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  1. Yes. This fakery has been going on for a while-the technique is common for US Civil War CDVs and has been since the 1970s. I was shown Confederate CDV fakes in 1975. Bartko Rehrer was the guy who bought the old paper and reprinted photos. i have an original of a freikorps chap with a dog -and three slightly fuzzy copies of the same picture. I think Dave Danner gave me one of them.
  2. Ulsterman

    Identification of Ethiopian Medal

    So an imperial personal gift?
  3. Ulsterman


    Thats probably the guy. The WW2 memorial database sometimes shows veterans. Those late WW2 bronze Stars were awarded wellinto Vietnam. I thought I read in the JOMSA up until 1970 when a new contract was given.
  4. theres an 8th Air Force database. Try asking here. The collective we here have a lot of resources.
  5. Ulsterman

    US Certificate of Gratitude.

    nope-no medal.
  6. Ulsterman

    2 badges and a medal

    As I recall thats a private commemorative version that was adopted by several towns-with different planchets and ribbons.
  7. Austrians awarded the wound medal usually kept their medalson their bars -there's a tonne of photos for this.
  8. Ulsterman

    Avatar Names; Why?

    well, mines a translation of my name. The internet is comprised of some very nasty people-especially ones that collect TR. Rick Lundstroms experience with a certain Parisian is enough to make anyone want an extra layer of security, especially these days when bots are actively seeking your information.
  9. cool. i met a couple of Boer war vets myself as a kid. Oh to have seen what they did.
  10. Ulsterman

    USA Ribbon Bars

    I dont think its made up. Why would one bother? Instead I suggest its possibly AFS and very early 1946- 1947, which would fit the construction.
  11. As an aside-very few of the residents of Ostmark applied for and received an HK. The medal was authorized for Ostmarkers only in 1939 and frozen in early 1940.
  12. I thought archive research had narrowed down the non Bavarian awards of the MVK pre war to almost nobody(1-3?).
  13. My money is on a Deckofficer. Without the SaxAlbx its a classic combination for someone stuck in the Baltic for 1914-18.
  14. yup-implied. Rick showed me the research he and others had done on the Olympic medal awards. A huge number went to metro area Berlin police.
  15. The MM was an officers' only award was it not? However, I thought Feldwebel-Lts, Faehrichs and Officer Stelvtr. ranks could also receive it. Sedalzek was in business well into the 1970s and it looks like an original bar. I think you did ok.