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  1. Ulsterman

    1917-1919 ww1 medals

    The New York number should be in the OMSA database. Try emailing them. That Furst Div. shooting medal is very cool.
  2. Ulsterman

    A set of American medals of one person

    His obit. is found at "supersabre". He died in NV in 2015. My Dad knew him at Bitburg. He got his wings at age 16. Retired a Colonel in 1969. Looks like he had the American theater ribbon and WW2 Victory medal, with the National Defense, (2 stars) , Korean War, UN Korea, Vietnam War and Vietnamese Vietnam campaign medals as well as the usual USAF service ribbons. I do not think he had the occupation ribbon and he was out before they started handing out excessive achievement medals. He would have rated the Korean Korean War medal too, but they just started handing those out about ten years ago.
  3. cThe top one is post 1935 Reich regulations and the ones below are Saxon first ore 1935.
  4. Ulsterman

    Pre-WW1: US military attaché to Paris Embassy

    outstanding thread!
  5. Yeah, the Bavarian LS is odd, but it happened-I have a Bavarians' Hamburg citizenship certificate given to him by the city Senate in 1914 along with his original Luitpold medal certificate. Later he served in RIR76. I got it from Detlev. I bet this chap was a Feldwebel or even a Feldwebel-Lt.
  6. I believe additional information on this officer may be found in the Mormon Family Library archives. I shall check when I am next there.
  7. Ulsterman

    Aisle C, Row 4, Crate 12.

    Very nice
  8. I was talking to an old guy this morning whose father won the Croix D' Guerre at this hamlet. According to him, the "last stand" made great newspaper reading, but in fact the Yankee Division got whomped. Pershing was considering firing the Divisional commander and Brigade commanders but the French Brigadier made a big deal of the raid and awarded over a hundred Croix D' Guerres for the action-which made formal public discipline impossible. So afterwards Pershing tightened the U.S. Troops' abilities to be awarded foreign medals.
  9. Ulsterman

    USA Ribbon Bars

    Actually- no- it means he went to OCS and became an officer. I see LOTs of these bars weekly. A Tip- USAFA prior enlisted who have been selected for the academy have a star on their basic training ribbons, as they have to do it twice. Given whats there-and not there- @(1976-1981) to (1996-2001) career range. I think the scond star to the NDSM was authorized very swiftly after 9/11/2001. Also- I think the old USAF good conduct was given for 4 years- but changed to three in 1996? This guy was a Major- maybe a rising Lt. Col. and this was his/ her bar upon retirement, because who adds the final cluster to their longevity ribbon after they discharge?
  10. Ulsterman

    Ethiopia: The Imperial Order of the Ethiopian Lion

    As a follow up-this Order seems to not be widely awarded by the Royal House in Exile- but where it is, it has some prestiege- examples are to a number of prominent Ethiopian business people in the USA, General Westmorland, and including one to a pilot who got the Red Star in the Somalian war under the Derg! I doubt there were more than 300 of these made.
  11. Ulsterman

    Identify Unit on Helmet

    I have seen a lot of pictures of these being worn at homecoming parades or at Memorial Day parades-esp. in the 1920s. I have never seen a photo of one like this in France/Germany.
  12. Ulsterman

    US Dept of State Special Agent's Badge 1917

    You know -i would have thought this is something friends of mine would have known about - but this is a completely new subject area for me. I smell PHD. thesis to be honest. Have you asked over at USMiliteria?
  13. Ulsterman

    2 badges and a medal

    In a word - yeah. The mini medal is kind of common. The American Red Cross stuff - not common at all, statistically. The ribbon on the Red Cross badge/ medal tended to come apart over time- being silk. The blue ribboned badge was awarded to women volunteers who completed 800 hours of service. The badge was worn on duty in uniform. Tens of thousands of women volunteered in WW1 for the Red Cross, but its estimated that only about 10,000 got the 800 hours medal.
  14. Ulsterman

    Help with ribbon

    It was a private purchase " Allied Victory ribbon" made in England ( and later France) and sold in the US PX by Jan. 1919. Subsequent Army HQ orders ( April, 1919?) of the day warned against wearing " unofficial ribbons" but by that time a lot of GIs had them and wore them anyway. The official Allied Victory ribbon was not finalized I think until later in 1919- around the Versailles Conference. We know this was English made because a complete 100 yard WW1 vintage roll came up on eBay a few years back -made in 1919. I think theres a photo of it here abouts somewhere. I believe it was made in Sheffield by some family firm. Studley also had this in his catalogue as a WW1 Victory medal variation and many towns and counties used it for their local medals. There is a massive thread on this subject in the US militeria forum.
  15. I may have a slot broach lying around. As for the ribbon- can you use silk?
  16. Cool. Got any paperwork to go with it?
  17. wonderful little bar! Railways? Post office?
  18. He should be easy to find as the Munich residency files from 100 years ago are still around. I flipped through a few when I was there last Fall. Try the City Museuem or the army museum, as their research halls are fantastic.