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  1. I.r.a.

    Well, they certainly weren't going to win a military victory. But they eventually realized thet (@ 1987/89)-hence the "bullet and ballot box"/ Long War strategy where violence was used to augment elections.
  2. I.r.a.

    I think the military phase is over for at least a generation. But I doubt they'll ever hand over all their weapons; even they've figured out that they can't fight a full fledged terror campaign in a world post-9/11. Also, I suspect while they hold onto their guns to "save face", there's also a blunt tactical purpose in play as well. An armed enemy is treated much more seriously than an unarmed one. Lastly, while the UDA/UFF fell apart back into their gangster elements, don't understimate them. If the balloon ever does go up again-watch out. The "Real IRA" downed weapons after the 3rd UDA Battalion made it very clear that Ms. Sands' kids were considered legitimate targets (complete with photos of them on their way to school). They also have been very efficient about killing their IRA targets. If the UDA chose to expand their war to include family members and the Provos and others sit back and watch, the Real IRA would last all of a weekend. There's a history in Ireland of Armed Militants becoming politicians and then-a generation later-being outflanked by the more militant (e.g. violent) group. I suspect that Sinn Fein are aware of that (certasinly Danny Morrison was and said so at the Ard Dheis in 1996) and thats' another reason AK47s still sit in bunkers near Killeybegs. Anyway, the above isn't meant as "politics" but tactical assessment.
  3. I.r.a.

    It's ok. It's getting more "modern" every day:crime, crowding etc. etc. . The Provos clearly won and they think so too. Adams once said as much to me 15 years ago. They sit in the seats of power after all. Not bad for an ex-sailor and a barman.
  4. I heard that Spinks has been asked to design an Afghani campaign medal for the "Taliban campaign". Also, isn't htere a UN medal for service in Afghanastan now?

    RE: #6, I thought that the Defense Medal could only be awarded for service within the UK proper. I supposed that the India Service Medal replaced the Defense medal. Am I wrong?
  6. I.r.a.

    The "Stickie"/ provo split also had a lot to do with age and Marxist ideology. The older Sticks were all hard core leftists. The Provos were/are socialists, but most didn't believe in "fostering class revolution and 'class interest would lead to uniting with the Prods" . The Provos just wanted to fight-hit back-and they did. I remember one guy telling me that in 1971 just after the split the average provo was 19 years old and the average Stick was 45+.
  7. No. No museum. There's a guy in Nova Scotia who specializes in Singapore groups. The Cambridgeshire regt. was captured there in 1942. He may be able to help you. By the way, I believe the regiment was a regular one and eventually amalgamated into the Anglians.
  8. The Purple Heart

    Good mint engraving. Until 1942 a number of Purple Hearts were also awarded as "merit" decoratons to both soldiers and civillians; one was awarded to a Pacific island native who captured a Japanese pilot. Recently the criteria were changed so as to NOT allow civillians to be awarded the medal (see link above). Some civillians were given the award in Viet Nam as well as WW2. This change is because award of a Purple Heart is now all that is necessary to obtain entrance and full care at a V.A. (Veterans' Adminstration) hospital.