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  1. The "Cafard", Suicide in the Legion, 1916

    very cool! I met a very old ex Legionnaire yesterday -in the elevator of the Dallas Book Depository of all places.
  2. yes. but note the breast badge
  3. Argentinian War Dead Memorial offer.

    A few more iterations.... I do not know what is going on interwebs wise in Argentina, but litterally 80% of the military websites there I bookmarked five years ago are gone- poof! and another close up
  4. A set of American medals of one person

    Ah! I did not realize you were behind an internet " Great Wall". hang on-I'll have a look and and detail what I find below. Then others here who have bigger libraries/Ancestry I am sure can add more.
  5. HUGE questions! There is an OMSA article about this topic and the OMSA Bronze Star monograph goes into great detail. Bottom line is -yeah-big differences. During the war specific machines were used and some collectors can actually tell which operator engraved the names by their 'writing' . War time issues tended to be for KIA or VIPs only. the vast majority of these were awarded unnamed and lots of vets later had them privately engraved. I did my Dad and Uncles in the 1980s at our local trophy shop. Fakers of course try to augment unnamed pieces wit names, but honestly a guy like Carson was brace,but obscure. Finding the details of his award would take real work and would cost more to research than to engrave. The " profit" is not there-at least for BS or GC or Merit medals.
  6. The "Cafard", Suicide in the Legion, 1916

    His absurd novel about a " mannish" woman who follows her lover into the Legion has an entire chapter on a discussion of La Cafard-and even blames the infamous exploration expedition of voulet-Chanoine which turned into mass genocide- upon the phenomenon.
  7. These are legit. I discussed this with Gordon Williamson no less than 22 years ago when I found one in a vets' lot in Salt Lake ( imperial too-a mere $99- oh to go back in time) . These were made before 1940/41 when the LDO standards were put into effect and iron, " the German metal of strength, courage and sacrifice" was made mandatory. There is no evidence that these were " naval" or even issued pieces, but undisputed legitimate groups direct from vets have them ( brass) and they were definetly sold in Hamburg. They were not cheap and brass was a War restricted metal after early 1942. A correlation between navy ( esp. U Boat crews) does seem to exist. One was brought up from a dive on a wrecked U Boat off the East Coast of the USA and there is another at the minimuseum in Portsmouth NH, which has a some items taken from the U Boats that were brought there to surrender. For what its worth, I have been collecting since the late 1960s and researched fake manufacturers- and I have never come across a faker who made brass ones-frankly iron is cheaper and easier to manufacture than brass.
  8. Kriegserinnerungsmedaille

    Pretty cool. In the safe I have a similar one to #1 which was awarded to a civilian bureaucrat in the War Ministry in Vienna. The really cool thing about it is that it was awarded to him in New York in 1938-just before the Anschluss and he was a Jew. He also got the Hungarian civil award. It might be hereabouts in one of the older threads.
  9. USA Ribbon Bars

    Yup. There were about 30 regular officers assigned to assist with the implementation if the draft in 1940/41. Most were junior officers. I just read an obit. of one who pulled the first draft numbers in front of FDR himself. They all got the Selective Service medal.
  10. A total Walter Mitty?

    without a doubt. There are two different US Special Forces Walter Mitty groups on Facebook alone and given the propensity for these guys to commit fraud-the FBI looks at them.
  11. 1917-1919 ww1 medals

    The New York number should be in the OMSA database. Try emailing them. That Furst Div. shooting medal is very cool.
  12. A set of American medals of one person

    His obit. is found at "supersabre". He died in NV in 2015. My Dad knew him at Bitburg. He got his wings at age 16. Retired a Colonel in 1969. Looks like he had the American theater ribbon and WW2 Victory medal, with the National Defense, (2 stars) , Korean War, UN Korea, Vietnam War and Vietnamese Vietnam campaign medals as well as the usual USAF service ribbons. I do not think he had the occupation ribbon and he was out before they started handing out excessive achievement medals. He would have rated the Korean Korean War medal too, but they just started handing those out about ten years ago.
  13. cThe top one is post 1935 Reich regulations and the ones below are Saxon first ore 1935.
  14. Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    outstanding thread!
  15. Yeah, the Bavarian LS is odd, but it happened-I have a Bavarians' Hamburg citizenship certificate given to him by the city Senate in 1914 along with his original Luitpold medal certificate. Later he served in RIR76. I got it from Detlev. I bet this chap was a Feldwebel or even a Feldwebel-Lt.
  16. I believe additional information on this officer may be found in the Mormon Family Library archives. I shall check when I am next there.
  17. Korean War Medal Bars

    Brett H. just posted some superb Dutch medal bars (in the Turkey section), so I thought I'd start a topic on Korean War medal bars. Given the international aspect of the conflict, all sorts of interesting things could show up. For example, we know that Soviet and Warsaw Pact advisers were in Korea..... This is my recent find, an Ethiopian Imperial Guard medal bar.