seen and there are some dark stains/dust on it.


  3. I also have a WWII Royal Army Medical Corp BD blouse with original insignia. It is a Canadian made example dated to early 1945 with RAMC titles and London District divisional cloth patches.
  4. I am not a medical collector but I do have this C. WWI or perhaps slightly earlier British armband with red cross and Army Medical Service inkstamp
  5. The two mess jackets I own both have shoulder straps fitted, other than that I cannot add anything to the discussion. Perhaps a school army cadet uniform rather than military college. I also have a unknown pillbox perhaps form a similar source or maybe a band in the case of the one I have.
  6. except the dome vent and liner suspension was introduced c.1930 and the foil lining was used in 1942/3. There was an earlier period when the foil was used but not in conjunction with the vent and liner of these types. it might have been pimped.
  7. c. 1942/43. No idea on value.
  8. indeed Leigh, rasc as you say. I have a 1965 dated example with rasc piping but rcot buttons and badge as they became the latter in 65. I also have a later rcot fs cap with golden yellow piping.
  9. An old thread; but the cap is as Clive stated a Royal Corps of Transport forage cap with incorrect Royal Engineers badge added to it. The makers mark is Herbert Johnson and is by appointment to the late King George VI so dates to between 1953 and a few years when the royal warrant was changed to by appointment to the Queen (QEII).
  10. truly a stunning and historical item of headgear. I think in the end it is hard not to see this as an extensively restored original. I dread to wonder how much one of these costs to buy and how much the restoration cost. thanks for sharing it and all the information and pictures.
  11. I have a few more slouch hats and also a Gurkha bush hat and a NZ Forces Lemon Squeezer. I ummed and ahed over that Welch slouch hat for a long times and almost hit the buy button...
  12. I was tempted to buy the other Welch example for a couple of years but never did. I have not looked at it for a while as it was still for sale last time I looked. I think it was an officers example because of the badge. Other than that I think they would be the same as OR's versions, from what I have seen.
  13. Way too early a date item for me to say anymore than it looks good, but whether it is an original or a movie prop etc.... I could not say.
  14. I have a few WWII British Slouch Hats (as well as Aussie examples) and also post war versions so always try and find a date on them if you can. Many you see have had their badges removed, which is a real shame but sometimes the owner kept the badges before parting with the hat, though others will have been stripped by badge collectors. The British also sometimes used Aussie or South African made examples, one of the former of which I have which has sadly had its badges removed.
  15. This forum is big for camo collectors including dpm.