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  1. USA Ribbon Bars

    I dont think its made up. Why would one bother? Instead I suggest its possibly AFS and very early 1946- 1947, which would fit the construction.
  2. As an aside-very few of the residents of Ostmark applied for and received an HK. The medal was authorized for Ostmarkers only in 1939 and frozen in early 1940.
  3. I thought archive research had narrowed down the non Bavarian awards of the MVK pre war to almost nobody(1-3?).
  4. My money is on a Deckofficer. Without the SaxAlbx its a classic combination for someone stuck in the Baltic for 1914-18.
  5. yup-implied. Rick showed me the research he and others had done on the Olympic medal awards. A huge number went to metro area Berlin police.
  6. The MM was an officers' only award was it not? However, I thought Feldwebel-Lts, Faehrichs and Officer Stelvtr. ranks could also receive it. Sedalzek was in business well into the 1970s and it looks like an original bar. I think you did ok.
  7. Regarding the Post of May above-I strongly suspect this was a German made/ repaired item made by Kleitman/Godet in the 1960s. Kleitman made a number of these as replacements and as collectors items. In his window/show display items he sometimes enscribed the item on the rear.
  8. Bringing History to life...

    yeah. they really are amazingly vivid.
  9. Bringing History to life...

    This thread is a pleasure to go through. I belong to a historical photography and film club up here. One of the guys told me recently that it was standard practice in the 1920s- 1950s to use a sky blue backdrape, as it offset the grey contrasts of the film well and could be easily lightened or darkened by augmenting lights of various strengths.
  10. I found two crossbelt plates :-)

    Outstanding find!
  11. Well, Ed Haynes (not here-but on Facebook) would know and so would Nick Higton. Hilton has all sorts of odd Indian army records. Try them.
  12. A Chinese Officer ( Admiral?) is mentioned in my local paper free at the local fish shop. Can anyone tell us what his ribbon bar signifies?
  13. No. I knew he was Stahlhelm-I have their provincial rank lists. But Ithought the badge was a form of a unit form of the Polish uprisings badge. I have a photo of a Freikorps chap with this type of eagle badge with the Prussian shield on the chest.Nice and rare Wehrsport oaks.
  14. The "Cafard", Suicide in the Legion, 1916

    Nope- an eery place indeed though. He is Irish and was invalided out of the Legion after 4 months when they had him jump out of a moving lorry " in full kit" and he landed the wrong way.
  15. Group of 4 PLA medals

    Hmmmm... you know. the middle and right ones are worth looking at.
  16. While there were a number of official BSUSA awards for wartime service, this is the first time I have seen an award -probably a local Council-or maybe even a state Council-award. Allegedly awarded for assistance during the great flu epidemic if 1919, when Boy Scouts helped as Red Cross assistants-or were attached to National Guard militias in some cities (acting as runners, sandwich makers, etc.) this medal is new to me. Anyone else got an idea? By the style I would guess 1930s-50s. Anyone?
  17. Argentinian War Dead Memorial offer.

    A few more close ups of commercial commemoratives available on line...
  18. Argentinian War Dead Memorial offer.

    .....and as with Weimar, the Falklands have now become a business opportunity for trophy/ medal makers eager to expand out of the Litte League/ school perfect attendance trophy/award market. Look at these offered for sale at this very moment! AND worn by vets marching on Malvinas Day! Much to my surprise- whilst snouting around the internet I came across photos from an album I now own! Another interesting fun fact is that if one googles " Medalles Malvinas" and makes one tiny little spelling error and clicks "images" you find some very odd pictures of glittery nude teenage vampirettes illustrating some sort of story about a sexy vampire on the islands during the war! The world has gone mad.
  19. I love these regimental diplomas. I reckon there is a whole untapped collecting/research area in these awards-" given when one could not get another EK2". Hitler got one and I have seen a few unofficial private medals to commemorate such diplomas.