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  1. Not only pilots, flight crew qualified too- and I would bet this guy ended his career as a Major. Note The USAAC good conducts- followed by only one USAF good conduct-6/9 years total enlisted time. But two NCO schools AND 24 years (+) based on the longevity ribbon. Career from@ 1953-1978-ish? When was the long tour deployment ribbon created?
  2. very cool bar!
  3. That Junta badge is cool and I bet has some history
  4. Well, those are rare as rare can be. The Orders are detaied in Orden magazine from 1980 or thereabouts-
  5. Is the ribbon on the Derg refugee medal a Nigerian one? I reckon the Resistance planchet got swapped over- but maybe there was a rare variation? The Negerat was published right through the Mengistu collapse, so perhaps it can clear up some question. The LOC has a full run.
  6. I'd love to see photos of vets with these. Brandon Gauthier has a number of superb shots and examples. He is up in Vermont and has a web site: www.portraitsofwar. . Its worth a look.
  7. The more I look at this, the more I go hmmmmmmmmmm.......almost like a piece of Coro had a tughra inner core added. Yet, too complex and nice- and unique to be costume jewelry methinks. Owain? Owain? By the way Gordon, how's the Hungarian collecting going? I had lunch with one of Pal Mater's' insurgent body guards yesterday. He has an album of unpublished photos of '56- before Andropov dropped the hammer.
  8. Yup. Cool huh?
  9. perhaps he lied.That's why I wondered about the Bund of German Jewish War veterans.
  10. Well, not really, but I am very surprised he is a Catholic and not Jewish. Kind of an interesting for its pedestrianness, " all over the place, but nothing unusual: been there, did it" war for this guy. I got briefly excited by the demob. stamps as I misread it as " Party Comrades...btln. unit", but then retead it and realized my error. If you ever want to sell........
  11. Ask Demir. He often haunts the TWM site on Facebook.
  12. Do I see an EK2/HKx/Austrian bravery w/bar and Hungarian WW1 medal?