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  1. As an aside-very few of the residents of Ostmark applied for and received an HK. The medal was authorized for Ostmarkers only in 1939 and frozen in early 1940.
  2. I thought archive research had narrowed down the non Bavarian awards of the MVK pre war to almost nobody(1-3?).
  3. My money is on a Deckofficer. Without the SaxAlbx its a classic combination for someone stuck in the Baltic for 1914-18.
  4. yup-implied. Rick showed me the research he and others had done on the Olympic medal awards. A huge number went to metro area Berlin police.
  5. The MM was an officers' only award was it not? However, I thought Feldwebel-Lts, Faehrichs and Officer Stelvtr. ranks could also receive it. Sedalzek was in business well into the 1970s and it looks like an original bar. I think you did ok.
  6. Regarding the Post of May above-I strongly suspect this was a German made/ repaired item made by Kleitman/Godet in the 1960s. Kleitman made a number of these as replacements and as collectors items. In his window/show display items he sometimes enscribed the item on the rear.
  7. Bringing History to life...

    yeah. they really are amazingly vivid.
  8. Id buy it. Berlin police.
  9. Bringing History to life...

    This thread is a pleasure to go through. I belong to a historical photography and film club up here. One of the guys told me recently that it was standard practice in the 1920s- 1950s to use a sky blue backdrape, as it offset the grey contrasts of the film well and could be easily lightened or darkened by augmenting lights of various strengths.
  10. I found two crossbelt plates :-)

    Outstanding find!
  11. Well, Ed Haynes (not here-but on Facebook) would know and so would Nick Higton. Hilton has all sorts of odd Indian army records. Try them.
  12. A Chinese Officer ( Admiral?) is mentioned in my local paper free at the local fish shop. Can anyone tell us what his ribbon bar signifies?
  13. No. I knew he was Stahlhelm-I have their provincial rank lists. But Ithought the badge was a form of a unit form of the Polish uprisings badge. I have a photo of a Freikorps chap with this type of eagle badge with the Prussian shield on the chest.Nice and rare Wehrsport oaks.
  14. The "Cafard", Suicide in the Legion, 1916

    Nope- an eery place indeed though. He is Irish and was invalided out of the Legion after 4 months when they had him jump out of a moving lorry " in full kit" and he landed the wrong way.
  15. Group of 4 PLA medals

    Hmmmm... you know. the middle and right ones are worth looking at.
  16. While there were a number of official BSUSA awards for wartime service, this is the first time I have seen an award -probably a local Council-or maybe even a state Council-award. Allegedly awarded for assistance during the great flu epidemic if 1919, when Boy Scouts helped as Red Cross assistants-or were attached to National Guard militias in some cities (acting as runners, sandwich makers, etc.) this medal is new to me. Anyone else got an idea? By the style I would guess 1930s-50s. Anyone?
  17. Argentinian War Dead Memorial offer.

    A few more close ups of commercial commemoratives available on line...
  18. Argentinian War Dead Memorial offer.

    .....and as with Weimar, the Falklands have now become a business opportunity for trophy/ medal makers eager to expand out of the Litte League/ school perfect attendance trophy/award market. Look at these offered for sale at this very moment! AND worn by vets marching on Malvinas Day! Much to my surprise- whilst snouting around the internet I came across photos from an album I now own! Another interesting fun fact is that if one googles " Medalles Malvinas" and makes one tiny little spelling error and clicks "images" you find some very odd pictures of glittery nude teenage vampirettes illustrating some sort of story about a sexy vampire on the islands during the war! The world has gone mad.
  19. I love these regimental diplomas. I reckon there is a whole untapped collecting/research area in these awards-" given when one could not get another EK2". Hitler got one and I have seen a few unofficial private medals to commemorate such diplomas.
  20. The "Cafard", Suicide in the Legion, 1916

    very cool! I met a very old ex Legionnaire yesterday -in the elevator of the Dallas Book Depository of all places.