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  1. Well, Ed Haynes (not here-but on Facebook) would know and so would Nick Higton. Hilton has all sorts of odd Indian army records. Try them.
  2. A Chinese Officer ( Admiral?) is mentioned in my local paper free at the local fish shop. Can anyone tell us what his ribbon bar signifies?
  3. No. I knew he was Stahlhelm-I have their provincial rank lists. But Ithought the badge was a form of a unit form of the Polish uprisings badge. I have a photo of a Freikorps chap with this type of eagle badge with the Prussian shield on the chest.Nice and rare Wehrsport oaks.
  4. The "Cafard", Suicide in the Legion, 1916

    Nope- an eery place indeed though. He is Irish and was invalided out of the Legion after 4 months when they had him jump out of a moving lorry " in full kit" and he landed the wrong way.
  5. Group of 4 PLA medals

    Hmmmm... you know. the middle and right ones are worth looking at.
  6. While there were a number of official BSUSA awards for wartime service, this is the first time I have seen an award -probably a local Council-or maybe even a state Council-award. Allegedly awarded for assistance during the great flu epidemic if 1919, when Boy Scouts helped as Red Cross assistants-or were attached to National Guard militias in some cities (acting as runners, sandwich makers, etc.) this medal is new to me. Anyone else got an idea? By the style I would guess 1930s-50s. Anyone?
  7. Argentinian War Dead Memorial offer.

    A few more close ups of commercial commemoratives available on line...
  8. Argentinian War Dead Memorial offer.

    .....and as with Weimar, the Falklands have now become a business opportunity for trophy/ medal makers eager to expand out of the Litte League/ school perfect attendance trophy/award market. Look at these offered for sale at this very moment! AND worn by vets marching on Malvinas Day! Much to my surprise- whilst snouting around the internet I came across photos from an album I now own! Another interesting fun fact is that if one googles " Medalles Malvinas" and makes one tiny little spelling error and clicks "images" you find some very odd pictures of glittery nude teenage vampirettes illustrating some sort of story about a sexy vampire on the islands during the war! The world has gone mad.
  9. I love these regimental diplomas. I reckon there is a whole untapped collecting/research area in these awards-" given when one could not get another EK2". Hitler got one and I have seen a few unofficial private medals to commemorate such diplomas.
  10. The "Cafard", Suicide in the Legion, 1916

    very cool! I met a very old ex Legionnaire yesterday -in the elevator of the Dallas Book Depository of all places.
  11. yes. but note the breast badge
  12. Argentinian War Dead Memorial offer.

    A few more iterations.... I do not know what is going on interwebs wise in Argentina, but litterally 80% of the military websites there I bookmarked five years ago are gone- poof! and another close up
  13. A set of American medals of one person

    Ah! I did not realize you were behind an internet " Great Wall". hang on-I'll have a look and and detail what I find below. Then others here who have bigger libraries/Ancestry I am sure can add more.
  14. HUGE questions! There is an OMSA article about this topic and the OMSA Bronze Star monograph goes into great detail. Bottom line is -yeah-big differences. During the war specific machines were used and some collectors can actually tell which operator engraved the names by their 'writing' . War time issues tended to be for KIA or VIPs only. the vast majority of these were awarded unnamed and lots of vets later had them privately engraved. I did my Dad and Uncles in the 1980s at our local trophy shop. Fakers of course try to augment unnamed pieces wit names, but honestly a guy like Carson was brace,but obscure. Finding the details of his award would take real work and would cost more to research than to engrave. The " profit" is not there-at least for BS or GC or Merit medals.
  15. Ethiopian Korean Medals

    see also...
  16. The "Cafard", Suicide in the Legion, 1916

    His absurd novel about a " mannish" woman who follows her lover into the Legion has an entire chapter on a discussion of La Cafard-and even blames the infamous exploration expedition of voulet-Chanoine which turned into mass genocide- upon the phenomenon.
  17. These are legit. I discussed this with Gordon Williamson no less than 22 years ago when I found one in a vets' lot in Salt Lake ( imperial too-a mere $99- oh to go back in time) . These were made before 1940/41 when the LDO standards were put into effect and iron, " the German metal of strength, courage and sacrifice" was made mandatory. There is no evidence that these were " naval" or even issued pieces, but undisputed legitimate groups direct from vets have them ( brass) and they were definetly sold in Hamburg. They were not cheap and brass was a War restricted metal after early 1942. A correlation between navy ( esp. U Boat crews) does seem to exist. One was brought up from a dive on a wrecked U Boat off the East Coast of the USA and there is another at the minimuseum in Portsmouth NH, which has a some items taken from the U Boats that were brought there to surrender. For what its worth, I have been collecting since the late 1960s and researched fake manufacturers- and I have never come across a faker who made brass ones-frankly iron is cheaper and easier to manufacture than brass.
  18. Kriegserinnerungsmedaille

    Pretty cool. In the safe I have a similar one to #1 which was awarded to a civilian bureaucrat in the War Ministry in Vienna. The really cool thing about it is that it was awarded to him in New York in 1938-just before the Anschluss and he was a Jew. He also got the Hungarian civil award. It might be hereabouts in one of the older threads.