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  1. First Empire Imperial Guard Chapeau

    If that hat could only talk.......
  2. My little US collection

    wow! I dont suppose any of those MOHs are named? I am VERY impressed that you have that unusual Texas cavalry medal as well as those very unusual ship builders badges issued by the WW1 Maritime Board. What are you still looking for? I find a tonne of stuff at yard sales.
  3. 6 Place Ribbon Bar

    outstanding little bar!
  4. 4 Place Ribbon Bar

    Nice bar. I assume an officer with at least an extra row of three or four beneath?
  5. I thoughtthe Matrozen Regimentswere dran from deck sailors?
  6. wow. Fantastic sailors' group!
  7. Oh I dont know...do I read that medal citation correctly?
  8. spot on...the elusive Memel medal.......a contemporary mistake in mounting!
  9. Unidentified ribbons and badge

    wow. just came across this thread. top row US victory medal (ribbon) 2nd row: purple heart, Good conduct (army)-1 enlistment/year/ ETO (euro theatre) with battle stars A classic "i just got discharged" portrait photo.
  10. That is what I thought too....but the closer I look I am wondering if that is three flower war medals. OR......the first medal could be the Italian war in Africa medal?
  11. Badges of everlasting friendship and unbreakable unions

    Fascinating thread. Thats Hess by the way greeting the returning HJ, not Ribbentrop.
  12. owain. my source is the 3 volume, "Whos Who in the Communist Bloc" (1988).
  13. Amazing theres' no Centennial medal with that 25 year oaks and those bars. But wow, I want it to be real.
  14. Cool. so am award for staying in school?
  15. splendid! I have wondered about that POW medal. I thought it was a fund raiser, but a separate, awarded medal?
  16. This is what I have: " Olszwski, Kazimierz. Polish party and government official. born August 9, 1917 in Trzes'niewo, Lwow district, from a working class family. Studied at Lwow Higher Polychnical School. Red army officer, fought at Stalingrad (1941-43). Officer in the Polish (Berling) army in USR 1943-45. Director for administration and trade affairs in synthetic fibers factory in Jelenia Gora 1947. Later at the Design Office of synthetic fibers in Lodz. Director of department in the Ministry of Chemical Industry 1952-53. Promoted to Undersecretary of State in Ministry of Chemical Industry 1953-59. Deputy Permanent Representative of Poland to CMEA in Moscow 1959-1961. Again, 1970-1971. First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Economic Cooperation with Foreign countries at the Council of Ministers 1962-1970. Promoted Minister of Foreign Trade, Feb. 1971-March, 1972. Deputy Prime Minister of Council of Ministers, March, 1972- December, 1977. Minister of Shipping (!) Nov. 1973-April, 1974. Minister of Foreign Trade and Maritime Economy, April -November, 1974. Permanent Representative of Poland to CMEA October, 1975-December, 1977. Chairman of CMEA Executive Committee, July, 1976-June, 1977 POLISH AMBASSADOR to USSR, Jan 1978-, June, 1982 Member PUWP Central Committee, December 1971-July, 1981, Sejm (Parliament) Deputy: March 1976-March, 1980. Member of the Main Council of the union of Fighters for Freedom and Democracy, 1974 awards: Order of Builders of Polish Peoples' Republic, Banner of Labour 1st class,Officers' Cross of Polonia Restitua, cross of valor.
  17. Ack! No regimental number on shoulder boards! That is quite a career, from Unterofficer to Unterlt. in a few short years. What is the arm badge on his sleeve in picture 2? Marksman or Jaeger thingy?