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  1. Yes. This fakery  has been going on for a while-the technique is common for US Civil War CDVs and has been since the 1970s. I was shown Confederate CDV  fakes in 1975.

    Bartko Rehrer was the guy who bought the old paper and reprinted photos. i have an original of a freikorps chap with a dog -and three slightly fuzzy copies of the same picture. I think Dave Danner gave me one of them. 

  2. This thread is a pleasure to go through. 

    I belong to a historical photography and film club up here. One of the guys told me recently that it was standard practice in the 1920s- 1950s to use a sky blue backdrape, as it offset the grey contrasts of the film well and could be easily lightened or darkened by augmenting lights of various strengths.