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  1. KuK bar, large silver bravery 2x

    Here a very nice officer´s bar from Lt. Peter Scheider which was sold on www.dorotheum.com for more than 5.000 € some weeks ago: https://www.dorotheum.com/auktionen/aktuelle-auktionen/kataloge/list-lots-detail/auktion/12827-orden-und-auszeichnungen/lotID/3092/lot/2296574-auszeichnungsspange-leutnant-peter-scheider.html?currentPage=4&results=sold&img=1
  2. Yes, it is a pre-WWII production after 1938, look at the "Ringöse" Christian I am not collecting TKMs therefore just two contributions:
  3. Signum laudis Bronze and silver

    Here some of my collection: Franz Joseph and Karl: Cases:
  4. We can assume it´s an officer´s ribbon bar, therefore the austrian ribbons would (but must not!) be in common: Militärverdienstkreuz 3. Kl., Silberne Militärverdienstmedaille, Bronzene Militärverdienstmedaille, Karl-Truppenkreuz, Hindenburgkreuz, Österr. Kriegsmedaille, Jubiläumskreuz 1908 and Mobilisierungskreuz 1912-13. Regards Christian
  5. if it goes cheap and wth original ribbon *lol*
  6. Edelweiss Division silver Bravery Medal

    His rank was "Landsturm-Jäger" which would be a private. In November 1917 the 3rd Kaiserjäger-Regiment was part of the Edelweiß-Division. Kindest Christian
  7. I have collected four examples of TKM-mounting: Henkelöse: regular models from 1798 until 1918 (in WW1 esp. for real gold medals) - they were not useful for mounting on a triangular ribbon Walzenöse: model mostly used before and in WW1 Kugelöse: mainly used in WW1 Ringöse: used from 1938 to 1945 Regards Christian
  8. Order of the Iron Crown

    Dear Elmar, I was sure that YOU will know the fact of faked chains but I wanted to tell it the others *lol*. Kindest Christian
  9. Gents, here another addition: starting in the 1920ties owners of the TKM could purchase real gold struck medals from uniform suppliers. Those were produced by the Austrian mint (Hauptmünzamt Wien) until the late 1970ties. I remember that "Uniform Dürbeck" in Wien IX, Berggasse, had a own price list for that. I can not provide pics of the different styles because I don´t collect medals. Maybe Elmar could? Regards Christian
  10. and: there were after WW1 produced medals for mounting on german-style bars from 1938 to 1945. They have a different style for attachment and ring. Regards Christian
  11. Order of the Iron Crown

    One collar was sold some years ago for 90.000 (incl. all) at Dorotheum Wien. It was gold. You have to be careful, there are semi-copies made from original parts combined with fake parts. They are of modern hungarian origin. They produce two collars out of one with casted elements. Kindest Christian
  12. And here a real Beauty which I traded some years ago... Kindest Christian
  13. Yep, your are right. The precedence was MVK, MVM, TKM, KTK, Hindenburg, Austrian commemorative medals (1914 - 1918, 1912-13), hungarian war medal, bulgarian war medal. Look at another example.... Kindest Christian
  14. Some remarks: Militärverdienstkreuz was just for officers. It must be a german officers bar. An austrian officer serving with fighting troops in WW1 would have owened a Militärverdienstmedaille Silber (in most cases) and Bronze in addition. And a Karl-Truppenkreuz. As you can see on the attached pic. Thats a very common type of bar with exeption of the "Kriegsmedaille 1873" which was quite rare in WW1. Militärverdienstkreuz 3. Klasse was the lowest decoration which was awarded to foreign officers in WW1. They did not receive any Militärverdienstmedaille or Karl-Truppenkreuz. Kindest Christian
  15. Order of the Iron Crown

    Historical items have a starting price about 350,- €, as you can see here (and the difference in quality): https://www.dorotheum.com/auktionen/aktuelle-auktionen/kataloge/list-lots/auktion/12827-orden-und-auszeichnungen.html Christian