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  1. Great thread! Just finished Soenke Neitzels' book on this episode.
  2. Great info! I walked into a mini. of one of these last week and thought ...what?!
  3. Re: the Sta. Btlnfhr. I think has the German War Veterans Assiciation badge/medal that Kleitman write about and is/was so often seen in 1933-35. I am on my phone so can not access my photo files-but it has Germania putting a wreath on top of a soldier Victoria-ish. It's sort of teardrop shaped. That's when that photo dates to 1933-35-as the NSDAP insignia has been pinned on as a member of the SA Reserve. After the Roehm Putsch and the subsequent mopping up, the Stahlhelm insignia quickly disappeared and were soon replaced by SA/ NSDAP /NSKOV insignia. Several score of Stahlhelm senior officers were either shot or imprisoned after Roehm.
  4. Ulsterman

    Chinese General's ribbon bar?

    I found this picture on an obscure web site on inter-military cooperation. can anyone identify the ribbons on this chaps' bar?
  5. Ulsterman

    A total Walter Mitty?

    Not only that-he claimed to be the son of an SS Obergruppenfuehrer, was in the HJ/Volksturm in 1945 and then acted as a recruiting agent for Rhodesia-for which he was fined 3000 Marks ( see Der Spiegel) in 1976- and he also claimed to have served in the Legion! He is still alive and lives not far from Chris B. ( google him-he is not the Koblenz Notar who died in 2014 and also served in the Volksturm).
  6. Ulsterman

    Ethiopian Korean Medals

    There were at least two and maybe three "official" versions of the Ethiopian campaign medal produced-the most common by Sporring of Sweden, a special pure silver version that may have either been unique or for selected high officers only ( made by Spink?) and lastly a version not marked -and assumed to be made in Ethiopia.
  7. Is that a donors' variation of the Knigjts of Malta? Or an Austrian Malta Knights' members' badge ? Major Zulus?
  8. Ulsterman

    3 War USMC medal group

    Probably Freeman. As I recall the NDSM star was not authorized for Vietnam/Berlin until 1965/66. The Vietnamese campaign star I thought was blanket awarded by the ROV after the Marines landed in 1965 -or maybe the Tonkin incident. Its in the Stars and Stripes somewhere
  9. Ulsterman

    IRAN - Islamic Republic

    Hi Owain! many thanks! Yup, as Ed said above-medal of courage-easy to spot because of the " bronze star' like ribbon. Here is an edited photo of the January medal award ceremony following the Iranian-US negotiations.
  10. Very cool. That is the first time I have ever seen the parents' authorization form for the one year volunteer program. Very cool group.
  11. No kidding! Note Dr. Israel's rare Jubilee oaks atop a NONCOMBATANT EK2/1870-how cool is that? The DRK chap who looks like Oliver Hardy is wearing a DRK medal 3rd class with a colonial clasp, is he not? These were awarded.
  12. Bingo! My paper copy is smudged in the wrong spot! colonel Joe Rookery, look here!
  13. Damn. That is cool. Very cool. The ring document undoubtedly...
  14. Very rare to a Gefreiter... Note the date... A consolation prize/ disbandment award?
  15. Very nice. I love the EK1 awarded for ' field service'.
  16. Undoubtedly original. The ribbons are classically aged. Typical regular NCO's group. I really like stuff to the 191st/100th. They fought against the AEF as I recall.
  17. Ulsterman

    3 War USMC medal group

    Wow! love the DFC!
  18. Ulsterman

    IRAN - Islamic Republic

    Some more Islamic Republic medal images-
  19. Ulsterman

    Iranian medal?

    I believe this is the contemporary Republican version...
  20. Ulsterman

    Freikorps EK2 ?

    I wondered about that too-where was the 442nd? Also, where was the Queen Elizabeth Garde Regiment in the fall of 1918?
  21. Ulsterman

    The "Infamous" "Medal detective"

    This guy is either an uber-patriot con man or a con man using emotive patriotism. Word on the street is he has hopes to get the sale banned, then lobby Congress to fund his Purple Heart Memorial Center and pay himself to be Executive Director of course. He has mastered the process of using modern US media to create " false" but feel good stories-combining a straw man enemy of " greedy businessmen profiting off the deaths of heroes" with a feel-good story about a " lost" item being returned to distant family members. Recently he " returned" a " Purple Heart Death Diploma" issued by the state of Vermont to a family of dustant relatives ( 3rd cousins twice removed) of a poor 18 year old guy who died of flu and never left Vermont in 1918. It made a great photo op and he stated that " greedy, nasty eBay gun-type collectors" who drove the price up". The 24 year old journlist did not know, nor care that dying of flu did not merit a Purple Heart. It's about selling advertising in the papers-and pathos sells. I heard that the certificate is now apparently in the back of the family garage, ready to be tossed out in the next de-cluttering. The free market is brutal-if you can not sell it, why would you pay to send it to the "Purple Heart Museum"? You won't -and these medals will go into the garbage. This guy was apparently also a trump Campaign county director and has been lobbying hard for his poposed " Purple Heart ban" .
  22. A nice, unexciting little group-ex Baden Regt. 109, then in Landwehr in middle age. I see no Bavarian LS certificate, so he probably just used the BLS ribbon for his manouvre souviner medal.
  23. That Westphalian bravery medl is awesome! Bavery in the Retreat from Moscow! In the Guard Jaegers! That is beyond cool!